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					Coletti, Gera, Allie

    1.    Monarch’s Name: Fredrick William (the great elector)
    2.    Monarch’s country: Prussia
    3.    Date of Birth and Death: 1620-1688
    4.    Dates of Reign: 1640- May 9th, 1688
    5.    Historical events in the rise of the monarch
              a. Thirty Years War (helps recover)
              b. Built up economy
              c. Created an army
    6.    Historical events in the fall of this monarch: He died.
    7.    Identify three major problems/challenges faced by the monarch:
              a. Reunited Prussia after it was separated and devastated by the Thirty Years War
              b. Built up economy after Thirty Years War
              c. Created an army
    8.    Identify three major accomplishments faced by the monarch:
              a. United family holdings of Prussia, Brandenburg, and small German territories
              b. Built up army to be the fourth largest in Europe with 45,000 men
              c. Enlightened Society (Reformed system of land and improved methods of cultivation,
                   trade industry, and built canals and roads, created postal service and schools.
    9.    Identify three political achievements of the monarch
              a. Followed mercantilist doctrines in his internal policies
              b. Replaced direct taxes with excise taxes (taxed Junkers)
              c. Gained control over peasants due to large army
    10.   Identify the religious policy of the monarch: Fredrick created the Edict of Potsdam which
          welcomed French Calvinists into Prussia. This split Prussia in half between Calvinists and
    11.   Identify the military successes of the monarch
              a. Army was 4th largest in Europe
              b. Defeated the Swedes and established Brandenburg as a military power
              c. Army was financed under the General War Commissariat
    12.   Explain the monarch’s domestic policy: Fredrick built up the wealth in his country so he could
          build up the army, thus creating the country to be strong and wealthy.
    13.   Explain the monarch’s foreign policy: Fredrick William used all the money to build up army. His
          strong army was feared so they did not have to use it often.
    14.   What were some of the innovations during the monarch’s reign
              a. Improved methods of cultivation = peasants make more money
              b. Built roads and canals
              c. Created a postal service and a school
    15.   What was the state of the country after the monarch’s reign: The country was in very good
          shape after Fredrick died. They were strong and had a stable economy.
16. Explain the economy of the monarch: Fredrick improved system of taxes and promoted trade in
    the West Indies and the African Trading Company on the Gold Coast.
17. Make a valued judgment based on the facts. Did the monarch rule for the benefits of the people
    or at the expense of the people?

            Fredrick William the Great Elector ruled for the benefit of the people. After the Thirty
   Years War the country was divided and broken, Fredrick united his family holdings on Prussia,
   Brandenburg, and some small German territories. This allowed the country to begin healing as it
   came together. Next, Fredrick raised the country out of poverty. He did this by taxing the
   Junkers, and he increased trade. He used this money to build up an army to protect the country
   and its people. Fredrick also used this wealth to improve methods of cultivation, he established
   schools and postal services, and built roads and canals. The Great Elector was a good monarch
   who ruled for the benefit of the people.

18. Summarize the historical significance of the monarch.

       Fredrick William the Great Elector was significant because he united Prussia after the Thirty
   Years War. He then built up the economy and wealth, and used that wealth to build up a strong
   army. This army became the 4th largest in Europe. Fredrick William used the army to control the
   peasants and scare other country away from attacking Prussia. He also started taxing the
   Junkers instead of the peasants. To continue Fredrick improved methods of cultivation which
   increased the peasants incomes. He also built roads and canals to help with trade, and started
   trading in the West Indies and Gold Coast. Fredrick established schools and a postal service.

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