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									Further to a Planning Meeting with English Heritage and the Emergency Services, the
following must be noted by those wishing to attend Winter Solstice Celebrations on the
morning of the 21st December 2013
1. Byway 12/The Drove will close at 17.00 on the 20th December, but will become
    accessible for parking after this time and continue throughout the night of the 20/21st
    December from the Airman's Cross entrance to the A344.
2. Once the Drove/Byway 12 is full, parking will be allowed along what is left of the
    A344, when the A344 becomes full, then parking may be permitted in the new Visitor
    Centre Car park.
3. The Drove/Byway 12 will still be accessible from Larkhill!
4. If you are registered Disabled, then it is advisable to telephone English Heritage on:
    +44 (0)870 333 0605 A.S.A.P. and ask for a Permit to travel along the A344, and a
    Permit to park in the OLD visitor Centre. Otherwise you will have to park in the New
    Visitor Centre Car park and use English Heritage's Land Train, which will travel along
    the A344.
5. Access to Stonehenge will be through the underpass, as the Gates no longer exist.
6. Last entry along the A344 to Stonehenge will be 09.00, and everyone one must vacate
    the A344 by 10.00

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