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									                                                                       Horizontal Curriculum Map by Month

                        Enduring                                                                                                            Vocabulary Tier III    Vocabulary Tier II
  Date                                              Topic                 Essential Questions                      Content
                                                                                                                                                                  1) Harbor
  September 9/8-

                                                                                                                                                                  2) Hemisphere
                                                                                                                                                                  3) Plain
                     Geography affects      Native Americans and           How is geography                                                                       4) Cape
                                                                                                        Latitude, longitude, river, lake,

                     settlement patterns.        Geography                 instrumental in the                                                                    5) Peninsula
                                                                                                          50 states, mountain ranges
                                                                        development of a nation?                                                                  6) Mountain range
                                                                                                                                                                  7) Bay
                                                                                                                                                                  8) Delta
                                                                                                                                                                  9) Dense/Sparse
                     Geography affects                                 How do interpretations of                                            1) maritime           1) navigation
Monday (9/12)-
Tuesday (9/13)

                     settlement patterns.                              prominent historical figures                                         2) colonization       2) exploration

                                                                          change over time?                                                 3) monarch
                                             Columbus + Spanish                                         Mediterranean Atlantic, Henry
                       Economics and
                                                  Colonies                                               Hudson, French v. Spanish v.
                      religion motivates                               How did the experiences of
                                                                                                             Dutch colonization
                         colonization.                                the early explorers shape the
                                                                        colonization of the North
                                                                          American continent?
                       Economics and                                                                                                        1) mercantilism       1) charter
                                                                      How was the founding of the
                      religion motivates                                                                                                    2) plantation         2) persecution
  September 9/14-

                                                                      United states affected by the     Roanoke, Jamestown – John
                         colonization.                                                                                                      3) Calvinism          3) predestination
                                            Jamestown, Plymouth,       European Enlightenment?           Smith, John Rolfe, Virginia
                                                                                                                                            4) proprietary        4) indentured
                                              Massachusetts Bay                                         House of Burgesses, Plymouth

                       The United States
                                            Colony, Early Colonies,         How did early political       Rock, Pilgrims v. Puritans,
                    system of government
                                                 British Policy       institutions, economic systems,    Massachusetts Bay Colony,
                     is built on European
                                                                      and ideas of religious freedom    John Winthrop “City Upon A
                         and American
                                                                           develop in the colonial                    Hill”

                                                Review + Test
                             Historical events are                                                                                              1) proclamation         1) tariff

September 28-
                               interconnected.                                                                Causes, Albany Plan of Union,     2) salutary             2) treaty
                                                                               How did the French/Indian           Treaty of Paris 1863,                                3) infringement
                                                      French/Indian War +
                                                                                War exacerbate tensions         Weakening of loyalty to                                 4) encroachment

                                                                              between the colonists and the     Britain, Changing British                               5) neglect
                                                                                   mother country?            Policy: Proclamation of 1763,
                                                                                                                   Pontiac’s Rebellion

                            Revolutions are often                                                                 Sugar & Quartering Act,       1) parliament           1) sovereignty
   September 30-October 5

                             caused by multiple                                                                    Stamp Act, Stamp Act         2) demarcation          2) effigy
                              factors, including                              How did choices made by the         Congress, Sons of Liberty,    3) intolerable          3) boycott
                               economic strife,                                  British Parliament create         Townshend Act, Boston        4) coercive             4) correspondence
                             political and social                               tension with the colonists?     Massacre, Boston Tea Party,
                                                     Causes of the American
                               philosophy, and                                                                       Intolerable Acts, First
                               violation of civil                             What were the most effective          Continental Congress,
                                    liberties.                                means of protesting against           Lexington & Concord,
                                                                                   British measures?            Common Sense by Thomas
                                                                                                               Paine, Olive Branch Petition,
                                                                                                                      no taxation without
                               The United States                                                              Thomas Jefferson, John Locke,     1)   continental           1)   provincial
                            system of government                                                               natural rights, enlightenment,   2)   patriot               2)   confiscate
   October 6-7

                             is built on European                               In what ways did different      Abigail Adams “Remember         3)   loyalist              3)   attrition
                                 and American          The Declaration of     groups of Americans view the     the Ladies”, Battle at Bunker    4)   guerilla warfare      4)   scarcity
                                   traditions.           Independence         conflict between the colony         Hill, Battle of Saratoga as   5)   propaganda            5)   unconditional
                                                                                    and Great Britain?           turning point, loyalists and   6)   militia
                                                                                                                 patriots, Battle of Trenton,
                                                                                                               Battle of Yorktown, Treaty of
                            Interpretations of the                                                                                              1)   republicanism         1)   virtuous
                                                                                                                  Bicameral legislature,
   October 11

