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The Bethlehem Star - Bethlehem Lutheran Church by pengxiang


									    The                           Bethlehem Star
                                  Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                  1206 C Avenue
                                  Vinton, Iowa 52349

                                                   (319) 472-3784                               September 2012
                                            The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
                                            Marlys Crane, Parish Assistant        

From the Pastor’s Desk…..
         I recently viewed The Dark Knight Rises                    about them with greater immediacy now. TV
at an IMAX theater at the Henry Ford museum                         puts us in the midst of things as they happen that
complex in Dearborn, Michigan. It is a pretty                       people before us would have only read about
good movie. Surprising in today’s entertainment                     days or weeks after the fact.
environment, they did it without profanity,                                  We do well to be reminded that, while
promiscuity, or over-the-top blood and gore.                        the bad stuff gets the attention, there are at least
There is a lot of action, and the IMAX theater                      as many events of just as inexplicable and
with its giant screen and even more giant sound                     remarkable goodness. It does not diminish our
that you feel as much as hear (like when you are                    compassion to sing the old hymn:
at a stop light and a car with pounding base pulls                  This is my Father’s world; Oh, let me not forget
up beside you) was a good place to see it.                          That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God
         It was announced before the movie                          is the ruler yet.
began that the front exits would be closed except                   This is my Father’s world; Why should my heart
for emergency and those who needed to go out                        be sad?
were to use exits at the top and rear of the                        The Lord is king, let the heavens ring; God
seating where ushers would be stationed. This                       reigns, let the earth be glad!
served to heighten my awareness that it was                         Pastor Urlaub
during this movie that the massacre at Aurora,                                              +++
Colorado, took place. I wondered in what scene                                Council President’s Message
it was that the man entered, apparently through                              July 13th was a great night for a concert.
doors like the ones visible to me, and began to                     It had threatened rain all day but the sky cleared
shoot. With all the action and sound of the                         and it was beautiful. One of my favorite
movie, I imagined that it would have been hard                      Christian groups, Mercy Me, was playing at
to know what was happening.             The lines                   Kernels Stadium and I was privileged to be able
between fantasy and reality would have been                         to attend. This band and its wonderful songs of
blurred.                                                            hope and God’s love helped me deal with my
         We live in a world where inexplicable                      mother’s death. I use music to help center
things happen. Sometimes they are tragic. We                        myself and remind me of what’s important, what
did not take time to tour it, but at the museum                     I need to do and how I should live my life.
was an exhibit on the Titanic. One hundred                                   On this night the music and the message
years ago 1502 lives were lost, not because of an                   were phenomenal. I wish I could impart to you
intentional act of violence, but intentional and                    the things that were said but honestly I know
unintended       disregard    of   danger     and                   that I would not do them justice so I am going to
responsibility for the wellbeing of others. As at                   use some of the Bart Millard’s words. (Millard
Aurora, there were in the ocean that April acts of                  is the lead singer for Mercy Me)
heroism and self-sacrifice.                                                  "We're beautiful in the eyes of Christ.
         I do not believe that bad things are any                   We have value and worth and whether it be a
more prevalent now than in days past. We hear                       failed relationship or whatever people are going
through in everyday life, we're still worth           9 from 2-4pm. We hope you can join us on this
something to the God who reigns forever. God          very special day!
makes much of us, so that in return we can make       John & Ellen Olson and family
much of Him."                                                               +++
         “It’s one thing to be kind to someone, to    Food for Thought Small Group is calling all
be decent,” Millard says. “But if we really           readers. Would you like food, fun, discussion
believe we have this hope, then to stop short—to      and fellowship? We meet the 3rd Thursday (6:30
not be the hands and feet of Jesus—seems              p.m.) of each month at local or nearby
almost offensive. Our dream is for our music to       restaurants and discuss the book of the month.
inspire others to ‘pay it forward’ to the cross. It   When dining out of town, most of us carpool
doesn’t have to be about major sacrifices. Just       from the church parking lot, leaving at 5:45 p.m.
let your life become such that people know what       Our schedule for the next three months:
you stand for.”
