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FARM SHOW on DVD-ROM                                                                            $39.95
Amazing Farm Inventions! (2-DVD set)                                                             $14.95
FARM SHOW Videos On DVD (2-DVD set)                                                              $14.95
Encyclopedia Of Made It Myself Ideas - Vol. I-- 482 pages                                        $14.95
Encyclopedia Of Made It Myself Ideas - Vol. II -- 482 pages                                      $14.95
Encyclopedias - Vol. 1 & II -- 2 Books, 482 pages                                                $26.95
“Great Shop Ideas” Book                                                                           $9.95
“Energy-Saving Ideas” Book                                                                       $9.95
“Money-Making Ideas” Book - Volume I                                                             $9.95
“Money-Making Ideas” Book - Volume II                                                             $9.95
“I Made My Own Tractor” Book                                                                     $9.95
“Combines & Schoolbuses” Book                                                                    $9.95
“How To Repower Anything” Book                                                                   $9.95
“Just For Kicks” Book                                                                            $9.95
“Look What They’re Doing With Garden Tractors” Book                                               $9.95
                                                                                               Add S&H*         $4.95
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