Parental Authorization Form I give permission for to attend by qiant230


									                               Parental Authorization Form

I give permission for _________________________ to attend A Little
House Christmas at Magical Theater Company on Tuesday, Dec. 8th, at
12:15. I will be providing transportation to and from the theater. I have
gone over the behavior guidelines and discussed them with my child.
Attached you will find a check made out to Magical Theater Company
for _________ ticket(s) at a cost of $5.75 each (paid before Tuesday,
November 3rd). I will receive my ticket(s) at the production. I also
understand that Mrs. Sleutz and Mrs. Gibbs will be the chaperones at
the theater. My cell phone number is ________________________ in
case of an emergency.

Parent Signature___________________________________________

I will be needing wheelchair accommodations. Yes No

                                      Behavior Guidelines

One of the benefits students will draw from attending Magical Theaters Company is the opportunity to
participate in a live theatre experience. For many, this will be the student's first exposure to a
theatrical event. The audience is an integral part of this event, and we welcome the energy and
excitement the students bring to our productions.

It is the audience's responsibility to ensure everyone's enjoyment of the show by adhering to proper
theatre etiquette. Parents should discuss appropriate behavior prior to the performance, and all
students should understand and abide by the following guidelines:

Please leave any electronic devices, such as cameras, cell phones, iPods or similar MP3 players, and
recording devices at home. Any source of distraction will be removed by theatre management.

Hats and bags should be left in the car.

Due to potential accidents, no food or beverages are allowed in the theatre. If you have brought sack
lunches, please leave them on the bus.

Talking and whispering are inappropriate and distracting to audience members and to the actors.
To ensure everyone gets a chance to use the restrooms, students should go in small groups and must
be accompanied by a chaperone.

Throwing objects or defacing theatre property will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate
ejection from the theatre.

Magical Theater Company does not allow "babes-in-arms" including electronic simulated babies at our
productions. Please make any necessary arrangements.

While we do not have an established dress code, we have found that a well-dressed audience tends to
be a well-behaved audience. Dressing up also makes the day more of an event rather than simply a
day off from school.

Teachers and chaperones must take an active role in monitoring students. Adequate and active
supervision is essential to maintaining appropriate behavior. In order to preserve the integrity of the
production, we reserve the right to eject students or groups due to inappropriate behavior. If such an
event occurs, there will be no refunds.

With proper theatre etiquette, we are sure that you and your students will find this field trip to be an
exciting and rewarding experience. Enjoy the show!

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