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					August, 2005 DISTRICT GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE Lions, Lioness, and LEOs: This year we will be covering a number of very important subjects. These will include the International President’s Passion to Excel, a new initiative on SightFirst, called Campaign SightFirst II, and the strengthening of our District. As we discuss the 2005-2006 International program, Passion to Excel, we will come to understand the five basic elements of the program: The Passion to Serve; The Passion to Grow, The Passion to Lead, The Passion to Promote, and The Passion to Perform. Focusing on one of these, The Passion to Lead, we must recognize that it must play a vital role this year in the strengthening of our District. Passion to Lead - Leadership is essential to the present and future success of Lions Clubs International. Lions serve best when supported and inspired by effective leaders and when they have the opportunity to become leaders themselves. Excellence in leadership arises from quality training of officers and Lions faculty and from successful orientation programs for new members. Throughout District 14-C this year, we must make leadership development at both the club and district levels a top priority. President Ashok Menta has set a very basic goal for membership this year. It is known as Plus One. This means all we need to do is have a net gain at the end of the year of just one member for each and all clubs and a net gain of one club for the district. Surely we can do this. We have a strong MERLO team to help us do it. They are your Leadership Chairman, Eugene Kilgore; your Membership Chairman, John Swords; your Retention Chairman, PDG Dan Clever; your Extension Chairman, PDG Larry Shaull; and your Orientation Chairperson, Kathy Smeltzer. Of course, each of your Region and Zone Chairmen are always available to provide assistance and guidance. Please call on them to learn more about their programs. Great team yes, but you are the ones that will make this happen! As you set up your speaker schedule for the year, I would encourage you to take advantage of the many chairpersons th available to you. These are listed in the District Directory which you may pick up when you come to the August 14 Cabinet Meeting. Check out some of the newcomers as well as those serving again. Are you interested in a program on Sight Conservation, Youth Exchange, or Environmental Awareness? Call them early and beat the rush. Another area we will want to hear more on is the Campaign SightFirst II. This campaign was launched at the International Convention in Hong Kong. For this campaign, 2005 –2006 is the “year of education and preparation.” This initiative will first focus on leadership training and development, followed by a transition into the area of full club awareness and participation by everyone in fund raising programs to meet the goals of this worthy campaign. I encourage all secretaries to take advantage of the new web site to post their M&A reports. The bugs should be worked out by now. It’s easy. It gets the report to those who need it in a timely manner. It saves you postage. BUT REMEMBER; you still must file your report with Lions Clubs International. Their site is also very easy to work. Yours In Lionism, John S. Parker District Governor 474 North Rd., York, Pa. 17403, 717-428-3983,

August 5 – 7---August 11------August 14-----August 20-21-State Council Meeting Banner Exchange from the Dover Lions Club to the Jacobus Lions Club District 14-C Cabinet Meeting at the Holiday Inn near the York West Manchester Mall. MERL Training Institute

August 9 Stewartstown Lioness Club August 22 Shippensburg Lions Club August 23 Penn Township Lioness Club August 25 Penn Township Lions Club September 1: East Prospect Lions Club September 6: York Springs Lions Club September 7: Plainfield Lions Club September 8: East Pennsboro Lions Club September 13: York Downtown Lions Club September 13: Mt. Holly Springs Lions Club September 14: New Cumberland Lions Club September 15 Westgate Sunrise Lions Club September 15: Brogue Lions Club September 19: Springettsbury Lions Club September 20: Fairfield Lions Club September 26: Gettysburg Lions Club September 27: Cashtown Lions Club September 28: New Oxford Lions Club

As you know, the new district web page is up and running. We hope you will take advantage of it and do your monthly M&A reports on it. By doing this, the report immediately becomes available to those who need it. You need not mail copies. Should you have any problems, please contact the Webmaster or myself. The Webmaster is Lion Mike Swords. 717-428-2001. There is a live connection on the site to him. REMEMBER TO ALSO SEND YOUR M&A TO LCI. USE THEIR SITE TO DO SO. Don’t forget that you can make entries on your Annual Lions Club Activities Report (Form A-1) on a monthly base. This information accumulates through the year, resulting in a final report completed for you from that data. Try it out.

