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London, UK Cosmetic Dentist Office, Sensu, Puts A New Twist On Treating Patients


Dr. Krupal Shah director of Sensu, and the team of dental professionals offer the latest technology and procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The safe and effective methods improve dental appearance and provide better oral health.

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									London, UK Cosmetic Dentist Office, Sensu, Puts A New Twist On Treating Patients

London UK, 16-DECEMBER-2013 - Sensu Smile for Life, Dr Krupal Shah director of Sensu, and the
London cosmetic dentist team who practices at Wimpole St, London, are pleased to announce that
dental patient care is available, using the latest techniques and knowledge. There is a comprehensive
range of dental care methods ranging from orthodontics to veneers. Improved smiles are the norm after
minimal amounts of time in the dental chair. The team also provides techniques for whitening teeth in
order to ensure a bright and attractive smile.

In a recent interview, Dr. Krupal Shah, London cosmetic dentist explained. "We ensure that all the
equipment on hand is the latest in technologies from anywhere on the planet. Our dental team is
experienced and knowledgeable in using these technologies to accomplish the desired results. In
dentistry, as in other disciplines, technology is changing so rapidly that we make a constant effort to
ensure our team members understand and use the best of the evolving techniques. Where it is possible,
we ensure that the appearance of prosthetic teeth looks and acts like the natural teeth."

"Appearance of the teeth and the smile is the first noticeable thing you see when meeting someone" he
continues. "We do our part to ensure that the smile is attractive and that teeth are bright and correctly
aligned. We also are aware of the importance of limiting pain when dental work is done. Our methods
are minimally invasive. Our sterilization and infection control standards are set by the BDA and
followed religiously. Everything possible is done to care for patients in a safe and comfortable

There are many cosmetic procedures available today to improve the appearance of the teeth. When
teeth are darkened, yellow or have stains, they are unattractive and can affect social health and self
image. Dark teeth can be caused by certain foods and drinks such as wine or berries. This type of stain
doesn't disappear with flossing or brushing. Cosmetic dental procedures are available to remove stains
and brighten the dull or darkened teeth by many shades.

Learn more about the dental procedures, including whitening and cosmetic dentistry services provided
by the dental team at Sensu by visiting the website at today. Members of the
press and others who have additional questions about the information in this specific press release are
invited to contact Dr. Krupal Shah, London cosmetic dentist at the location listed below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Krupal ShahCompany Name: Sensu Smile
Address: 69 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8AS United Kingdom
Contact Telephone Number: 020 7486 4433Email:

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