Banbury Hockey Club– Selection Policy by liwenting


									                                Banbury Hockey Club– Selection Policy

The BHC Committee have agreed upon the selection policy below.

Objectives of the Policy

• The selection process is transparent to all members.

• To be used as a framework that will enable each player to play to their full potential for their own
benefit and to the benefit of the Club.

• To define a process that will make selection simple and timely. Specifically it is important that
selection takes place early in the week and that captains of higher sides do not call up players from
lower teams late in the week causing the captains of the lower sides to an undesired amount of
effort late in the week to have full sides.

• To ensure that no players are omitted from the weekly selection process.

The Policy

• Selection is based upon a team squad system. The committee has identified that this is the most
effective way to achieve the objectives of the selection policy but it should not be seen as a barrier
to movement between teams.

• All players will be allocated to a team squad.

• The captains will collectively review the squads at captains meetings to ensure that there is
movement between squads to reflect current form and the development of players.

• Each captain will recommend to the other captains of potential movements in and out of their

• It is the responsibility of each player to advise his captain of his availability at least one week in
advance of each Saturday to enable the captain to make his selection by the Monday before the

• Each team captain will select from his team squad.

• If the captain has insufficient numbers for a game he will call from one of the other squads – this
should be done at the beginning of the week rather than late in the week.

• Each captain will be responsible for emailing their full squad list by 9pm on the Monday before the
game to the club captain. The captain may delegate the task of sending the email.

• The email must detail for each team squad member who is playing, who is injured, who is not
available to play for any side on the Saturday or if a player is unable to play for his usual team (e.g.
cannot play early or late) but can be considered for another team.

• The email should be copied to all the other captains.
• The selection of each player is dependent on the player being up to date with match fees and
annual subscriptions being paid.

The desire is that the selection policy will enable each player to play to their full potential for the
benefit of the Club. It is recognised that some players may wish to remain in a particular team squad
rather than be moved up, notably some of the Vets wish to only be considered for the 4th team.
Captains will need to consider the player’s wishes and the players need to consider the need of the

In the spirit of transparency all members are welcome to recommend changes to the policy. Any
such recommendations must be addressed to the committee via one of it officers. Any change must
be agreed by the Committee.

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