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					Jane’s Ipod Tarot Play List

Card                          Song                          Artist
0 The Fool                    The Joker                     Steve Miller band
I The Magician                Abracadabra                   Steve Miller band
II The High Priestess         Black Magic Woman             Santana
III The Empress               Layla                         Derek & the Dominoes
IV The Emperor                Everybody Wants to Rule the   Tears for Fears
V The Hierophant              Pray                          Take That
VI The Lovers                 Angel                         Rod Stewart
VII The Chariot               Under My Wheels               Alice Cooper
VIII Strength                 Lions                         Dire Straits
IX The Hermit                 Show Me The Way               Peter Frampton
X Wheel of Fortune            I Should Be So Lucky          Kylie Minogue
XI Justice                    All Rise                      Blue
XII The Hanged Man            I’m Looking Through You       Beatles
XIII Death                    Don’t Fear The Reaper         Blue Oyster Cult
XIV Temperance                Fire and Water                Free
XV The Devil                  Sympathy for the Devil        Rolling Stones
XVI The Tower                 All Along the Watchtower      Jimi Hendrix
XVII The Star                 Stars                         Simply Red
XVIII The Moon                Werewolves of London          Warren Zevon
XIX The Sun                   Good Day Sunshine             Beatles
XX Judgement                  Hope of Deliverance           Paul McCartney
XXI The World                 The End of the Line           Travelling Wilburys
Jane’s Ipod Tarot Play List

Card                          Song                          Artist
Ace of Wands                  Back to the Start             Razorlight
2 of Wands                    Where Do You Go To            No Mercy
3 of Wands                    I Can See for Miles           The Who
4 of Wands                    4 Sticks                      Led Zeppelin
5 of Wands                    Havana Gang Brawl             Zutons
6 of Wands                    We Are The Champions          Queen
7 of Wands                    Dare                          Gorillaz
8 of Wands                    Hanging on the Telephone      Blondie
9 of Wands                    Dancing in the Dark           Bruce Springsteen
10 of Wands                   I’m So Tired                  John Lennon
King of Wands                 SexBomb                       Tom Jones & Mousse T
Queen of Wands                Golden Touch                  Razorlight
Knight of Wands               Born To Be Wild               Steppenwolf
Page of Wands                 Bad Boys                      Wham

Card                          Song                          Artist
Ace of Cups                   One                           U2
2 of Cups                     Hello I Love You              Doors
3 of Cups                     Birthday                      Beatles
4 of Cups                     Every day I Love You Less &   Kaiser Chiefs
5 of Cups                     While My Guitar Gently        Beatles
6 of Cups                     1973                          James Blunt
7 of Cups                     Distant Sun                   Crowded House
8 of Cups                     Walk Away                     Franz Ferdinand
9 of Cups                     I’m Into Something Good       Herman’s Hermits
10 of Cups                    Shiny Happy People            R.E.M.
King of Cups                  Mr Loverman                   Shabba Ranks
Queen of Cups                 Sweet Talking Woman           ELO
Knight of Cups                Addicted to Love              Robert Palmer
Page of Cups                  Daydream Believer             Monkees
Jane’s Ipod Tarot Play List

Card                          Song                           Artist
Ace of Swords                 Beginning of the Twist         Futureheads
2 of Swords                   Stuck In The Middle With You   Stealers Wheel
3 of Swords                   Sea of Heartbreak              Don Gibson
4 of Swords                   Street Spirit                  Radiohead
5 of Swords                   I’m a Loser                    Beatles
6 of Swords                   Smoke on the Water             Deep Purple
7 of Swords                   Cast No Shadow                 Oasis
8 of Swords                   I Want To Break Free           Queen
9 of Swords                   How Do You Sleep               John Lennon
10 of Swords                  Here’s Where the Story Ends    Tin Tin Out
King of Swords                Charmless Man                  Blur
Queen of Swords               Queen Bitch                    David Bowie
Knight of Swords              Jumping jack Flash             Rolling Stones
Page of Swords                Chelsea Dagger                 Fratellis

Card                          Song                           Artist
Ace of Coins                  Gold                           John Stewart
2 of Coins                    When am I Gonna Make a         Sade
3 of Coins                    A Hard days Night              Beatles
4 of Coins                    Money                          Plink Floyd
5 of Coins                    Dead End Street                Kinks
6 of Coins                    Money in Pocket                Dennis Brown
7 of Coins                    Flowers in the Rain            Move
8 of Coins                    Fixing a hole                  Beatles
9 of Coins                    Money for Nothing              Dire Straits
10 of Coins                   Our House                      Madness
King of Coins                 Mr Maker                       Kooks
Queen of Coins                She’s a Woman                  Beatles
Knight of Coins               Taxman                         Beatles
Page of Coins                 Material Girl                  Madonna

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