                                United States              The Critical        How did America’s debate                                         2)   unicameral            2)   revenue
                              constitutions have                                                               strengths and weaknesses,        3)   bicameral             3)   unanimous
                                                        Period/Articles of     between small versus large
                               fueled political                                                               Annapolis Convention, Shays       4)   ordinance             4)   inflation
                                                         Confederation         central government evolve
                                   conflict.                                                                       Rebellion, Northwest                                    5)   currency
                                                                                       over time?
                                                                                                                  Ordinance 1785, 1787
   October 12

                 The constitution is a                                                                                               1)    preamble          1)    ratify
                  living document.                                                                                                   2)    federalism        2)    compromise
                                                                                                                                     3)    amendment         3)    precedent
                   The United States                                                                                                 4)    executive         4)    appeal
                                                                                                 James Madison, Virginia Plan,
                system of government                                                                                                 5)    judicial          5)    populace
                                                                                                        NJ plan, The Great
                 is built on European                                                                                                6)    legislative
                                                                                                         Compromise, 3/5
October 13-24
                     and American
                                                                                                    Compromise, federalism,
                       traditions.         The Constitutional
                                                                How did compromise lead to       separation of powers, checks
                                          Convention and the
                                                                the ratification of the United       and balances, majority
                Interpretations of the        Constitution
                                                                     States Constitution?         rule/minority rights, electoral
                    United States
                                                                                                     college, federal courts,
                  constitutions have
                                                                                                 ratification process, federalists
                   fueled political
                                                                                                 v antifederalists, The Federalist
                                                                                                        Papers, Bill of Rights
                    Compromise is a
                necessary component
                    of democracy.
                 Interpretations of the                                                                                              1)    federalist        1)    inauguration
                      United States                                                               Washington Administration,         2)    nullification     2)    cabinet
                   constitutions have                                                            Alexander Hamilton v. Thomas        3)    constructionist   3)    faction
                     fueled political                                                               Jefferson, loose v. strict       4)    implied           4)    tariff
October 25-26

                        conflict.                                                                 constructionist views, birth of    5)    enumerated        5)    excise taxes
                                                                   How did the Federalist          political factions, Whiskey       6)    delegated         6)    elastic
                                             The Federalist
                Electoral politics are                          Administrations of Washington     Rebellion, Farewell Address,       7)    reserved          7)    compromise
                driven by the contest                           and Adams allow for a strong      John Adams Administration,         8)    veto              8)    debt
                    for the center.                                central government?           French Revolution, XYZ Affair,      9)    electoral         9)    sedition
                                                                                                    Alien and Sedition Acts,         10)   partisanship      10)   libel
                  Compromise is a                                                                    Virginia and Kentucky                                   11)   quasi
                necessary component                                                                 Resolutions, nullification                               12)   void
                   of democracy.                                                                       theory, Jay’s Treaty
                    Compromise is a                                                                                                       1)   embargo              1)   agrarian
                  necessary component                                                                                                     2)   mandamus             2)   frugality
                     of democracy.                                                                                                        3)   expedition           3)   stipulate
                                                                                                                                          4)   dueling              4)   promulgate
  October 27-31    Individuals have the
                                               Jefferson and         How can we account for the
                                                                                                          “midnight appointments”,        5)   elitism              5)   diplomacy
                     power to affect                                                                      Marshall Court and cases,                                 6)   citizen
                                            Republican Revolution    victory of Jefferson in the 1800
                   political change in a                                                                 judicial review, Hamilton v.                               7)   naturalization
                                                   of 1800             election and what was his
                        democracy.                                                                      Burr, Louisiana Purchase 1803,
                                                                          legacy as president?
                                                                                                         Lewis and Clark Expedition
                  Expansion has played
                   a crucial role in the
                   development of the
                    American nation.
                                                                                                              Violation of America’s      1)   impressment          1)   neutrality
                  Expansion has played                                                                   sovereignty – freedom of the     2)   nationalism          2)   violation
                   a crucial role in the                                                                  seas, British impressments of   3)   non-intercourse      3)   tribute
                   development of the                                                                        American sailors, British    4)   infrastructure       4)   piracy
                    American nation.                                                                           incitement of Native       5)   domestic             5)   incitement
                                                                                                           insurrections, Chesapeake                protectionist        insurrection
                                                                          How did United States
  November 1-2