The secretary has or will be receiving a letter from the Cabinet Secretary about the District dues, which are due by September 30, 2005. The dues are based on your membership as of the June M&A report. Prompt payment of these dues is much appreciated.

Effective with the August newsletter anyone with an email address will receive an email alerting you that the letter has been posted on the District web site ( ). This is being done to both serve you better with prompt service and to help reduce the growing cost of producing and delivering the letter by mail. Please let us know if any problems. Newsletter Editor, Dan McGary Webmaster, Mike Swords District Governor, John Parker Thank you for your cooperation. D.G. John

Please report any changes of address, including e-mail address and phone number, as soon as possible to the newsletter editor, District Secretary or District Governor.

Point Contest Chairman, George Reisinger’s new address is: 420 Wago Road Mount Wolf, PA 17347 637-3456

NEW MEMBER Gene St. Clair Kathy Bedoni Diane Schoffstall Walter P. Reamer Bernard R. Werwie Mark S. Moscynski Catherine A. Krishinger CLUB York Springs Lions New Freedom Lioness New Freedom Lioness Jacobus Lions New Cumberland Lions New Freedom Lions York Downtown Lions SPONSOR Roger Sowers Deb Winemiller Deb Winemiller Gregory Gruendler George Hamburg Thomas Summers Lester W. Bentz

Their dedication to Lionism will not be forgotten. May they rest in peace as they join the club immortal.

Marian Leiphart of the Brogue Lioness Club Cecil Dunbar of the Brogue Lions Club

Points Contest Chair George Reisinger has announced the following clubs as the winners in the 2004-05 Lions Year contest. We offer our congratulations to the winners and encouragement to all clubs to participate fully during 2005-06.

Lioness Club Membership
1-25 members 26 or more members

Winning Club
Brogue Lioness New Freedom Lioness

Lions Club membership
1-20 members 21-30 members 31-40 members 41-50 members 51-60 members 61 or more members

Winning Club
Jacksonville Lions Fairfield Lions Arendtsville Lions Jacobus Lions Shiloh Lions Susquehanna Lions

Until you pick up your copy of the full directory for the District, refer to the mini-directory which was published in the July, 2005, issue of the newsletter.

Full descriptions of the current rules and scoring format for the District Points Contest were included In the July, 2005, issue of the newsletter. Questions concerning the contest should be directed to Lion George Reisinger, Points Contest Chairman 420 Wago Road Mount Wolf, PA 17347


The following items describe acts of service provided by clubs in the District. This information was taken from the M&A reports for the month of June, 2005.
ARENDTSVILLE LIONS Collected 41 pairs of glasses. BOILING SPRINGS LIONS Honored Teacher of the Year; gathered glasses from sites; posted community bulletin board. BROGUE COMMUNITY LIONS Awarded 500 dollars to a student toward study of music in college. BROGUE COMMUNITY LIONESS DALLASTOWN LIONS Three lions worked 18 hours for youth group; transported and operated putting game for “Kids in the Park”; picked up and transported canned goods to local Food Bank; donated 50 hours of work painting at Dallastown Lions Park; provided facility and worked at Concert in the Park; provided facility for summertime youth program; provided ball fields for girls softball and Dallastown baseball program; presented two 500-dollar scholarships to Dallastown High School seniors. DILLSBURG LIONS Awarded 1000-dollar scholarship to Northern High School senior. DOVER LIONESS Twelve bibs were made and donated to Moul Home; 8 coverlets and 8 teddy bears were delivered to Access York. EAST PROSPECT LIONS Participated in highway cleanup; loaned out hospital equipment; donated two subscriptions to LION magazine to Eastern High School. EASTGATE SUNRISE LIONS Donated: 200 dollars to Northeast Eye Bank; 200 to Beacon Lodge; 200 to Leader Dog; 2000 to York County Blind Center. FAIRFIELD LIONS Fourteen members donated blood; 16 ran errands for elderly; 20 made hospital visits. FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP LIONS Twelve Lions participated for a total of 36 hours at the Fairview Township Celebration Day; donated 200 dollars to Shriners Muscular Dystrophy Fund; 200 dollars to Ladies Auxiliary ;provided air conditioner to needy asthmatic child. HAMPDEN LIONS Awarded scholarships to two students. JACKSONVILLE LIONS Provided five hours of work at Big Spring recycling center; provided 19 pieces of hospital equipment; collected 167 pairs of glasses; donated 25 dollars to Big Spring High School graduation party. JACOBUS AREA LIONESS Helped at Street Rod Show. JACOBUS LIONS Purchased new ambulance and equipment; worked four hours at flower garden at ambulance building. JEFFERSON COMMUNITY LIONS Donated: 200 dollars to Spring Grove Athletic Boosters; 200 to Spring Grove Music Boosters; 100 to Spring Grove Ambulance Club; 300 to Jefferson Girl Scouts; 300 to Baseball/Children; 400 to Glatfelter Memorial Library; 400 to Jefferson Fire Hall; 300 to Boy Scouts; 450 to Beacon Lodge Campership; 300 to Hanover Industry for the Blind; 200 to York County Blind Association; 600 to Jefferson Block Watch. LOWER ALLEN LIONS Made donation to Beacon Lodge.