         “It is time to figure out how we might all   Sept. 20: The Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan
do something about improving the way we love          Restaurant: The Amanas. We would love to
each other, at home or halfway around the             have new members join us. If you have
globe.”                                               questions call Linda Wallace at 472-5638.
         In other words, open your eyes to                                  +++
others’ needs and be generous with God’s              Prayers:
blessings.                                            Health: Linn Bearbower (St. Luke’s), Arlene
                                                      Carls (surgery scheduled 8/27), Mark Carls
Grace and peace to you!                               (Arlene’s son), Don Burmeister (VGH).
Marta Bauer                                           Those at nursing homes: Marv Mostrom and
Council President                                     Joanne Sagan (VLH), Lily Vogt-Bearbower
                     +++                              (Virginia Gay).
           Thrivent Potluck Picnic                    For wisdom and learning: All teachers, students,
Sunday, September 16th at 1:00pm. Held at the         administrators and support staff in public and
Newhall Park Pavilion in Newhall, Iowa.               private school and institutions of higher learning
Members and any family and friends are                and in our Sunday School.
welcome.      Drinks and tableware will be                                  +++
provided. Entertainment and outdoor/indoor                       Flowers for Worship in September
games are planned for all after the meal.
Contact: Marilyn Mittan at 319-444-3453.                          2 Brenda Krull
                       +++                                        9 Olson family in honor of Betty’s
The Annual Vinton Lutheran Home Ice Cream                            90th birthday today
Social is on Sunday, September 9th from 1:00-                    16 ___________________
3:30pm. Open to the public. In honor of the                      23 Scarlett Vaupel’s birthday
60th anniversary, the Lutheran Home is having a                  30 ___________________
BBQ along with ice cream, pies, and wonderful
desserts hosted by the Lutheran Home Auxiliary.                              +++
Entertainment includes Don Anders & Stewart                           Youth Corner
Gulick, The Classic Delivery Band, Bouncy              Rachel Dickinson, Coordinator of Youth Ministries
House, Miniature Horse and Buggy, Kiddie                      THANK YOU to everyone who
Train, Face Painting, and more! Proceeds will         volunteered to help with Sunday school: Julie
go to new therapy equipment for the residents.        Lindahl, Heather Mangold, Sally Jacobs, Cherie
                       +++                            Neblung, Marlys Crane, Sharon Vaupel, Sheila
Please join us in honoring Betty Olson on her         Stickels, George Bauer, Amy Wambsganss,
90th birthday on September 9. An open house           Julie Barnes, Steve Wallace, Lisa Vermedahl
will be held at the church on Sunday, September       and Debbie Sampson We have a great teaching
                                                      staff and I know we’re going to have a lot of
fun!! When you see these members please               mark their calendars and don’t plan anything
thank them for the time and effort they are           else for this special day. If you have relatives or
putting into teaching the children of our             past members who would like to receive one of
congregation.                                         these reminders, please contact the church office
         Sunday School news: September 2nd -          with their names and addresses so that a “save
We won’t have official Sunday school, but join        the date” postcard can be sent to them.
us on the church lawn for some games after
service.                                               Correction in 2012-2013 Members’ Handbook
September 5th – Bethlehem LIGHTs (Lutherans                            and Directory:
Living In God’s Holy Truth) begins. This is a         Phone number correction: Raymon & Trish
fellowship group for students Preschool – 4th         Lough and family- 560-1104
grade in which we will study God’s word                                     +++
through games, Bible stories, crafts, and food!                    Team Christian Life
We will meet the first Wednesday of every             Benton County Food Bank Donations
month from 5:30 – 6:30. Students are welcome          Thanks go out to all who contributed during the
and encouraged to attend choir rehearsal              month of July in donating to the Benton County
afterward from 6:30 – 7:00.                           Food Shelf. Bethlehem collected 88 food items
September 9th - Our first official Sunday school      of various types. During the month of August
for students Preschool through 12th grade.            we have been collecting any canned goods. For
Opening is at 10:15 in the sanctuary with             the month of September, the money given
Sunday school to follow until 11:15.                  during Sunday Fellowship hour will go directly
September 16th - MINI-GOLF at the Skating             to the local Benton County Food Pantry. Instead
Center for all youth and families. Meet us there      of placing food items in the plastic containers,
at 2:00. Bring $2.00 per game if you want to          please consider making a cash donation during
play. After everyone is done golfing we will          the Sunday Fellowship hour.           Thanks to
walk to the church for snacks and fellowship.         everyone for their generosity in giving to a good
Parents will pick up kids at 4:00 at the church.      cause.
