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									                                 Hudson-Bergen MOS-2
                                     Northern New Jersey
                                      (November 2007)
The New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJT) is constructing a second minimum operable segment (MOS-2)
for the Hudson-Bergen Waterfront Light Rail Transit System. The MOS-2 project includes a 5.1-mile,
six station extension from Hoboken Terminal to the Tonnelle Avenue park-and-ride lot in North Bergen
and a one-mile, one-station extension south from 34th Street to 22nd Street in Bayonne. NJT expects
MOS-2 to serve 34,900 average weekday boardings in 2010.
The total cost of MOS-2 under the FFGA is $1,215.40 million. The Section 5309 New Starts funding
share for the project is $500.00 million.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement for the full Hudson-Bergen Waterfront Light Rail Transit
project was issued in August 1996. An Environmental Assessment was completed on a re-alignment and
submitted to FTA in August 1998. FTA issued a Finding of No Significant Impact in June 1999.
FTA and NJT entered into an FFGA in November 2000, with revenue operations scheduled for 2005.
MOS-2, like the completed initial minimum operable segment (MOS-1), is a design/build/
operate/maintain project. Construction on MOS-2 began in September 2000 under a Letter of No
Prejudice and is substantially complete and slightly under budget and on schedule. Revenue service
began in November 2003 for the segment from 34th Street to 22nd Street in Bayonne. In September 2004,
revenue service began at three stations between Hoboken Terminal and Weehawken. The final segment
from Lincoln Harbor to Tonnelle Avenue opened for revenue service in February 2006. Weekday
ridership is approximately 38,200 passengers.
SAFETEA-LU Section 3043(a)(16) authorized the Hudson-Bergen MOS-2 for final design and
construction. Through FY 2007, Congress has appropriated $444.81 million in Section 5309 New Starts
funds for the project.

Full Funding Grant Agreement                                                                       A-35
Hudson-Bergen MOS-2                                                                            Northern New Jersey

                         Reported in Year of Expenditure Dollars
                                                   Total Funding
            Source of Funds                          ($million)                     Appropriations to Date
 Section 5309 New Starts
  FFGA Commitment                                                $500.00 $444.81 million appropriated through
                                                                         FY 2007
 Section 5307 Urbanized Area
  Formula Funds                                                  $153.70

 New Jersey Transportation
  Trust Fund
 Port Authority of NY & NJ and
  Utility Reimbursements                                          $31.30

 TOTAL                                                        $1,215.40
NOTE: The sum of the figures may differ from the total as listed due to rounding.

A-36                                                                                  Full Funding Grant Agreement
Hudson-Bergen MOS-2            Northern New Jersey


Full Funding Grant Agreement                 A-37
Hudson-Bergen MOS-2            Northern New Jersey

A-38                  Full Funding Grant Agreement

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