                   Participation in war                                                                  Affair, Embargo Act of 1807,
                                                                       involvement in the War of
                   has social, political,   War of 1812 + Post War                                            Macon’s Bill, Treaty of
                                                                     1812 create tensions between
                  and economic impact        Nationalism/Era of                                                Greenville Prophet +
                                                                         the Federalists and the
                       on nations.             Good Feelings                                                   Tecumseh/Shawnee
                                                                     Democratic Republicans and
                                                                                                            Rebellion, Embargo Act,
                                                                     ultimately lead to a period of
                                                                                                              Hartford Convention,
                                                                       nationalism after the war?
                                                                                                             President Monroe + war
                                                                                                              policies, Henry Clay’s
                                                                                                             American System, rise of
                                                                                                        nationalism, market revolution,
                                                                                                             Monroe Doctrine, Turner

                                               Review and Test
                 Economics is a major                                                                                           1) sectionalism        1)  reform
                 motivating factor for                                                                                          2) regionalism         2)  asylum
                                                                                              1824 “corrupt bargain”, The
                immigrants moving to                                                                                            3) transcendentalism   3)  sentiment
                                                                                                       Common Man
                  the United States.                                                                                            4) emancipation        4)  suffrage
                                                                                              (democratization), Second
                                                                                                                                5) manumission         5)  denomination
                                                            How did the Age of Jackson       Great Awakening, Expansion
                  There are various                                                                                             6) abolition           6)  urban/rural
                                                               represent the further           of Executive Power (veto,
                  push-pull factors                                                                                             7) manifest            7)  panic
                                                            democratization of American      kitchen cabinet), Bank of the
November 7-10

                   involved in the                                                                                              8) temperance          8)  recession
                                                                     society?                  United States rechartering,
                immigrant experience.                                                                                           9) nativism            9)  assimilation
                                                                                               nullification crisis, Webster-
                                                                                                                                10) spoils             10) manufacturing
                                           Age of Jackson      How did the continuing        Hayne debate, Trail of Tears,
                 The idea of American                                                                                                                  11) immigrate/emig
                                                            conflict between supporters of   Cherokee Nation v. Georgia,
                      Dream as a                                                                                                                           rate
                                                                  states’ rights versus      Worcester v. Georgia, Reform
                   motivating engine                                                                                                                   12) patronage
                                                             proponents a strong central          movements (abolition,
                throughout U.S. history.                                                                                                                   radical
                                                              government manifest itself        temperance, prostitution,
                                                            during Jackson’s presidency?       prison, education, mental
                 Industrialization has
                                                                                              asylums, women – Seneca,
                  both positive and
                                                                                                 Declaration of Rights &
                 consequences for a
                      Natural resources                                                                                              1)   manifest      1) popular as in
                   affect national power.                                                               Manifest Destiny, Missouri   2)   proviso          sovereignty
                                                                                                        Compromise 1820, Texas,      3)   debate        2) secession
                   The issue of race has                                                             Mexican American War 1846-      4)   controversy   3) fugitive
                     led to problems in                                                                1848, Wilmot Proviso, Gold
                    reaching American                                                                  Rush, Compromise of 1850,
                           ideals.                                                                     Kansas Nebraska Act 1854,
                                                                      How did American ideas of            popular sovereignty,
                   “We the People” is an                            race and equality evolve over      “bleeding Kansas”, Preston
  November 14-18

                   emerging concept in                                         time?                     Brooks caning of Charles
                    the United States of                                                              Sumner in the Senate, Uncle
                                            Causes of Civil War +
                         America.                                       Why was compromise            Tom’s Cabin, Fugitive Slave
                                            Westward Expansion
                                                                     ultimately not successful in    Act, Lincoln-Douglas Debates
                     The quest for racial                              alleviating tensions and         1856, Dred Scott Decision
                    and gender equality                             conflict over the expansion of      1857, John Brown’s raid of
                   has strengthened and                              slavery between the North           Harper’s Ferry, Frederick
                         challenged                                           and South?                  Douglas, William Lloyd
                        democracy.                                                                         Garrison, Birth of the
                                                                                                        Republican Party and the
                   Expansion has played                                                                Election of 1860, Abraham
                    a crucial role in the                                                             Lincoln wins, South Carolina
                    development of the                                                                 secession, Jefferson Davis,
                     American nation.                                                                         Confederacy