Parents are very welcome, but don’t need to stay      Global Barnyard Project
for this activity. However, if your child is          Hurray!      Good Work!       Thanks for your
younger than Kindergarten I would appreciate          donations! Bethlehem members reached the
either a parent or an older sibling staying to help   goal of $500 by the end of July with your
keep an eye on them.                                  donations during the Sunday Fellowship hour
September 23rd - Join the Sunday school at            and a check was sent to the ELCA Good Gifts
10:15 for opening, a discussion on peace, prayer      program to purchase a cow. As stated in the
writing, and a balloon release to recognize           ELCA catalog describing God’s global barnyard
International Day of Peace.                           project: “A cow has got it all: milk, meat,
         LYO news: Please plan to join us for         fertilizer and calves, which can quickly
Sunday school on September 9th. Debbie                strengthen a family’s financial stability. Milk
Sampson and Rachel Dickinson are your leaders.        from a cow is packed with calcium and essential
They have a lot of ideas for this next year, but      nutrients to help nourish a family, and the extra
they really want your input and ideas too!!!          milk and dairy products can be sold at the local
Come and help make it a great year for                market for income. When a cow gives birth, a
LYO!!!!!!!!!                                          family can trade the calves for other
                       +++                            necessities.” In other words, your gift is helping
            Team Christian Faith                      someone in need to sustain themselves. Thank
BETHLEHEM’S CENTENNIAL JUNE 9, 2013                   you again!
With less than a year left before the big                                    +++
Centennial event the Centennial committee is                            Choir Alert
busy making many plans for the final event on         YoungStars Choir News:        All Bethlehem
June 9, 2013. “Save the Date” postcards have          children grades 3-8 sing together in the
been sent out so everyone will remember to            YoungStars Choir. Rehearsals are scheduled on
Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:00pm.            Marva Hanna wishes to thank everyone for their
They are scheduled to sing in church on the          best wishes, thoughts and prayers when she was
second Sunday of each month as well as special       not feeling so well this summer.
church celebrations. The children are welcome
to bring their friends (or family members) to join   Dear Bethlehem Lutheran Church,
us! Come, share the fun! God calls us to “make       We did it!
a joyful noise!”        First rehearsals will be     Thank you for your recent gift of $200.00 to the
Wednesdays on August 29 and September 5.             100 Wells Challenge supporting the water
They will sing in worship on September 9. If         projects of ELCA World Hunger.
you have any questions, please contact director,     We are a church that believes God is calling us
Lois Martin. You can usually catch her at the        into the world—together. Together, we achieve
end of a church service by the organ. We hope        things on a scale and scope that we could never
that our Bethlehem Lutheran choirs will              do alone. Including your gift, through the 100
continue to grow in faith, service and               Wells Challenge and the 2012 ELCA Youth
participation throughout the year.                   Gathering, more than $400,000 has been given
                                                     for the work of ELCA World Hunger!
Chapel Choir News: Calling all high school           Thanks to your generosity, an engineer builds
through age 99 members to sing in worship as a       concrete spring boxes in the most remote areas
part of the Chapel Choir…….Join the Chapel           of the Central African Republic and teaches
Choir to practice and praise, sing and pray, relax   villagers how and why to use them. The women
and rejoice, lead and follow, gather and send.       and children who are most often responsible for
Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, September        obtaining their families’ daily water save hours
5. Prayerfully consider using your time and          of walking back and forth to the old well each
talents!                                             day—time they can now devote to earning an
In Christ, Lois Martin                               income or going to school to ensure a brighter
                       +++                           future. To neighbors who thirst for clean water,
As you enjoy fellowship hour after worship on        gifts like yours bring not only help, but hope.
