Projects - Pheasants Forever Muskegon by liwenting


									                       2012 Muskegon PF Habitat Projects
FIELD A -- State Game Rea, nicknamed Horseshoe. First planted in 2009 with the Fremont
       Community Foundation Grant - Newaygo/Muskegon PF w/ K. Bishop as lead.
       - Result; West 1/3 OK but remaining 2/3 needs redo
       - Plan: Completely redo the 2/3
       1. Autumn olive and pines already removed around the perimeter
       2. Re-do ground, kill knapweed, 2nd kill may be necessary, plant with native
       grasses and switch.

FIELD B - State Game Area, nicknamed old farmhouse plot beyond old farm foundations. First planted
       2010 with Fremont Foundation Grant.
       Result: Crop failure
       Plan: Complete redo but only higher grounds of plot. Promote clover.

FIELD C - State Game Area - newly added 5 acres to the north.
       Plan: Prepare ground, plant native prairie grasses.
       1. Already removed autumn olive in fields and around perimeter
       2. Prepare ground and plant

FIELD D - Wastewater around (nicknamed) toy airport and area to the west not previously planted. Plan:
       Prepare ground and plant native prairie grasses (note: already mowed)

FIELD E - Approx. 50 acres north on M-46         Plan: Needs complete preparation before planting. Need
       approval for tilling necessary to level for planting purposes. Note: Many small trees/shrubs
       previously removed by PF but stumps, well heads and foundations/septic areas need to be
       marked and avoided

FIELD F - The acreage under the power lines directly north of wastewater previously planted by
       Consumers was going to be supplemented with wild flowers but it was determined that the area
       was too overgrown. Future possibility if Consumers brush hogs and kills non-grasses sometime.

FIELD G - Another area under the same power lines as F above but just a little more north (adjacent to
       River Rd.) N. Percy to contact current owners to determine as a possible project.

FIELD H - Newly identified 27 acres on State Game Area. It requires autumn olive removal and complete
       preparation before planting in 2013.

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