                                            Review and Midterm
                         The issue of race has                                                              Battle of Bull Run, war of     1)    blockade         1)    Mobilization,
                           led to problems in                                                               attrition, Battle of Shiloh,   2)    total war        2)    conscription,
                          reaching American                                                                 Antietam, Robert E. Lee,       3)    attrition        3)    pardon,
                                 ideals.                                                                 Ulysses S. Grant, greenbacks,     4)    de facto         4)    amnesty,
                                                                                                          martial law, writ of habeas      5)    de jure          5)    impeachment
                         “We the People” is an                                                           corpus, Battle of Gettysburg,     6)    carpetbagger     6)    arsenal
                         emerging concept in                                                                   Gettysburg Address,         7)    scalawag         7)    casualty
                          the United States of                                                           Emancipation Proclamation,        8)    copperhead       8)    contraband
November 28-December 2

                               America.                                                                 Battle of Fredericksburg, Battle   9)    sharecropping    9)    stalemate
                                                                                                        of Chancellorsville, Sherman’s     10)   segregation      10)   bureau
                           The quest for racial                        How can we account for the                March to the Sea,         11)   impeachment      11)   bureaucrat
                          and gender equality                          North’s victory over the South      Copperheads, Election of        12)   to grandfather   12)   civil
                                                     Civil War +
                         has strengthened and                                 in the Civil War?             1864, Peace Democrats,                                13)   strategic
                               challenged                                                                    Reconstruction: Lincoln,                             14)   clause
                              democracy.                                 To what extent was the           Presidential, Congressional
                                                                         Reconstruction period a             (Radical Republicans),
                                                                               success?                  Freedmen’s Bureau, 40 acres
                                                                                                        and a mule, Black Codes, 13th,
                                                                                                           14th and 15th Amendment,
                                                                                                           Johnson’s impeachment,
                                                                                                           carpetbagger, scalawag,
                                                                                                         Hiram Revels, Blanche Bruce,
                                                                                                           Election of 1876 – Hayes v.
                                                                                                              Tilden, The New South,
                                                                                                            Successes and failures of
                                                                                                        Reconstuction, sharecropping,
                                                                                                        tenant farming, Jim Crow, KKK
                The issue of race has                                                                                                  1)   assimilation       1)   subsidy
                  led to problems in                                                                                                   2)   severalty          2)   degradation
                 reaching American                                                                                                     3)   frontier           3)   grant
                        ideals.                                                                                                        4)   homestead          4)   myth
                                                                                                   Morrill Land Grant Act, Pacific     5)   transcontinental   5)   homogenous
                The idea of American                                                               Railway Act, transcontinental
                     Dream as a                                                                    railroad, land grants, Irish and
December 5-7

                  motivating engine                                                                Chinese labor, environmental
                                          Westward Expansion +      What are the costs and
               throughout U.S. history.                                                            degradation, Homestead Act,
                                          Native Americans and       benefits of Westward
                                                                                                        homesteaders, Native
                                                  QUIZ           Expansion in the latter part of
                 There are various                                                                     Americans, Dawes Act,
                                                                   the nineteenth century?
                 push-pull factors                                                                       Carlisle Schools and
                  involved in the                                                                   assimilation, buffalo soldiers,
               immigrant experience.                                                                  Helen Hunt’s A Century of
                                                                                                   Dishono, Turner’s Frontier Thesis
                Economics is a major
                motivating factor for
               immigrants moving to
                 the United States.
                                                                                                      bessemer steel process, mass       1)    anarchy         1)   philanthropy
                                                                                                          production, telephone,         2)    scab            2)   urbanization
                                                                                                         telegram, Westinghouse,         3)    trust           3)   industrialization
                                                                                                       Edison, Brooklyn Bridge, U.S.     4)    monopoly        4)   speculation
                                                                                                      government commitment to           5)    vertical        5)   unionization
                                                                                                     economic growth, laissez faire            consolidation   6)   capitalism
                                                                                                            economy, John D.             6)    horizontal      7)   stocks
                                             Second Industrial                                             Rockefeller, Cornelius              consolidation   8)   corporation
                 The idea of American           Revolution:                                          Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie,        7)    laissez-faire
                      Dream as a           Rise of Big Business +                                       “rags to riches”, vertical v.    8)    holding
December 8-23

