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					        by August Wilson

 The life and times of Fences
and its author, August Wilson
August Wilson’s Upbringing
                                 • Lived from 1945-2005
                                 • Raised in impoverished
                                   Hill District in Pittsburgh,
                                 • Lived in a two-room
                                   apartment without hot
                                   water or a telephone
                                 • Raised by his African
                                   American mother after
 Street image of Hill District     his German father
                                   abandoned the family
   August Wilson’s Adolescent Life
• Moved to a mostly white
  suburb of Pittsburgh after
  his mother remarried
• Stopped attending school at
  15 when he was falsely
  accused of plagiarizing a
• Spent his time at the local
  library , learning to love
  books and jazz music
• Considered his education
August Wilson’s Adult Life
             • Kicked out of the house
               by his mother for “lacking
             • Enlisted in the army for
               one year
             • Wrote poetry and then
               turned his poetic eye
               towards plays
             • Won many awards for his
               plays, including two
               Pulitzer prizes
   1950s America and
The Influence of Television

I Love Lucy        The Honeymooners
          Baseball in Fences
   All eyes were on     Lew Burdette throws a pitch for
the 1957 World Series       the Milwaukee Braves
in August Wilson’s Fences
                    Troy Maxson
• Maxson is a combination of
  Mason-Dixon line
• Troy’s first name suggests
  the legendary city of Troy
• He served time in prison for
• Troy became an excellent
  baseball player but could
  never become a “pro”
• He tends to exaggerate his
• He grew up with an abusive
Rose Maxson
      • Rose is committed to
        family and the church
      • She attempts to
        intervene between Troy
        and their son Cory
      • She also attempts to
        have her husband see
        his life more realistically
        since Troy exaggerates
        his accomplishments
    Other Significant Characters
• Jim Bono— Troy’s best friend, they met in jail,
  looks up to Troy
• Lyons— Troy’s first son before he was married to
  Rose, talented musician
• Gabriel— Troy’s brother, war veteran with a
  permanent head injury
• Cory— teenage son of Troy and Rose, plays football
• Raynell— Troy’s illegitimate daughter from Alberta

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