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									                       Upper Valley Board of REALTORS®

                                                  JUNE/JULY 2009

President’s Message
By Mark Kula

                  Hello everyone,

                  I would like to thank all of you who participated in NHAR's opposition to the
                  State Legislature’s proposed transfer tax on mortgage refinancing. On June 24th
                  the bill was defeated. Aside from the NH Mortgage Bankers and Brokers
                  Association, we were the only other group (NHAR) to put up such steadfast
support for the state's property owners.

Our staff and leadership at NHAR moved like clockwork, and the support and answers to the call
to action from all of the membership, both here and across the state, were instrumental in
defeating this bill.

Score one for the good guys, great job folks!

Vice President’s Report
By Ann Hess

Please mark your calendars for the next General Membership Meetings:
September 15, 11:30 @ Enfield Community Center
November 17, 11:30 @ Enfield Community Center

These meetings are very important to attend, but most importantly it’s a great way to enjoying social time
with your peers.

We are asking for the following help:

    1) Please don’t schedule Open Houses on these days as it makes it difficult for agents to attend
       either event.
    2) Schedule these meetings and guard them as your “I need to do this for me time”. Sign up and
       reserve a spot AND show up at these meetings; we base the food on reservations and it makes it
         really hard to plan accordingly. We either seem to not have enough food or we have an
         abundance. A note about extra food left over from meetings – we are proud to say that we do
         honor David’s House with leftovers, BUT let’s get wiser about how OUR $$ is being spent for
         these meetings.
    3) We are asking, as mentioned in the last Newsletter, for individual companies to host meetings.
         Honestly all this involves is:
              Finding a place that seats at least 70 people, handicap accessible; inexpensive (board would
              have to approve cost); food is included or can be brought in separately.
    Ok – so you say stop right there? Well, I already have the Enfield Community Center reserved, so
    that part is done for you; you are welcome!!

    Now for the food, that is so easy too – Mickey’s is DELICIOUS, he does all the work for you.

    Set up/Clean up is easy, we have redesigned the layout that should be friendlier and since you’d get
    everyone from your company to come, set up and tear down would be a snap!!!

    Speakers – now this is where it can get really fun. Let’s get interesting/helpful talks, maybe people
    who can shed some light on our cell phones or what about Outlook – do you know how to set up
    folders and have incoming emails go directly to this folder to help keep you organized??

    NEWS FLASH: A huge thank you goes out to Coldwell Banker - Redpath & CO for hosting the
    September 15th General Membership meeting. Per Ned you won’t want to miss it!! (Sorry Ned, I just
    want to get the excitement going.) 

NHAR Issues Mobilization Fund (IMF)
The Issues Mobilization Fund (IMF) is sustained by personal and corporate contributions and is used to
promote public and member support or opposition for critical real estate issues (i.e., proposed laws or
regulations). The major uses for these funds are media relations and various lobbying activities with a
strong emphasis on public awareness. IMF monies can only be used for issue advocacy and cannot be
used to support or oppose any state or federal candidate.

Recommendations for the use of IMF dollars will come from or through NHARs Public Policy
Committee and then be approved by NHARs Executive Committee.

Appropriate expenditures to be funded by the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS® Issues
Mobilization Fund include:

       Ballot measure campaigns
       Grassroots lobbying activities
       Issue Advocacy
       Public opinion surveys
NH REALTORS® Political Action Committee (NH RPAC)
The New Hampshire REALTORS® Political Action Committee is a voluntary, non-profit,
unincorporated committee of individual REALTORS® and others, and is not affiliated with any political
party. The Committee is an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS® Political Action

NH RPAC is organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of collecting political contributions as
defined in Section 41(c) (1) (A-E) of the Internal Revenue Code, including the expenditure of such funds
for the purpose of supporting or opposing referenda questions and furthering the candidacy of individuals
for nomination or election to any federal, state or local elective public office and to do any and all things
necessary to accomplish such purpose, all as authorized by the Federal Election Campaign Act and the
New Hampshire General Laws.

NH RPAC is governed by its bylaws, a copy of which is available at the NHAR office. To contribute to
either of these funds, please use the RPAC Credit Card Contribution Form included in this package.

Board Notes
At nhar.org under “What’s New at NHAR” you will find information on the 2009 NHAR Annual
Convention. Scheduled for the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel in Bartlett, NH, the event promises to
provide an opportunity to re-energize your business with the comprehensive educational and
networking opportunities that the convention uniquely provides. Click on the icon there for more

Also, check out the National Association of REALTOR’s “Right Tools Right Now” link at realtor.org.
The Right Tools, Right Now initiative was created to support members in these difficult times. Take
advantage of the 300 plus NAR products and resources being offered for no charge or at cost. You will
find programs/information and this week’s hot topics.

