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									Books Misc Sci-Fi Paperback L. Ron Hubbard: Battlefield Earth Fear Peter Telep: Descent Space: Above and Beyond Paul Cook: Halo Irwin M. Berent: The Dictionary of Highly Unusual Words William Goldman: The Princess Bride John Brunner: Stand on Zanzibar Wil McCarthy: Bloom Carl Sagan: Bloom Berkeley Breathed: A Wish for Wings That Work “Star Trek Technical Journal” (trade paperback) Bob Shaw: A Wreath of Stars William Gibson: Burning Chrome Howard Weinstein: V: East Coast Crisis Alan Dean Foster: Alien^3 Gordon R. Dickson: Invaders! Frederick Pohl: Search the Sky Philip K. Disck: Our Friends from Frolix 8 John DeChancie: Starrrigger Margaret Wander Bonanno: Probe (Star Trek novel) Wynne Whiteford: Lake of the Sun Michael Moorcock: Legends from the End of Time Kenneth Bulmer/Fritz Leiber: The Million Year Hunt/Ships to the Stars Kathy Tyers: Firebird Ashley McConnell: Quantum Leap: Prelude Keith Laumer: Time Trap Retief and the Pangalactic Pangeant of Pulchritude Jack L. Chalker: Twilight at the Well of Souls Midnight at the Well of Souls Dennis L. McKiernan: The Dragonstone J.E. Pournelle: Warrior! Frank Herbert: Dune David Brin: The Postman Piers Anthony: Bearing an Hourglass John Norman: Tribesmen of Gor Simon Hawke: The Ivanhoe Gambit Margaret Weis: Triumph of the Darksword Forgotten Realms: Troy Denning: The Titan of Twilight R. A. Salvatore: Canticle Streams of Silver Richard Awlinson: Tantras DragonLance: Terry Phillips: The Soulforge Tales v.1 Tales v.2 Heroes v.2 Heroes v.3 Preludes v.1 Margaret Weis: Dragons of Summer Flame Time of the Twins Dragons of Spring Dawning Robert Jordan: The Fires of Heaven The Shadow Rising Star Wars: Timothy Zahn: Dark Forces Rising Heir to the Empire Hardback The Chronicles of Amber v.1 The Chronicles of Amber v.2 Michael Moorcock: The Elric Saga pt I The Elric Saga pt II Barbara Hambly: Dragonsbane Roger Zelanzy:

Games: Ultimate V 2400 A.D. Ultimate IV

Paperback The Bachman Books Nightmares & Dreamscapes The Green Mile (1-6) Christine The Dead Zone Carrie Thinner (2) Rose Madder Firestarter Pet Sematary Misery Four Past Midnight Needful Things The Tommyknockers The Stand Insomnia The Wastelands It The Dark Tower Cujo (2) Salem’s Lot The Talisman Danse Macabre (2) The Eyes of the Dragon (2) Bag of Bones The Shining The Regulators The Dark Half The Drawing of the Three Desperation Skeleton Crew Hardback Stephen King Nightmares in the Sky Nightmares & Dreamscapes Needful Things Wizard and Glass (Large Paperback)

The Servants of Twilight Lightning (2) Watchers The Mask The House of Thunder Shadow Fires (2) Mr. Murder

Dean Koontz Hideway Oddkins Cold Fire Strange Highways

Books Hardback Larry Niven New Destinies (Kzin short story by Dean Ing) A World Out of Time The Magic Goes Away The Ringworld Throne The Magic May Return Bridging the Galaxies The Integral Trees The Mote in God’s Eye The Patchwork Girl More Paperbacks The Smoke Ring World of Ptavvs The Flying Sorcerers Flatlander (2) The Ringworld Engineers Fallen Angels Inferno Playgrounds of the Mind Footfall Ringworld Destiny’s Road Neutron Star (2) N Space All the Myriad Ways The Descent of Anansi Tales of Known Space (2) Rainbow Mars Protector (2) Oath of Fealty The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton The Gripping Hand (2) Convergent Series Achilles’ Choice Man-Kzin Wars Dream Park Man-Kzin Wars II The Flight of the Horse Man-Kzin Wars III A Gift from Earth (2) Man-Kzin Wars IV (2) A World Out of Time Man-Kzin Wars V (2) The Legacy of Heorot Man-Kzin Wars VI (2) Beowulf’s Children Man-Kzin Wars VII A Hole in Space Limits The Barsoom Project The California Voodoo Game Paperback

