Emergency Notification Systems Unit Leader

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                             Rhode Island Department of Health
                              Incident Command System (ICS)
                                   Emergency Response
                                     Job Action Sheet

                   Emergency Notification Systems Unit Leader

Reports to: Message Reproduction/Distribution Group Supervisor
Operations Command Center Location: _______________ Telephone: __________
Name of Event:_________________ Date and Time ICS role instituted:_______

Mission: The Emergency Notification Systems Unit Leader is responsible for overseeing
distribution of timely, carefully structured media messages using the resources of the
Public Health Directory, Department and Division blast lists, internal communications
tools and, possibly, the USPS


 Read the entire Job Action Sheet
 Sign In at communications desk
 Review Communications Team Organizational Chart
 Review Activity Log from last shift
 Obtain briefing from Message Production/Distribution Group Supervisor or
  communications Branch Director
 Direct staff for assignments and brief them on what Public Health messages are be
  produced and distributed.

First Response:

 Working with Human Resources, develop staff communications protocols (e-mail,
  posters, etc.)


 Sign out and sign in at the Communications Desk every time when leaving /
  returning to the building.
 Prepare or review protocols for use of Public Health Directory and other distribution
 The following means of message distribution MAY be available:
      o Telephone/Cell Phone voice notification – through Public Health
      o BLAST FAX Notification
      o E-Mail Notification
      o Cell Phone/Pager Text Messaging
      o Internet Web Pages
      o Direct Neighborhood Notification by Special Populations Emergency
          Notification Network

Emergency Notification systems Unit Leader                                         1 of 3
           o    Emergency Information Web Sites Information is posted on Department of
                Health Web site and linked to other web sites.
           o    Electronic Highway Signs through the State Police
          o     Hospital NEXTEL Notification (See hospital response unit in Operations Section.)
          o     Digital highway billboards (See Tourist Notification Plan)
     News releases and other materials focused for the general public should be
      distributed in the following order
          o Incident Command staff (through Dept of Health PIO)
          o Partners staff list
          o Municipal CEOs, hospital PIOs and state PIOs
          o Media and general release
     Prepare / use an Activity Sheet to record all messages sent, methods used and
      approximate number of people who received message
     Check and correct addresses / fax numbers / phone numbers / addresses for any
      distributed material that bounced back, is returned or is reported incorrect.
     Track costs and any fiscal paperwork related to the unit. Place any bids or
      estimates, purchase orders, invoices and credit card receipts for a project in the
      back of the project file.


  Prepare end of shift report for the Communications Branch Director.
          o Review any incomplete project files in your possession, leaving each with
              sufficient information that your replacement can complete the project.
  Sign out at Communications Desk at end of shift.
  Plan for the possibility of extended deployment
  Participate in post event critique/hotwash
  Other concerns


End of Shift Report

Emergency Notification systems Unit Leader                                                 2 of 3
End-of-Shift Report for ________________

Title _______________________________________________________

Name ______________________________________________________

Project Files Completed today and Placed in Activity Log?

Project name                                                   Is there financial
                                                               information in this file?

Incomplete Project Files in your possession

When               Task Name                 What needs to be done?            Deadline

Project Files that you passed on to someone else today

When               Project Name                   Given to/title            When
received                                                                    passed on

Explain any problems encounter and possible solutions on back of this sheet.

Emergency Notification systems Unit Leader                                         3 of 3

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