Submitted by Gerry Stark
In accordance with Article V, Section 3(a) of the Upper Valley Board of REALTORS® Bylaws, written
notice is hereby given that application for membership has been made by the following:

Jill Barton – Century 21 Energy Shield Realty (transfer)
Charles “Chuck” Clifford – Lang McLaughry Spera (Fairlee)

None at this time.
Upper Valley Board of REALTORS®                                           Enfield Community Center
General Membership Meeting                                                             Enfield, NH
May 19, 2009


1. Call to Order
    (a) The meeting was called to order by President Mark Kula at 11:53 a.m. He welcomed the
        attendees and then led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the
        REALTOR® Pledge.

2. Secretary’s Report
   (a) It was MOVED, SECONDED and VOTED to approve the minutes of the March 17, 2009
       meeting, as distributed.

3. Treasurer’s Report
   (a) It was MOVED, SECONDED and VOTED to approve the financial reports as presented.

4. President’s Report
   (a) The President thanked “The Spectator” for attending and agreeing to include the awards in their
   (b) Mark gave an update on the NAR Mid-Year Meetings, reporting on the Hill Visits, Fannie &
       Freddie, MID, and energy efficient homes.
   (c) President Kula then made an ABR presentation to Dennis Murphy of Lang McLaughry Spera
   (d) The Ed Burke Scholarship was announced; going to Lebanon High School this year.
   (e) Mark then introduced today’s guests: Paul Griffin, NHAR EVP; Paul Sargeant, NHAR
       President; and Bob Quinn, NHAR Governmental Affairs Director.

5. Speakers
   (a) Paul Sargeant reported on the Med Year Meetings, noting that the issues of concern are similar
       throughout the country. He said that Upper Valley was well represented by our President, Mark
       Kula, and our Past Presidents, Mary Magnell and Dave Walthour. He noted that there are signs
       of more confidence in the housing market and that this confidence starts with the REALTORS®.
       He reported that he has set up two new task forces at NHAR – A Convention Task Force and a
       Technology Task Force. He urged all members to take advantage of the NAR “Right Tools Right
       Now” program (realtor.org/righttools/help).
   (b) Paul Griffin then gave his report, noting there were approximately 8500 attendees at the Mid Year
       Meetings. He explained the Talking Points that were presented on the Hill. He also reported that
       Tuesday was the official opening of the credit union (realtorsfcu.org). Much of the focus at the
       meetings were on social media with links on nhar.org. He also advised caution relative to the
       Lead Paint Disclosure form.
   (c) Bob Quinn then gave the Legislative Update, noting that the State budget anticipates a $500-$600
       M shortfall over the next millennium. Current concerns include capital gains taxes, etc. The
       Senate process starts on Thursday. Gambling may be one option for consideration. The real
       estate transfer taxes are not currently on the table but it is difficult to say what will come out of
       the process. Bob went on to review the various legislative issues that the Public Policy
       Committee is reviewing on an on-going basis. As more determinations are made Bob has agreed
       to provide an update in the June newsletter.
6. Inductions
   (a) Gerry Stark then inducted the following new members:
       John Hughes, Jr. (DR) – J. R. Hughes Associates Real Estate
       Michele Parliman – J. R. Hughes Associates Real Estate

7. Committee Reports
   (a) Mary Magnell noted that the NNEREN report would be included in the newsletter.
   (b) Mindy Paquette reported for Education. There will be an Environmental Issues class held on
       Thursday at Lebanon College.
   (c) Brian Fortier reported for the Affiliate Committee. He asked all affiliates present to stand. An
       affiliate table was in the back of the room. An affiliate booth will be at the NHAR Convention.
       Flossy Courtemanche had provided flowers for the tables; these were raffled off by drawings.
       The 50/50 drawing was held and won by Rich Kozlowski from Mascoma Savings Bank.
   (b) A question was asked relative to legislative activity and lake front property. It was AGREED
       that this would be addressed in the upcoming newsletter.
   (c) The Real Estate Commission was discussed. It was noted that a hearing will be held March 25th.
       An update will also be included in the next newsletter.

8. Awards
   (a) Honor Society Awards were presented as follows:
          Charlene Ashey          9 Years
          Jim Bouchard            10 Years
          Mary Chamberlin         4 Years
          Ann Hess                1 Year
          Ann Johnson             24 Years
          Bruce Johnson           26 Years
          Mark Kula               3 Years
          Mary Magnell            19 Years
          Darryl Salls            6 Years
          Dave Walthour           5 Years
          Don Wyman               19 Years
          Doreen Wyman            23 Years
          Brian Fortier           Affiliate Honor Society
   (b) The Spirit Award was presented to Star Johnson. – Congratulations Star!!
   (c) Dave Walthour then presented the REALTOR® of the Year Award to Ann Hess.
                                  CONGRATULATIONS ANN!!