Sundays, please listen for the “bell” to             Your faithful generosity makes a life-changing
ring……If you or anyone should have any               difference for people in need around the world.
announcements to make, such as birthdays or          Thank you for your support and partnership in
anniversaries, team announcements, etc., please      these efforts.
feel free to ring the bell to grab everyone’s        In Christ’s service,
attention.                                           The Rev. Daniel Rift
                       +++                           Director, ELCA World Hunger
Thank you’s……..                                      Note: LYO gave this donation from its funds at
Dear Bethlehem family,                               the Gathering.
Many thanks for all your support surrounding                                 +++
my ordination. Many of you contributed more                Women’s Evening Bible Study
than I even knew about, and it was a beautiful                A new Women’s Bible Study will meet
day of celebration. I enjoy the lovely photo of      on the third Monday of each month starting on
the sanctuary that now hangs in my office and        September 17th, 2012 from 6:30p.m. – 8:00p.m.
the beautiful red stole will serve me well for       The theme of the 9 month Bible Study is
many years.                                          Gathered by God and is in conjunction with the
Even more, I am profoundly grateful for              Women of the ELCA and the 2012-2013 Bible
everything you have done to encourage me over        Study published in Gather magazine. You can
the years. I cannot underestimate how much you       participate in the Bible Study without having a
have shaped not only my ministry, but my entire      subscription to Gather magazine but, in order to
life of faith. Thank you, and thanks be to God       have the full experience, it would be best to have
for you.                                             the magazine. To obtain a subscription to
Yours in Christ,                                     Gather magazine, go to, then
Amanda Jertson
click on the Publications tab then click on           “Know that you can achieve your dreams
Gather magazine. A subscription is $15/yr.            and whatever you put your mind to.”
       If you would like to preview what the          Standing near the stained glass chapel windows
Bible Study will look like, the first month’s         at LSI’s Bremwood residential treatment center,
Bible Study is available on the table in              Emily’s smile shines.
Augustana Hall. If you have any questions,
                                                      You don’t see the anger she says she felt when
please contact Marta Bauer for further
                                                      she first came to Bremwood, her last stop after a
information.                                          long list of stays in hospitals and treatment
                    +++                               facilities.
  Introducing Dave Ramsey’s Financial
                                                      “I used to hurt myself, and I hurt my mom, too,”
            Peace University
                                                      said Emily, now 18. “I didn’t know I needed
Bethlehem Lutheran will be hosting Dave               help.”
Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class this
fall. The actual class will start on Sunday,          During her seven months of therapy and skill
September 16 and run through Sunday,                  building at Bremwood, Emily blossomed.
November 11. Class will be Sunday nights at           “I feel confident now,” she said. “My self-esteem
6:00pm at the church and will last 90 minutes.        went way up. I would put myself down all the
Cost per household is $89.00 for their                time, but now I feel like I accomplished
membership kit. Please see flyer on bulletin          something. I know I can achieve my dreams and
board by restrooms. Any questions, please             goals, and you have to live by goals to succeed
contact Eric Dickinson at 472-5169 or                 at life.”                             Emily also found healing in LSI’s voluntary
                     +++                              spiritual life program.
From Lutheran Services in Iowa………
                                                      “Going to church here opened up my eyes
                                                      again,” she said. “I thought I didn’t need God or
Building relationships that make a difference         a higher power, and church made a big
Relationships occur throughout our lives. We go
through life building them with family, friends,      Her graduation from Bremwood came just two
ourselves and of course, with God. These              days before her mother’s birthday.
relationships shape us, give us happiness,            “It’s just amazing the changes that happened,”
provide us with support and so much more.             her mom Brenda said. “And it’s wonderful
                                                      Bremwood supports the aftercare part. Emily
At Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI), we build          transitioned home wonderfully because of the
healthy relationships with our clients to help        support system. ”
them in their times of need. LSI staff work
closely with children, families and individuals to    Emily will graduate from high school and plans
build on strengths, identify struggles and            to attend college. An avid writer, she hopes her
ultimately find success. Across our services,         words can encourage others.
whether we are meeting with people in their           “I’d like to be a journalist,” she said. “I write
homes, on our residential treatment campuses          about my past, and I want to write about other
or in the community, LSI works to develop skills      people and how they have overcome their
that last a lifetime, and sometimes relationships     struggles.”
that do too.
                                                      And like stained glass, her words sparkle.
