Office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier Immigration Privacy Release Form by mvr5


									                            Office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier

                        Immigration Privacy Release Form
                                          Return to:
                                Congresswoman Jackie Speier
                               400 S. El Camino Real, Suite 750
                                    San Mateo, CA 94402
                                    Phone: (650) 342-0300
                                      Fax: (650) 375-8270


Phone (day):                             Phone (evening):
Phone (cell):                            E-mail:
Address at time of filing (if different):

Name of Beneficiary:
Relationship to Petitioner:
Date of Birth:                              Country of Birth:
Alien Registration Number (A#):
Receipt Number (i.e. WAC#):
Priority Date:                              Date of last fingerprints:
Form Filed:
____ I-129 ( ) ____ I-485 ____ I-824         ____ N-600 ____ I-600 ____ I-130 ____ I-526
____ N-400       ____ N-643 ____ I-600A ____ I-140 ____ I-539 ____ N-565 ____ G-639
____ I-131       ____ I-751 ____ I-765       ____ I-601 ____ I-612 ____ I-90   ____ I-485
____ Labor Certification ____ Other (specify):
Where form filed:
Where case currently pending:
Last action by the CIS:
* Please attach an I-797 Receipt Notice and other relevant documentation

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                                    Private and Confidential

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                           Office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier

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Have you contacted another Congressional office? If so, whose?

Please list any other individuals you give us permission to speak to about your case:

Brief description of problem:

In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act, I hereby authorize Congresswoman
Jackie Speier and her staff to make inquiries on my behalf and to receive confidential
information in their efforts to assist me in resolving a federal agency matter.

Signature:           ________________________________

Printed Name:        ________________________________

Date:                ________________________________

                                   Private and Confidential

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