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									    The Urley Bird Opens in Word:
      Digital Documentation of Leon Uris and John
                  Crowley as Authors

                     Jennifer Lindley
                     Sidney Tibbetts
                    Jose Javier Garza

                       INF 392 K
                      5 May 2007
Leon Uris                                   John Crowley
                   Creator Sketch
Uris (1924-2003)                   Crowley (1942- )
• American historical novelist     • American novelist, teacher
  and writer of screenplays;         and writer of documentary
  great supporter of Ireland and     films; known for combining
  Israel                             science fiction, fantasy, and
• Best known for novels              philosophy in his works
  Exodus and Trinity and           • Best known for Little,Big and
  screenplay of the film             his Ægypt tetralogy
  Gunfight at the O.K. Corral      • HRC materials include
• HRC materials include              Dæmonomania, The
  Trinity screenplays and            Translator, a documentary
  cash disbursement files            about China, and
              Physical Description
Uris                      Crowley
• 169 boxes               • 21 boxes
• 43 oversize boxes       • 1 print box
• 6 galley folders        • 9 3.5” diskettes
• 20 3.5” diskettes
    – (108 linear feet)        (9.24 linear feet)

   – Gifts 1997, 2003-4          Purchases: 1992, 1994,
             Digital Archaeology
Uris                           Crowley
• Worked primarily with        • Worked primarily with
  Apple Macintosh OS 8.5 and     Windows 2000 and
  OSX                            Windows XP
• Only 3 of 20 disks mounted   • All disks mounted and all
  properly on OS 8.5             files readable
• 1 disk was corrupt
• Worked with Quinn Stewart
  to attempt to open other
         File Formats/Migration
Uris                          Crowley
• Microsoft Word files        • Invalid or unidentified file
  migrated to RTF and TXT       formats
  using Microsoft Word 2004   • WordPerfect 9 files opened
  for Mac                     • Microsoft Word files would
• Microsoft Works               not open on Win 2000
  Spreadsheets (AWSS) would   • RTF and Unicode copies were
  not render                    generated in ABC AmberText
                                Converter or WordPerfect 9 or
• After many attempts,
                                Word 2003
  opened and migrated in
  Microsoft Word
Uris                            Crowley
• Integrity calculates three    • Jacksum calculates MD5
  MD5 hashes: file checksum,      hashes through a command
  data fork, resource fork        line interface
• Only some files had
  resource forks
• One file had differing file
  checksum and data fork
          Cataloging & Metadata
Uris                           Crowley
• Used CatFinder to generate   • Used WinCatalog Light to
  file catalog containing        generate file catalog
  technical metadata             containing technical
• Searched LOC authorities       metadata
  list for subject headings    • Searched LOC authorities
                                 list for subject headings
                               • Harvested “Date created”
                                 metadata by hand
    Finding Aids and File Structure
Uris                         Crowley
• DSpace arrangement         • DSpace arrangement
  reflects HRC finding aid     reflects HRC finding aid
                             • Added new series to
                               Correspondence files
Uris File Structure
Crowley File Structure
Ingest Process
            Administrative Issues
Uris                           Crowley
• How much information         • How/whether to represent
  should we provide in           the letter Æ (ash) in the
  Dspace regarding the files     metadata
  we know about only from      • Should finding aids describe
  disk labels?                   intellectual content or
                                 physical location?
                               • Navigation woes of the
                                 ‘mære-weriges mod’
                The Bigger Picture
Uris                          Crowley
• Try before you buy!         • Discuss metadata
• Get hardware/software         requirements and levels of
  configurations from the       service before acquisition
  author                      • Pray that authors stick to
• Process digital materials     MS Word until we can get
  now; they won’t wait          this digital archiving
                                business sorted!
• Even Tech Gurus fail

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