LSI is blessed to have a strong relationship with     “Know that you’re not alone,” she said. “Know
the church. It is a relationship that involves you,   that you’re okay. Know that you can achieve
your congregation and the people LSI serves. It       your dreams and whatever you put your mind
is a relationship built on our shared, Christ-        to.”
centered mission that leads us to respond to His      Read more stories and see video at
love through acts of service to all.        
                                   Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran Church
                            Consolidated Fund Activity Report for July 2012

                               Beg.                     Disburse-     Transfers/        End.
          Account Name                     Receipts
                              Balance                    ments           JE’s          Balance
         Building Fund             0.00     6,404.00      1,049.51     (5,354.49)           0.00
         Cap Campaign Fd    (190,320.39)         0.77         0.00       5,354.49    (184,965.13)
         Equip Replace Fd      4,889.98          0.00     1,716.92        125.00        3,298.06
         General Fund B        1,351.00     3,571.00          0.00     (3,347.00)       1,575.00
         General Fund A       17,636.59    12,447.37     15,102.45       2,633.00      17,614.51
         LYO Fund             12,987.58       414.00      2,574.38        115.00       10,942.20
         Memorial Fund         1,444.69          0.00         0.00            0.00      1,444.69
         Property Fund        11,047.90          0.00         0.00        250.00       11,297.90
Saturday, September 1        John 9:1-23                     2 Chronicles 6                  Malachi 2:17-3:18
Sunday, September 2          John 9:24-41                    2 Chronicles 7                  Malachi 4
Monday, September 3          John 10:1-21                    2 Chronicles 8                  Psalm 73
Tuesday, September 4         John 10:22-42                   2 Chronicles 9                  Psalm 74
Wednesday, September 5       John 11:1-27                    2 Chronicles 10-11              Psalm 75
Thursday, September 6        John 11:28-57                   2 Chronicles 12-13              Psalm 76
Friday, September 7          John 12:1-26                    2 Chronicles 14-15              Psalm 77
Saturday, September 8        John 12:27-50                   2 Chronicles 16-17              Psalm 78:1-20
Sunday, September 9          John 13:1-20                    2 Chronicles 18                 Psalm 78:21-37
Monday, September 10         John 13:21-38                   2 Chronicles 19                 Psalm 78:38-55
Tuesday, September 11        John 14:1-14                    2 Chronicles 20:1-21:1          Psalm 78:56-72
Wednesday, September 12      John 14:15-31                   2 Chronicles 21:2-22:12         Psalm 79
Thursday, September 13       John 15:1-16:4a                 2 Chronicles 23                 Psalm 80
Friday, September 14         John 16:4b-33                   2 Chronicles 24                 Psalm 81
Saturday, September 15       John 17                         2 Chronicles 25                 Psalm 82
Sunday, September 16         John 18:1-18                    2 Chronicles 26                 Psalm 83
Monday, September 17         John 18:29-38a                  2 Chronicles 27-28              Psalm 84
Tuesday, September 18        John 18:38b-19:16               2 Chronicles 29                 Psalm 85
Wednesday, September 19      John 19:17-42                   2 Chronicles 30                 Psalm 86
Thursday, September 20       John 20:1-18                    2 Chronicles 31                 Psalm 87
Friday, September 21         John 20:19-31                   2 Chronicles 32                 Psalm 88
Saturday, September 22       John 21                         2 Chronicles 33                 Psalm 89:1-18
Sunday, September 23         1 John 1                        2 Chronicles 34                 Psalm 89:19-37
Monday, September 24         1 John 2                        2 Chronicles 35                 Psalm 89:38-52
Tuesday, September 25        1 John 3                        2 Chronicles 36                 Psalm 90
Wednesday, September 26      1 John 4                        Ezra 1-2                        Psalm 91
Thursday, September 27       1 John 5                        Ezra 3-4                        Psalm 92
Friday, September 28         2 John                          Ezra 5-6                        Psalm 93
Saturday, September 29       3 John                          Ezra 7-8                        Psalm 94
Sunday, September 30         Jude                            Ezra 9-10                       Psalm 95
The                             Bethlehem Star
                                Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                1206 C Avenue
                                Vinton, Iowa 52349

                                Return Service Requested

The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
(319) 472-3784

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