Joe Haldeman Forever Peace Forever War Tool of the Trade Robert Heinlein Assignment in Eternity The Cat who Walks The Green Hills of Earth T Through Walls (2) Stranger in a Strange Land The Number of the Beast Between Planets (2) The Puppet Masters The Menace from Earth Tomorrow, the Stars Time Enough for Love Arthur C. Clarke 2001: A Space Odyssey 2010: Odyssey Two 2061: Odyssey Three 3001: The Final Odyssey The Hammer of God Greg Bear Tangents Far Horizons (short storiy anthology) Anvil of the Stars Isaac Asimov Fantastic Voyage II The Ugly Little Boy Foundation and Earth

Requiem Farnham’s Freehold Citizen of the Galaxy Tunnel in the Sky Sixth Column Friday

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress To Sail Beyond the Sunset

Books Paperback Lawrence Watt-Evans The Misenchanted Sword With a Single Spell Taking Flight (2) The Unwilling Warlord The Blood of a Dragon The Spell of the Black Dagger Shining Steel Touched by the Gods Newer York (Editor) Crosstime Traffic The Rebirth of Wonder (2) Out of this World In the Empire of Shadow (2) The Reign of the Brown Magician The Seven Altars of Dusarra The Sword of Bheleu Nightside City The Cyborg and the Sorcerers The Book of Silence Denner’s Wreck The Lure of the Basilisk Raymond E. Feist Prince of the Blood Shadow of a Dark Queen Silverthorn (2) Rise of a Merchant Prince Servant of the Empire Magician Shadow of a Dark Queen Shards of a Broken Crown Magician: Master Rage of a Demon King Magician: Apprentice Faerie Tale Mistress of the Empire The King’s Buccaneer A Darkness at Sethanon Robert Jordan The first Part of Book One of The Wheel of Time A Crown of Swords The Eye of the World The Path of Daggers Lord of Chaos The Dragon Reborn (2) The Shadow Rising The Great Hunt Terry Brooks Wizard at Large The Black Unicorn Magic Kingdom for Sale: Sold! Robert Aspirin M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action Myth Directions (Large Paperback) Myth Directions Myth-ing Persons (Large Paperback) A Phule and His Money M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action (Large Paperback) Little Myth Marker (Large Paperback) Another Fine Myth (Large Paperback) Myth Adventures One (Trade Paperback) Myth Adventures Two (Trade Paperback) Hardback

Books Clive Cussler Paperbacks The Sea Hunters Sahara (2) The Mediterranean Caper Night Probe! Shockwave (2) Vixen 03 Cyclops Treasure Iceberg Deep Six Pacific Vortex! (2) Inca Gold Flood Tide Raise the Titanic! Dragon Tom Clancy Op-Center Op-Center: Mirror Image Op-Center: Games of State

Michael Crichton Paperbacks Eaters of the Dead Jurassic Park (2) Congo (2) Airframe Rising Sun Disclosure Hardbacks The Lost World

Sydney Sheldon: Master of the Game Elmore Leonard: Pronto Cuba Libre John D. MacDonald: On the Run Gregory McDonald: The Buck Passes Flynn Flynn Son of Fletch Robert Ludlum: The Matlock Paper The Rhinemann Exchange Bill Bryson: A Walk in the Woods Alfred Lansing: Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage Jimmy Buffett: Where is Joe Merchant? Dave Barry: Big Trouble Dave Barry Talks Back Carl Hiassen: Lucky You Skin Tight Douglas Adams: The Hitch hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (5in1 hardback) Louie L’Amour: Education of a Wandering Man (Hardback) Haunted Mesa (Paperback) Todd Balf: The Last River (Hardback) Norman Maclean: A River Runs Through it and Other Stories James Moffett (Editor): Points of View Herman Melville: Moby Dick Tim LaHaye: Soul Harvest Charles Barry Townsend: World’s Most Baffling Puzzles Richard Adams: Shardik Neil Gaiman (Editor): The Sandman: Book of Dreams Fred Saberhagen: The Complete Book of Swords Clint Willis: Climb: Stories of Survival From Rock, Snow and Ice

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