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There were many causes for the breakdown of the feudal system. Which
one of the three causes, Magna Carta, Bubonic Plague, or Hundred Year’s
War, do you think had the most impact on the declice of the feudal system?

Paragraph One: Introduction
Background: Historical Context
Provide a brief explanation of live during the middle ages. What was going
on at the time?

Concept: Why is this being debated?
Example: “ According to historians the Magna Carta, the Bubonic Plague, and
the 100 Year’s War were causes for the decline of the feudal system.

Claim: What is your position on the topic?
_________ was important to the decline of feudalism.

Paragraph Two: Counterclaim
 In this paragraph you will state that others may have a different claim
 than yours.
 Example: Example: The evidence suggests that _________ was far more
 important and life changing than ___________ and ___________.

   •   Argumentation Conversation Board
   •   Chapter 5 reading
   •   Chapter 5 notes
Paragraph 3: Support your claim with evidence
 Go back to your notecards and choose 3 pieces of evidnce that will
 strongly back up your claim.

    •   Supporting evidence #1
    •   Supporting evidence #2
    •   Supporting evidence #3

Paragraph 4: Conclusion

This is the grand finale and your want to leave your reader feeling that your
claim is the strongest!

Restate the claim and the concept. Try to say it in a different way than

Example: Others may think that the _______and the _______ were the
main cause of the decline of feudalism, however _______________.

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