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									Commercial Livestock
         Corrin Breeding
      Plant and Soil Science
     Computers in Agriculture
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n Beef
n Dairy
n Hog
n   Aberdeen-Angus is
    the original name of the
    breed as developed in
    Scotland, and the term
    is still in use as such in
    the United Kingdom. In
    the United States they
    are usually referred to
    simply as Angus or
    Black Angus.
n   Limousin cattle are a
    breed of beef cattle
    originally bred in the
    Limousin and Marche
    regions of France.
    They are recognizable
    by their distinctive
    golden-red coloring.
n   Maine-Anjou cattle is
    a cattle breed of the
    Anjou region in West
    France. The cattle are
    red and white
    (sometimes black or
    roan) and have horns.
    They are big animals
    (cows: 142 cm, 800 kg;
    bulls: 152 cm, 1,200
n   The Salers is a breed of
    cattle which originated in
    Cantal in the Massif Central
    of France. They are a large
    breed of cattle, with the
    female weighing in at
    between 700 and 750 kg
    and standing 1.40 meters
    tall. They have a thick
    mahogany red or black
    coat, and long, lyre-
    shaped, light-colored
n   Gelbvieh (Ger. "Yellow
    cattle") is a dual-
    purpose, medium-
    frame cattle breed
    originating in Bavaria,
    Germany around the
    end of the 18th century.
    The breed is known as
    the "German Yellow"
    and "Einfarbiges gelbes
n   The Simmental or
    Simmenthal breed
    originated in western
    Switzerland. Simmentals
    are one of the oldest and
    most widely distributed
    breeds of cattle in the world
    today. Simmental bulls on
    average range from 2000-
    2900 pounds at mature
    weight, while the females
    can range from 1200-1700
n   Ayrshires came to the
    United States from the
    County of Ayr in
    Scotland in 1822. Their
    color varies from light
    to deep cherry red,
    mahogany, brown, or a
    combination of these
    colors with white. Some
    are all white. They
    weigh 1,200 pounds
    when mature.
Brown Swiss
n   Brown Swiss came to
    the United States from
    Switzerland in 1869.
    They are solid brown
    varying from very light
    to dark. They weigh
    1,500 pounds when
n   Guernseys came to the
    United States from the
    Isle of Guernsey, an
    island in the English
    Channel off the coast
    of France in 1831.
    Their color is a shade
    of fawn with white
    markings. They weigh
    1,150 pounds when
    mature. Their milk is a
    distinctive golden color.
n   Holsteins came to the
    United States from
    Holland in 1621. They
    are black and white.
    They weigh 1,500
    pounds when mature.
    They produce the most
    milk on average.
n   Jerseys came to the United
    States from the Isle of
    Jersey, another of the
    islands in the English
    Channel. They are fawn in
    color and may have white
    markings. They weigh 900
    pounds when mature. They
    are the smallest of the dairy
    breeds but produce milk
    with the highest protein and
    fat content.
Milking Shorthorn
n   The Milking Shorthorn
    originated in
    Northeastern England
    and arrived in the
    United States in 1783.
    Milking Shorthorn cattle
    are red or white or any
    combination. A mature
    cow usually weighs
    about 1400 pounds..
American Landrace
n   The various strains of
    Landrace swine are the
    descendants of the famous
    Danish Landrace hogs that
    were developed in
    Denmark. The
    development of the breed
    began in about 1895. It
    resulted from crossing the
    Large White hog from
    England with the native
Large Black
n   The Large Black was
    developed from the
    black pigs of Devon
    and Cornwall and the
    European pigs found in
    East Anglia. The pigs
    of East Anglia were
    believed to have
    developed primarily
    from Chinese breeds
    brought into England in
    the late 1800's.
Middle White
n   Middle White swine
    originated in the Yorkshire
    area at about the same
    time and from the same
    general stock as the Large
    White and Small White
    breeds. Mainly, it was a
    selection for the
    intermediate size that
    caused it to be classified as
    a separate breed.

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