Audience Profile by pengxiang


									    User Analysis
         ITSW 1410
Presentation Media Software
Instructor: Glenda H. Easter
What Should Be Included in an
      Audience Profile
§ User Name                 § Level of Experience:
§ User’s Title                How would you
§ What type of company        classify your
  would be using the          proficiency with
  materials?                  computers?
                              o New User?
                              o Intermediate User?
                              o Expert User?
                              o Occasional User?
                    User Analysis                2
          Audience Profile
§ Educational Level:       § Type of Software
  ü Post-Graduate            Packages to Aid in
     Degree                  Performance of Job:
  ü Graduate Degree          ü Word Processing
  ü College Degree           ü Financial Planning
  ü High School              ü Spreadsheets
     Diploma                 ü Database
  ü GED                      ü Communications
  ü Technical Courses        ü Other?
                   User Analysis                3
          Audience Profile
§ Software Packages       § Hardware Used:
  Used:                     ü IBM
  ü WordPerfect             ü Compatible PC
  ü Microsoft Word          ü Macintosh PC
  ü Microsoft Works         ü Other (please list)
  ü Quicken
  ü Excel
  ü Lotus
  ü dBase
  ü Access
                  User Analysis                     4
         Audience Profile
§ Operating Systems Used:
  ü Windows 95
  ü Windows 3.11 for Workgroups
  ü Windows NT
  ü MS DOS
  ü MAC/OS

                 User Analysis    5
 Easiest Way to Use Reference
§ Binder or Reference         § That bright idea could
                                be yours. Tell me
  Materials?                    more!!
§ On-Line?
§ Tutorials?
§ Help-Desk?
§ Internet?
§ Other?

                        User Analysis                    6

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