FRANK OGDEN Alvin Toffler coined the phrase “electronic cottage

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					                                           FRANK OGDEN
Alvin Toffler coined the phrase “electronic cottage” in the 80’s. Futurist Frank Ogden carried the
concept further. From his high-tech houseboat in Vancouver harbor, he is wired to the world by
computer, phone, cable and phone modems, satellite, infrared transmissions and CD-ROMs.

Frank Ogden not only lives the future, he talks about it. And writes about it. His best seller, The Last
Book You’ll Ever Read is available in both Gutenberg and computer-disk format. Another work,
Navigating in Cyberspace, comes complete with a CD-ROM inside the back cover. Frank Ogden is
also the author of the newest “QuBooks”, literally a book-of-the-month club, focusing on such topics
as Beyond Society, Beyond Work, Beyond Body, Beyond Technology and Beyond Education. These
books are available at the rate or one-a-month to allow readers to more readily adapt to the fast flow of
today’s futuristic, technological, communication, learning and social change. Frank is a futuristic
sailing on the cutting edge of the electronic renaissance. His latest five-volume set of QuBooks are
The Plus Series: Techniques Plus, Lifestyle Plus, Literacy Plus, Learning Plus, and Labour Plus. The
Financial Post describes Frank as a “20th Century visionary” and calls his ideas “outrageous”, an ideal
combination of qualities for a life of profitable nonconformity. From Papua New Guinea to the high-
tech jungles of silicon, satellites and photons, Frank has a reputation for innovation and originality.

In 1979, he began monitoring 200 satellites and 2,000 data banks, to provide a video clipping service
for forward thinkers wanting information on new and relevant business developments. Now Ogden
circles the globe as consultant to companies and countries, preparing people to trek along the fast track.
“A bulldozer of change is charging over the planet,” he says. “And if you’re not part of the bulldozer,
you’ll become part of the road.”

Born in 1920, Ogden was educated in Canada and the United States and served as a flight engineer
during World War II. Unflaggingly energetic and curious, he graduated to a dizzying array of jobs flying
airplanes and helicopters and selling aircraft, real estate and house wares. During the 1960’s, he joined a
medical team researching LSD at Hollywood Hospital, and he crossed Canada by helicopter to celebrate
the country’s centennial. He also helped found Canada’s first think-tank, taught at the Ontario College of
Art and the New England School of Art in Boston, and managed a Montreal radio station, leading it
boldly into progressive rock. He was also a founding member of the World Future Society in Canada.
While studying voodoo in Haiti and establishing a think-tank for the Prime Minister of the Bahamas,
Ogden recognized the link that exists between primitive thinking and high tech. “Everything in life is
information. So-called primitive cultures have known this for thousands of years,” he explains. “Voodoo
priests get their information through a hierarchy of gods; we get ours through a hierarchy of technology.”

Such concepts as these have made Frank a celebrity speaker on the conference circuit, where he
outlines the electronic and information revolutions of the current and coming decades. Frank suggests
a future of teleports, limited labour unions, as more people become self-employed, and body implants
to make cyborgs of us all.

Audiences praise him because “he shakes people up and gets us thinking about the future!”

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In 1989, Frank was elected a Fellow of the Explorers Club; an elite group of adventures including
mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and astronaut John Glenn. Frank travels continuously – to present
seminars and to research the latest in technological, educational, business, communications, political,
social and environmental developments. He is at home on the untamed equatorial plains of East Africa
and in the high-tech toy stores of Tokyo. From his Vancouver houseboat, Frank conducted the first two
international seminars via satellite and fibre-optic technology, for Australia’s Telstra Communications
Network in Sydney and Melbourne.

His CD-ROM, Dr. Tomorrow’s Cyberspace University, has received top ratings in the United States.
Long before the World Wide Web became popular, Ogden opened a “page” there for global access.
His cyberspace address is

Frank has been profiled on numerous television and radio stations and in newspapers and magazines
around the globe, including: CNN’s Futurewatch; PBS Television’s New Tech times in the USA;
CBC’s National TV show Profiles, with host Peter Gzowski; the Christian Science Monitor TV show
World Monitor; Australia’s TV 7 show Eleven AM; and CTV’s Canada AM. As well, interview
articles have appeared in Forbes ASAP, Leaders; Cryptych; Maclean’s; Easy living; Influence; The
LA Times; Ottawa Citizen; The Globe and Mail; The Washington post; and BC Discovery.

national         Vancouver / West Office Toronto / East Office
speakers         604-734-3663                     416-324-9491
bureau           1-800-661-4110          1-800-360-1073

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