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									         An Introduction into the Usage of
Personal Ancestral File Computer Software
   Ottawa Ontario Stake Family History Centre
            By Shirley-Ann Pyefinch, Director

                                  The Church of
                                 JESUS CHRIST
                            of Latter-day Saints
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)

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On-line tutorial

 Down load PAF at
What we will learn about PAF today:
   Creating a New File in PAF
   Filling in the “Prepared by” Defaults
   Views Available in PAF
   RINs and MRINs
   Notes
   Attaching Media Files
   Searchable Lists
   Help Function
   Printing Options
   GEDCOM Files
   PAF Companion
Family View – Primary Position
Family View
 Shows the Primary
 Parents of the
 Spouse of the
 Children of the
Family View – Moving the Primary
Child in the Primary Position
Solid Triangle – Indicates Notes or Sources
for that individual
Solid Square – Family View
RINs and MRINs in PAF
 RINs are Record Identification Numbers which are
  assigned to each individual as you add your ancestors
  into PAF
 MRINs are Marriage Record Identification Numbers
  which are assigned to each marriage record that is
  added into PAF
 These numbers help to identify individuals and
  marriages and provide another way of searching and
  retrieving records in PAF
Edit Tab in PAF
Edit Individual Screen- Adding Notes
Edit Screen - Notes
Edit Individual Screen- Add Multi Media
Edit - Add Multimedia
Add tab in PAF – Drop Down Menu
Add Tab in PAF- Adding A Child
Adding Individuals
View Tab
 From the View Tab button you can choose what view
  you would like to see

1. Family
2. Pedigree
3. Individual
Pedigree View
Individual View
Search Tab – Searchable Lists in PAF
 You can search through a variety of lists
1. Individual List
2. Marriage List
3. Descendancy List
4. Find by RIN/MRIN
5. Advanced Focus/Filter
6. Home Person
7. On FamilySearch Internet
Search Tab – Individual List
Individual View –
Choosing Search Tab then On FamilySearch from the drop down menu, double
click to perform a search on the Primary Position at website
Searching at
Search Results on
Help Button – Look for the ? icon
Index Tab – Decimal numbers for Diacritics
Search Tab - How to Print
Printing Options
 Genealogical Data Communication File
 GEDCOM files are computer data format files that
  were created by the LDS church in order to facilitate
  sharing and transfer of genealogical data
 It is now a standard type of file used throughout the
  globe in data sharing for genealogical researchers
 GEDCOM files are used to import and export data
  into PAF
File- Import or Export
Importing –GEDCOM Files
Completing the Import Process
PAF Companion
 Add on software which allows you to manipulate your data
  in a more sophisticated manner
 Fan Charts
 Colour Ancestor and Descendant Charts

It is a whole other presentation!

 Free basic version can be downloaded at
 Full version costs $6.75 US and can be purchased on-line.
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
 Questions??

Ottawa Stake Family History Centre
1017 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, ON

Shirley-Ann Pyefinch

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