MASON DIXON LIONS Donated 200 dollars to LCIF; paid electric bill for Scout cabin.

MECHANICSBURG LIONS Contributed 209 dollars for eye surgery to VOSH-PA; awarded 1000-dollar Technical Scholarship Award and 150-dollar Commercial Student Award to students. NEW CUMBERLAND LIONS Provided 35 dollars for eye services. NORTH YORK LIONS Donated 55 hours of service. PENN TOWNSHIP LIONESS Donated 140 hours of community service. PENN TOWNSHIP LIONS Donated chicken to God’s Meal Barrel; 150 dollars to Leader Dog; participated in highway cleanup. PLAINFIELD LIONS Honored Jerry Rosie as Melvin Jones Fellow. SHILOH LIONESS Helped with fire company bingo; donated: 200 dollars to New Vision; 200 to Olivia’s House; 200 to Dover Community Library; 200 to OPEN; 98 to Buck-a-Book; contributed 143 hours of community service. SHILOH LIONS Loaned out hospital equipment; helped at fire company bingo; awarded two scholarships. SHIPPENSBURG LIONS Provided 3 persons with eye exams and glasses; made 5 awards of 50 dollars to students; made 200 dollar/semester Beidle Scholarship award for needy student to attend Shippensburg University; 300 dollars to paint food stands at fairgrounds. SPRINGETTSBURY LIONS Participated in highway cleanup. STEWARTSTOWN LIONESS STEWARTSTOWN LIONS Donated 150 dollars to Penn Laurel Girl Scouts; 250 to Leader Dog. SUSQUEHANNA LIONS Provided a scholarship award; colleted 41 pairs of glasses. WEIGLESTOWN LIONS Donated: 300 dollars to Hearing Research; 200 to Leader Dog; 300 to York County Blind Center; 125 to New Life for Girls; 300 to Powerhouse Youth Center; 200 to Dover Area Community Baseball. WINDSOR LIONS Eleven members helped at ham dinner for Windsor Fire Company. YORK SPRINGS LIONS Two members awarded Melvin Jones Fellowships. ZION VIEW LIONS Donated 100 dollars to Strinestown Fire Company; 400 to Zion View Athletic Association.

Information used to report on service activities by clubs is needed no later than the middle of the month preceding distribution of the newsletter. Two sources of information are used to compile the report. The main source has become the District Reporting System on the District website; however, only a little over half the clubs report this way. The only other way to get information is through reports mailed in to the newsletter editor. If you are not reporting by way of the website, please send your information to Dan McGary, 476 Big Spring Road, New Cumberland, Pa 17070.

