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					         “Growing through Changes”
     24 (Sat) & 25th (Sun) October 2009
                                                    ● You can also take your own transport or from        OTHER FACILITIES
                                                    Shatin, you can catch the 67K mini bus. There is no      •   Gym open 9am-10pm
                                                    parking at the Youth Village. You can also call the      •   Canteen open 8am-9pm for drinks and
SPEAKER:                   Revd. Peter Hurricks
                                                    Breakthrough Campsite 2632 0652 for their                    snacks
Revd Peter Hurricks is the Pastor of our “sister”
                                                    Shuttle Bus time table.                                  •   Chapel open 7am-6pm for prayer & small
church, Resurrection Church in Sai Kung,. He is
an experienced Anglican minister and he and his
                                                                                                             •   Cyber Café open 9am-6pm
wife, Madelaine, served in mission in South         CHECK IN
America.                                            Please arrive before 9:30 am on Saturday and 10:00
                                                    am on Sunday at the Breakthrough Youth Village.
                                                                                                          Lunch & Dinner for Saturday, & lunch for Sunday
He will speak on the theme “Growing through                                                               lunch will be provided. Please arrange your own
Changes” and how we can grow in faith, hope,        CHECK OUT                                             breakfast before the camp.
unity and love through the transition time we
                                                    We will have a shuttle bus to take you
face. Pastor Dale plans for some sessions to lead   to Shatin KCR at 9:15 pm on Saturday
into times of corporate prayer for the new                                                                KIDS PROGRAM
                                                    and 2:15 pm on Sunday.
pastor and the new ministry centre.                                                                       The Children’s Program will be held on Saturday
                                                                                                          24th October from 10:00-12:30 parallel to the
                                                    COST                                                  Adult’s program, led by David & Emman & team. If
WHEN?                                               Come & join the two days camp! The price for this     you wish to help out, please inform us.
October 24th Saturday from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm       whole amazing weekend of adventure, relaxation,
(lunch & dinner included)                           and edification is only HK$200.00 per person
October 25th Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
                                                    (subsidies availbale). This only covers some of the
(lunch included)                                                                                          A Crèche with toys will be provided at the back of
                                                    cost; the other costs are covered by the church.
                                                                                                          the meeting hall for 0-2 year olds.
                                                    HK$60 (including lunch) just for Sunday.
Hall No. L1-07, The Breakthrough Youth
                                                                                                          SUNDAY SERVICE
                                                    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                                  If you wish to come for the Sunday morning service
Village, 33 A Kung Kok Shan Road,
                                                    Financial assistance is available for anyone who      only, you must register. This will cost $60 per
Shatin (Phone: 2632 0652)
                                                    wants to come but cannot afford it. However,          person with lunch. (applications subject to
                                                    we depend on you to let us know if you need           Breakthrough Youth Village space restrictions—
TRANSPORT                                           help. Please fill in the camp subsidy application     first come first served).
Shuttle bus available                               form attached. Please assume that all camp and
on 24/10, Saturday - from Shatin KCR (near IKEA)    financial applications have been accepted unless
at 9:00am to the Youth Village and 9:00pm to        you hear otherwise. If there is any problem we        DEADLINE
Shatin                                              will contact you.                                     The absolute deadline to get your applications in is
on 25/10, Sunday - from Shatin KCR (near IKEA) at                                                         Sunday 18th October. You can apply by post or fax
9:30am to the Youth Village and 2:15pm to Shatin                                                          or via the offertory bag.
(to be confirmed)
                                                                                                            SHATIN CHURCH
    Shatin Church Camp Program 2009
                                                                                                                Church Camp
24 Oct. (Saturday)
                                                         CONFIRMATION OF APPLICATIONS:
                                                        Please assume your camp and applications have
- shuttle bus brings all to the campsite (9:00am bus)   been successful unless you hear otherwise. We
- the camp begins from 9:30 am                          will inform you if there is any problem or if the     Sat 24th & Sun 25th October
- lunch break from 1pm                                  bookings are full.
