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We almost always have a junior high volleyball game on MLK and usually
a JV football game on Labor Day.

The state organizations must not object because the second round of the Boy's
IESA tourney is scheduled for Monday, January 21st. We have also played on
Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, President’s Day, etc. Our past practice is to try to
stay away from Wednesday night activities and holidays, but with scheduling
activities from concerts to athletic events throughout the week that is hard to do.

We play at T-Town and my daughter has a volleyball game at Neoga. I
sure hope it is legal.

In addition to my "group response" I would also argue that it is based
on the wants and beliefs of your community. Does your community
believe that this should be a holiday during which nothing is scheduled? What
about Thanksgiving? Christmas?

There are only so many holidays one can schedule around. If you have
families that celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and they do not wish for
their child to participate on that day, what will truly
happen to their athlete?

I know it isn't much help, but this is an issue with the families you serve. It
could be a HUGE deal if not handled appropriately. Ultimately, I would think a
change in policy would need to come from the school board as they represent
the parents in the community. With a strong superintendent and reasonable
expectations of athletic directors and the high school principal, this could be
addressed appropriately.

I know that we have traditionally started our Invitational basketball
tourney on this date. We did not this year, but I do not believe it was changed
due to the holiday but for other reasons.
We do not schedule any events on holidays. This has worked out quite well for
the last three years.

I coached wrestling for 12 years and we always hosted a quad on this
date with no problems because our board policy allowed it. I would
check with your board policy or Superintendent. I know some district
do not allow schools to compete on Wednesday evenings due to
Church...again that is board policy.

We have a VB game scheduled for that day. It is a state holiday, not
legal. Go to the Illinois Code page and it tells you that the only legal holidays are
Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc.

We made it our policy - regardless of reason...
No school, no extra-c's... with the exception of tournaments held at other
locations beyond our personal control.

I don't know about "legal" but we have a tournament next week with three
games scheduled Monday night.

I guess I am selfish - I like my days off and a day off is a day off - no games, no
practices, no no no - I am taking a day off. Many times the kids need it as well
as we do -

I'd be interested, too. We have boys regional game scheduled that
day. You would think IESA wouldn't let that happen if it was a problem.

We have a 7th grade boy’s regional game scheduled for that night also.
If IESA has that night scheduled for a regional, we don't have much choice in the
matter. Generally speaking, though I don't schedule games on a holiday, I'm not
sure of the legality of it all; I'm just trying to save myself some headaches.
I'd like to know this as well. We don't normally schedule on this or
any holiday. However, with a snow day and other problems, we had to
schedule a make-up game for that day.

We schedule games on that day all the time. Actually, this year, we are hosting
the IESA regional tournament on Monday. We avoid Wednesdays like the
plague, so we have to utilize every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday that we can.
It all kind of depends on the community and your school culture, I guess. My
volleyball coaches questioned it this year too, but there are only so many days
we can use...

We have School on this day. :)

There are plenty of games scheduled across the state for Monday,
including the River City Shootout here in Peoria. There is no ruling in the school
code to not have games nor is there a ruling with the IHSA. Legally, it would be
your local school board's decision. Many school districts throughout the country
have school on Monday.

There's no reason you can't play that day. Schools have basketball
tournament games on Thanksgiving day in some communities.
Play ball.

We have games on MLK Day too. Some schools have special tournaments
and promote MLK Day that way. I think it's important not to play on
religious holidays like Easter & Christmas, but it's OK to play on other holidays -
Thanksgiving (some BKB tournaments play on Thanksgiving), MLK day,
President's Day, Veteran's Day, etc. Heck, if we didn't play on all the holidays,
we'd have a lot fewer days in which to squeeze in our season games.

I'm a believer in no activities...but I'm definitely in the
minority...we've done it here and it has been done in other districts
I've taught in. Good luck!
I know around the state that many school districts and schools are allowing
games to be played on Thanksgiving Day. I have a view on this as well but
probably not one to state.

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