The first District Cabinet Meeting is scheduled for August 14th. YOU WANT TO ATTEND!
This will be the first chance for all of us to meet and get to know each other. So come out and meet your 2005 – 2006 District Cabinet and allow them the chance to meet you. All club officers, all established club members, and especially all new club members are encouraged to attend. You want to attend because: If you are a president or secretary, you want to represent your club. You want to learn what’s happening and bring that back to your club. You want to let us know what your needs are. Cabinet members such as the region or zone chairs and the MERL team want to be able to better represent the District to the clubs. All Past District Governors want to attend to share their expertise and to help in reaching the new horizons of District 14C. You want to hear our guest speaker. The team doesn’t work if the players don’t show on the field. The players on this team include us. (That equates to WE and not you and I or us and them)


DISTRICT 14-C CABINET MEETING SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2005 HOLIDAY INN At the West Manchester Mall US 30 – Rt 74 2000 Loucks Rd, York, Pa. 846-9500 REGISTRATION: CABINET MEETING: INSTALLATION OF CABINET: BREAK: SEMINARS: PARTNERS & GUESTS PROGRAM: DINNER: 1:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 2:30 P.M. 3:30 P.M. 3:45 P.M. 3:45 P.M. 5:30 P.M.

Buffet: Grilled London Broil, Sliced Turkey, Haddock. Parslied Red Potatoes, Green Beans Almandine, salad. Double Chocolate Cake, Apple Pie, Cherry Crisp. Coffee, hot and iced tea, soda. *** Dinner reservations deadline: Not later than August 9, 2005 *** Please, join us

Program & Facilities Chairman: PDG CECIL MUNDORFF, 2085 Delta Road, Felton, Pa. 17322.



Name: ________________________________ Number of reservations ___________
Make checks payable to LCI – 14-C

@ $27.00 each

(Total) ______________

Every club is encouraged to sponsor a local Peace Poster Contest for the 2005-06 Lions Year. Start your planning now. Poster kits are required and are available until October 1, 2005, from Lions Clubs International Headquarters. Order blanks are in the LIONS magazine. These kits provide all the information which is needed. For additional information, contact Lion Dave Hoover at (717) 755-8684.

The following Zones have Zone Advisory Meetings scheduled in August. All presidents and secretaries are expected to attend these meetings. A letter with further details is being mailed to each of the club presidents and secretaries. Please be supportive on this important matter. Zone 2B August 30th at 7:00PM. at the Pinchot Park Building Boiling Springs, Dillsburg, Hampden, Mechanicsburg, Pinchot Park Lions and Lioness. Zone 3B: August 29th at 7:00PM at the Clubhouse in the Village of Wellington Dover Lions and Lioness, Shiloh Lions and Lioness, Susquehanna, Weiglestown, Westgate Sunrise, Zion View Zones 4A and 4C: August 31st Joint meeting at 7:00PM at the Jacobus Lions Ambulance Building Zone 4A: Eastgate Sunrise, Mt. Rose, Springettsbury Lions and Lioness, York Downtown Zone 4C: Dallastown, Jacobus Lions and Lioness, New Freedom Lions and Lioness, Stewartstown Lions and Lioness.

Sometimes a great concern is expressed about the apparent advancing age of people in Lionism! The implication is that unless an influx of new, younger members occurs in the near future, the vitality of Lions clubs------even their very existence------is in real jeopardy. While it is prudent to take time to look at our clubs in terms of members’ ages, it is possible to go too far and miss seeing the value of growing older in Lionism. An item was sent to the newsletter editor recently in which recognition was proposed for club members with significant numbers of years in Lionism. Recognition of varied kinds is a key element in maintaining the vitality of clubs. Therefore, we are offering you an opportunity to participate in a specific kind of recognition. You are invited to send to the newsletter editor a list of the six members of your club whose total number of years in Lionism is highest. Each member’s number of years of consecutive uninterrupted membership is needed with his or her name, along with the year in which the member was inducted. In future issues of the newsletter, we will provide the results and will eventually declare an overall winner! Send in your entry to the newsletter editor NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 1, 2005. SEND TO: DAN McGARY, 476 BIG SPRING ROAD, NEW CUMBERLAND, PA 17070 or use

Passion to Excel
to Serve Reaching greater levels of excellence in service * Passion to Grow: Plus One, emphasizing the power of one * Passion to Lead: Essential to the present and future success of LCI * Passion to Promote: Promoting the service of Lions clubs * Passion to Perform: Inspire Lions to find innovative ways to help humanity
* Passion

By Reaching our New Horizons


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