- games and fun from 4:30
- dinner break from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, BBQ
- fashion show – God’s family (Janakan)
                                                                                                               “Growing through
- shuttle bus brings all down to Shatin (9:15pm)
25 Oct. (Sunday)
- shuttle bus brings all to the campsite (9:30am bus)
- Sunday service begins from 10 am
- lunch from 1pm
- shuttle bus brings all to Shatin (2:15pm bus) &
   Return equipment to STS school

                   GO IN PEACE!

                                                                                                                       Tel: 2694 9928
                                                                     If you are an unaccompanied youth                                          - CONFIDENTIAL -
                                                                     aged 18 or under:
        APPLICATION                            FORM                                                  (Please return this sheet)
(Please PRINT CAPITAL Letters. One form per single person or                                                                            Camp Subsidy Application Form
per family)                                                                                                                       (Please return with your Camp Application Form)
Camper’s Name(s)____________________________                                                          Indemnity
                                                                                 Form of Consent and Indemnity For
                                                                                        The Church Camp,
                                                                                    Breakthrough Youth Village,
Children’s Names __________________ Age: _____
                                                                                       24rd & 25th October 2009
Children’s Names __________________ Age: _____
Children’s Names __________________ Age: _____                       I agree to indemnify Shatin Church and accompanying
                                                                     members of staff in respect of any expenses reasonably       I wish to apply for financial assistance for me /
Children’s Names __________________ Age: _____                       incurred in consequence of any accident or illness of my     my family to attend the Church Camp. My Camp
Total No. of Campers: Adults ____ Children ______                    child. And I hereby authorize accompanying members of        application form is attached. I would like to
                                                                     staff to consent to such medical treatment including         apply for a discount (per person) of (check one
                                                                     inoculations, surgery and blood transfusions which, in the   box):
If you intend to come late to camp or leave early, please            opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, may be
                                                                     necessary for my child in the course of the camp (if                           $100.00 (pay $100.00 per person)
indicate when you will       1) arrive _______________
                                                                     parents cannot be contacted).
                             2) leave _______________
                                                                     Any medical condition from which my son / daughter is
                                                                                                                                                    $Other (pay $______ per person)
Address ___________________________________
                                                                     to my knowledge, suffering, is described in a separate
___________________________________________                          letter, attached to this form, which also sets out any                         $Full Scholarship
Phone No. __________________________________                         special medical requirements (such as drugs or other
Fax No._____________________________________
Email (print legibly)___________________________                     I agree that Shatin Church be released from any financial
                                                                     responsibilities in case of an accident, sickness, loss or   Signature:
Camp Fee: $200 HKD per person
                                                                     damage of any of the participating children or adults.
Sunday only 25th Oct $60
         I enclose HKD $__________________ or                        Yes, I give ___________________________________                      *******          ******          *******
                                                                     permission to go on the planned camp at the
         I will pay on camp                                                                                                       Note:
                                                                     Breakthrough Youth Village and I agree to the terms
                                                                     indicated above.                                                1) The full actual cost for you (NOT including other
                                                                                                                                        costs, materials etc) is $200 per person regardless
Signature _______________________________                            Parent / Guardian’s Name (Please Print)                            of age.
                                                                                                                                     2) Subsidies will be considered for:
Please make cheques payable to                                       ______________________________________                                  a) Low income earners (including students,
“SHATIN ANGLICAN CHURCH”                                                                                                                         domestic helpers, unemployed etc)
(This form may be returned by fax, post or by hand. If you fax it,                                                                           b) Missionaries
please fax the other side too!) Payment may be made at the camp.     Signature____________________________________                           c) Large Families who feel they need help
                                                                                                                                     3) Please assume that all camp and financial
Note: For unaccompanied youth aged 18 or under, your
      application will not be accepted if your parent / guardian
                                                                                                                                        applications have been accepted unless you hear
                                                                     Date:_______________________________________                       otherwise. If there is any problem we will contact
      has not signed the reverse side of this form.