9. Adjournment
   (a) It was MOVED, SECONDED and VOTED to adjourn at 12:52 p.m.

Submitted by:

Diana Dunning
Board Administrator
Dear NNEREN Shareholder Reps and Board Presidents,

I am happy to share with you this month's update on the latest NNEREN news and developments. I hope
that you will find these updates useful, and invite you to share any comments or suggestions regarding
these communications with me or with the NNEREN staff.

This month I want to share with you two brand new items to benefit NNEREN members. The first is an
important change to NNEREN rules regarding dues and fees - NNEREN member offices will now be
credited for previously paid NNEREN dues when a subscriber leaves the office. Credits (or refunds) will
be prorated on a monthly basis, and NNEREN must be advised of the subscriber’s departure prior to the
end of the quarter. See NNEREN Rules Section 9.0 for the specific revised language.

On a different note, several NNEREN.com enhancements have just been completed which allow
improved tracking of consumer listing views and inquiries generated by listing displays on
NNEREN.com. Specifically, a new “contact agent” form is now provided to consumers which notifies the
listing agent that the inquiry came from NNEREN.com, and also provides the agent with links to
aggregate and detailed reporting of email traffic via NNEREN.com. Brokers and administrators also now
have the ability to view statistics on click-thru traffic to office websites by consumers who are viewing
listing displays on NNEREN.com.

In the near future we will be publishing comprehensive NNEREN.com traffic statistics for our members
in our monthly newsletter, The NNEREN Advantage.

As always, please feel free to call any of the staff with questions or suggestions at (800) 849-4039, or use
any of the following emails to contact us: suggestions@nneren.com, rules@nneren.com,
lockbox@nneren.com for any GE Security/Supra issue, or training@nneren.com to set up or inquire
about InnoVia training. I am always available via email at president@nneren.com or you can email our
CEO Andy Werry at andy@nneren.com.


Michael Bean, 2009 President
Northern New England Real Estate Network
                                        NNEREN Talking Points
                                            June 10, 2009
Action Items:
It was voted to add item “c” to Section 9.0 Service Fees and Charges
   “c. Credits (or refund) for (prorated) dues will be given to a Participant when a licensed agent, licensed/certified
   appraiser, auctioneer, or others leaves prior to the end of a quarter. If and when that agent, appraiser,
   auctioneer, or others joins a new office he/she will be charged as a new agent, appraiser, auctioneer, or other in
   that office.”
As part of the Data Feed Presentation summary, it was voted to approve IDX,
option 1, as presented for all new IDX data feeds:
   “For IDX consultants with 1-5 NNEREN customers, reduce annual cost from $500 to $250”
Second, it was voted to approve “Specialty Feeds” with a one time application
fee of $250; licensing agreements will be limited to a one year term.

Third, it was voted to approve the Data Feed Proposal document as presented
with the above modifications.

Reviewing NNEREN Financials
As part of the business plan, providing a quarterly visioning/educational
meeting, David Plante and Peter Leberman presented a review of the
financial documents and the fiduciary duties of board members –
particularly the duty of care which requires NNEREN Directors &
Alternates to review and understand the important issues and finances of
the corporation.
MLS Industry Update
Andy Werry provided the Directors and Alternates with an overview of
the MLS industry and noted that NNEREN is one of approximately 850
MLSs and is considered a fairly large MLS. About 66% of MLSs have a
data sharing plan in force and many are discussing mergers, etc. NAR
has mandated that all MLSs be RETS compliant by the end of 2009.
NNEREN has RETS capacity but has not been certified for RETS to date
because the compliance plan has not been finalized by NAR. REALTORS®
Property Resource (RPR) has been developed by NAR as a single source
of property data for REALTORS® to enhance their knowledge and is
expected to be rolled out as part of the NAR Convention in November.

NNEREN Objectives for the balance of 2009
Andy Werry presented the following items as the objectives for the
remainder of the year:
             1) VREIN Resolution
             2) Focus on Core Member Interests
             3) Address Key Member Market Related Needs
             4) Refine Feed Request Approval Process
             5) Identify and Provide Key Products
             6) Utilize Consumer Input for Member Benefit
             7) NNEREN.com upgrade
             8) Establish Government Affairs – Strategic Relations Functions
             9) Ramp up Statistics / Collaborative Opportunities
             10) Protecting the Data
             11) Ramp up Training / Knowledge Delivery
12) “Simplify”
In This Iss
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New Requirem

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InnoVia Enhan

Revised NNER

New Listing St

Wireless InnoV

New Mandator

Free Fob Offer

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For questions o
requirement pl
NNEREN office
or email

"Power" T

Dennis Power,
information on
free services fr
including 25GB
project collabo
Read all about

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