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					                                           Foster Agreement:

I agree to abide by all policies and regulations set forth by Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc. I
understand that any foster animal in my care may be removed from my home at any time with or
without reason by or on the authority of Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc. I understand that any foster
animal in my care does not belong to me or my family. I understand, should I want to adopt a foster
animal through Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc. it will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Mercy’s
Door Pet Rescue, Inc. The Board has the final word in any foster pet’s adoption.
I am aware there is no guarantee, warranty or full knowledge of any rescued animals’ health and
temperament. I volunteer to accept the rescued animal in my care as a humanitarian act and agree to
release and hold harmless Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc., including any of Mercy’s volunteers and
the Board, from any and all liability or responsibility in connection with any animal(s) I agree to foster.
I herby agree that any money that I may collect or receive on behalf of Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc.
will be remitted to the appropriate person on behalf of Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc. Additionally, I
certify I am in good standing with local rescue groups, veterinarians and shelters.
I agree to attend the necessary events, with or without my foster as applicable, representing Mercy’s
Door Pet Rescue, Inc. I agree to always maintain a professional relationship with every interaction I
have through Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc. I will not conduct myself in any manner that could reflect
poorly on Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc., the Board or the volunteers.
I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and a legal US citizen. I agree to include a photocopy of my
current driver’s license for identification verification, if require by the Board. I understand such
information will be kept confidential.

___________________________________________                                  _________________
Foster Applicant Signature                                                   Date

___________________________________________                                  _________________
Board Signature                                                              Date
                                     Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc.


                               Krissi Fussner, President – 419-304-3623

           The completed application should be emailed to the above address or mailed to:

                                               P.O. Box 77

                                         Savannah, OH 44874
                                          Foster Application

Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, Inc. is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehab and
rehoming of animals, mainly dogs. Please note, we are not funded by any agency or city. Our
services are made possible through private donations, self-funding and hard work of the Board and
the rescue volunteers.


Address: ____________________________________________Zip Code: _____________

Phone: ___________________________ Additional Phone: ________________________

Email: ____________________________

This foster is for:  Myself     Someone else, explain: ___________________________

I’m interested in (specific animal, if applicable): ____________________________________

I reside in:  House      Apartment       Condo        Other: ______________________
I currently:  Own              Rent/Lease
Length of time at current residence: _____________________________________________
If applicable, I can provide verification of landlord consent:  Yes    No

There are how many people in household: __________ How many children: ____________
If applicable, ages of children (under 18): ________________________________________

I have a fenced yard:  Yes        No
If yes, type:    Chain link     Wooden/Privacy         Invisible/Electric
                 Other: _______________________________________________________

How many hours will pet be left home alone: ______________________________________
If necessary, the foster animal can be:  Crated       Isolated to a room(s)
                 Other__________________________________________
I have other pets in the household:  Yes        No
If yes, please describe (type, age, gender): _______________________________________

Previous pets, within last 5 yrs: _________________________________________________

Is anyone in household allergic to dogs:  Yes        No     to cats:  Yes       No

*Current veterinarian: ___________________________________Phone: ____________

* Personal references:

Name: ____________________________________ Relationship: __________________________

Phone: __________________________ City/State: _____________________________________

Name: ____________________________________ Relationship: __________________________

Phone: __________________________ City/State: _____________________________________

*At the discretion of the Board, your current veterinarian and/or personal references may be contacted
in order to confirm any of the information above and further to verify that any current pets that reside
in your household are up to date on vaccinations, worming, flea preventative, etc.

Our animals are vaccinated, wormed, on heartworm and flea preventative, spayed/neutered,
sometimes microchipped and are always checked by a veterinarian. Some of these procedures will
be completed before the animal is fostered and sometimes, depending on circumstances, after the
animal is placed in foster care. You must be willing to spend time and sometimes money, as
necessary, to provide food, shelter, training and proper care and love for your foster animal.

If at any time, you choose to relinquish your foster animal, please contact Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue,
Inc. immediately so adequate transfer and housing for the animal can be arranged. Please
understand, since foster families are volunteers, it is not always easy to find a new household for your
foster. Therefore, if you do not feel you can commit to long-term foster care for the animal, until
adopted into a forever family, please think twice before committing to foster at this time, for the sake
of the animal and Mercy’s Door Rescue.

Thank you for helping us to save the lives of innocent animals that have been abandoned, abused
and neglected, giving them a second chance at a life full of warmth, love and happy tails.

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