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									OSO Meeting Wednesday, October 1st Seney Conference Room 8:30 a.m.
8:15 – 8:30 am Mingle and Coffee Break Time

Margaret Dugan – Welcome and thanks to everyone for coming. Judy Shema (meditative moment) – Judy told a Jesus story, a Warren Buffett story and a student story. She asked the questions, “What does it mean to will one thing in your life?”, “Can you be the enemy of the best?”, “Who/what is suffering because you are doing to much good? Margaret Dugan – Showed photos of Sandi Schein and Ki rk Buis, May 25, 2008 wedding. Myra Frady –Financial Services, Resource Planning and FEOV The Facilities and Environment for Our Vision (FEOV) committee was commissioned by the Dean to implement the strategic plan.Myra reviewed past projects they have com pleted and told about new and upcoming projects we should expect to see on campus. There were 170 thousand brick that were laid to complete the quad project and the changes that were made was a result of the “punch list”. The science feasibility plan wa s just approved a few weeks ago. Thanks were givento DAR for doing such a great job on “Family Weekend”. Everyone enjoyed it and a lot of positive feedback was given. The finance department is in the process of closing, reviewing and balancing the 2008 b udget. The 2009 budget year started on September 1st and they ar e in the process of planning the 2010 budget. The finance office is now fully staffed and their new employee , Raghu Patil, was introduced. Budget Priorities: Salary enhancements Financial Aid Utilities & facilities operation Operational Budget Adjunct support Think about the programs within your department, prioritize and make adjustments. R25 Improved Processes: Scheduling Training Web Interface Myra explained the purpose of R25 and how the data supports request to upgrade our facilities and decide what is really needed. Thanks to Azizi and Seth for their work on this project. Facilities, Grounds and Transportation handles: Renovations standards Maintencance & custodial lisason We are in the process of trying to get a handle on the maintenance request. Substainabiltiy Initiatives: Utility analysis Green renovation process consumption Zip Cars purchasing

Pictures shown throughout the presentation: The quad facing Seney Hall Tammy’s daughter w/ Vanessa Dooley The forest on Family Weekend Carriage ride – Michael Dale and friend

Appreciation was given to everyone for their support. Kitty McNeill – Library Update The library now have flip video cameras that can be checked out. T ammy Camfield gave a brief review of her usage of one of the cameras over Family weekend. The Oxford homepage now has alink to the library’s new website. You can now have chats with the library. Discover E is still in Beta form. Kitty reviewed the webpag e for the mian things that have change and emphasised how the the site was redesigned to enhance the usage of the site. Thanks to OCIT and Andrea Heisel for doing a great job. Posting has been made for a replacement for Beth Haines. Phi Gamma ( is reope ning as a quite reading room). The hours are posted. The populare books will be housed there. There is also a new area for “book swaps”, paperback and hardback covers. Thanks to Rachael and Myra for the support in preparing Phi Gamma. Cartooning for Peace – on display in the library and they expect to get more exhibits from Emory. Pay-for-Print – each student is given 10.00 each semester to print for personal class work.To save on printing, the students can used the dual screens. This will allow them to r ead and work and the same time. This money is not to be used for work related printing. Special Note: All old Emory ID cards are encoded with the employee’s social security number. It has been suggested that each employee have his/her card updated to remo ve the SSN. Kitty will have Debbie set up a time to have the Emory Cards re -encoded. Alison Cummings was unable to attend to do the ice breaker. Mark Griffin told his story of his visit to Debra Colbert’s house. He went to view the bee colonies to see how the honey was harvest and he went through the process and didn’t get stung. After that process was finished Mark later got stung on the lips while in the mu scodine vines. Sandi Schein Buis – Assisting Students In Distress Sandi gave the college mental health statistics on depression. She reviewed the Oxford’s stats for 2007-08 acdemic year. We had 4 to attempt of suicide in the residence halls. The purpose of the information is just to bring awareness of the problem. Your role as staff is on the websit e in a document on “how to handle the situation”. Other information on the website consist of: Warning Signs, Responding to Students in Distress and Guidelines for Responding Directly to Students in Distress. Current students who may be in distress are u sually discussed in the FLAG meetings. Committee members consist of Sandi, Dean Anderson, Dean Moon, Karen Martucci, Crystal Mc Laughlin, Alison Cummings, Jennie Taylor and Judy Shema. Joan Baille asked if there is communication with the Emory campus when these students move up to track there progress. It was determined that most students communicate with the counseling center themselves to get the help they need. No official tracking is set up. Seth Tepfer(for Mahbuba) – Information Technology Update

The fastest and easiest way to get information to out is through the Oxford Staff Listserv. Margaret and Mahbuba are coordinating the NetCom migration to a new telephone system. VOIP – the change is in the voicemail process. If you are on outlook, you will ge t an email and you can listen to your messages online. Multi -line users will get a new telephone real soon. To get the fastest response for IT help, you will need to go through “ASK IT”. This allows for a better tracking system of the services being provi ded. Ask It replaces the help desk request. The official meeting reservation system is Resource 25. It is the primary calendar of events for Oxford College. You do not have to log -in to see the calendar of events already scheduled. Sue dale inquired about being able to reserve all services at one time when a locations are reserved. (hopefully we can do this in the future) Karla Fields is work on the web calendar. Events will show on the web from R25 as an automatic feed into the web calendar for the even ts that are consider good public knowledge. R25 training was s cheduled for Oct. 1st and 2nd. g iven by Azizi to discuss new developments and the usage of the R25 system. Those who are still using Microsoft 2003 can move up to Microsoft 2007. Contact Lewis Small. If training is needed, please contact Sue Dale and she will set up a training class. Back-up your computer daily. If you have questions are concerns contact Karla or James. Announcements The minutes from the last meeting were approved. New employees were announced: Business Office – Raghu Patel Campus Life – Rhiannon Hubert Health Services – Melody Hill

The OSO Executive Board discussed having a Student Debate. The debate is scheduled for October 21st on the steps of Phi Gamma from 3:0 0 – 4:00 p.m. Dr. Shapiro will assist with the set-up and the questions. Social Welcome Committee Report Baskets will go out to the new staff. No September birthday celebration was held. Joan and Cynthia will host the October birthday celebration. Zebra t-shirts are still available, to purchase one see Tammy Camfield. Faculty and Staff campaign – Emory kick-off at the Clairmont Campus. The Zip-Cars are now on campus. Thanks to Rachael Powell. Thanks to everyone who participated int he Alumni event this fall. Reminder about the Oct. 25th volunteer event. 10:00 a.m. the meeting was adjourned. (37 in attendance)

The next OSO meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 5th – Seney Conference Room 4 th Floor at 8:30 a.m.

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