                   motivating engine           Labor Unions,                                          horizontal consolidation, trust,         company
                                                                       How did the expansion of
                throughout U.S. history.       Immigration,                                                  holding company,            9)    socialism
                                                                       industry affect the social,
                                               Urbanization                                           monopolies, robber barons v.       10)   collective
                                                                        political, and economic
                                                                                                      captains of industry, Sherman            bargaining
                                                                     climate of the United States?
                                           -There Will Be Blood or                                    Antitrust Act 1887, boom and
                                              New York Burns                                          bust cycles, Knights of Labor,
                                               Documentary                                                American Federation of
                                                   -Test!                                            Labor, The Wobblies, socialism,
                                                                                                           anarchism, collective
                                                                                                       bargaining, scabs, Railway
                                                                                                       Strike 1877, Haymarket Riot,
                                                                                                       Homestead Strike, Pullman
                                                                                                      Strike, U.S. governments lack
                                                                                                      of protection of labor unions,
                                                                                                      public opinion of labor unions
                                                                                                      Uneven distribution of wealth,      1)   gilded              1)   Deflation,
                                                                                                         graft, political machines,       2)   graft               2)   nationalization,
                                                                                                        corruption, The Gilded Age        3)   mugwumps            3)   civil service
                                                                                                      Presidents: Grant, mugwumps,        4)   stalwart            4)   monetary
                                                                                                           half-breeds, stalwarts,        5)   half-breed                       fiscal
                                                                                                         assassination of Garfield,       6)   political machine
                                                                                                      Chester Arthur, Pendleton Civil     7)   grangers
                                                                                                           Service Act, Benjamin                  bi-metallic
                                                                    To what extent was the Gilded
                                                                                                        Harrison, Cleveland as only
 January 3-10

                                                                    Age a period marked by “do-
                                                                                                          Gilded Age Democrat
                                            The Gilded Age + Rise      nothing” presidents and
                                                                                                      President, Tweed ring, Whiskey
                                            of Populist Movement        rampant corruption?
                                                                                                       Ring, Thomas Nast, monetary
                                                                                                       policy, gold bugs v. silverites,
                                                                     How do third parties affect
                                                                                                        Bland Allison Act 1878, the
                                                                        national elections?
                                                                                                       grange movement, Farmers
                                                                                                             Alliance, Interstate
                                                                                                           Commerce Act 1883,
                                                                                                         populists, William Jennings
                                                                                                      Bryan “Cross of Gold” speech,
                                                                                                        nationalization of railroads,
                                                                                                      Election of 1896 and McKinley,
                                                                                                          graduated income tax

                                            Review for final Exam

                 Electoral politics are                                                                                                   1)   Muckrakers          1)   Idealistic
                                                                                                      Causes, Influence of Populists,
                 driven by the contest                                                                                                    2)   Suffragettes        2)   ideals
 January 17-23

                                                                                                        Presidents TR, Taft, Wilson,
                     for the center.                                                                                                      3)   Initiative          3)   competency
                                                                      What were the goals and          Reform Movements (voting,
                                                                                                                                          4)   Referendum          4)   democratization
                                                                        achievements of the                women, prohibition,
                  The idea of American         Progressive Era                                                                            5)   Direct primary      5)   progressive
                                                                    Progressive Era at the Federal,    conservationist, income tax,
                       Dream as a                                                                                                         6)   Recall              6)   pragmatic
                                                                       state, and local levels?        anti-trust, direct election of
                    motivating engine                                                                                                     7)   Prohibition         7)   utilitarian
                                                                                                      senators), Amendments 16th-
                 throughout U.S. history.                                                                                                 8)   conservation
                                                                                                              19th, Literature
                  The need for natural                                                                                              1)   imperialism     1)   sensationalism
                   resources and new                                                                                                2)   war hawk        2)   unincorporated
                 markets fuels a nations                                                                                            3)   protectorate    3)   hegemony
                    desire to expand.                                                                                               4)   corollary       4)   racism
                                                                                                                                    5)   colonization    5)   paternalism
                    Natural resources                                                                                                                    6)   subjugation
                                                                                          Causes, Imperialist Presidents,
                 affect national power.                                                                                                                  7)   overproduction
                                                                                          Spanish American War (Cuba,
                                                                                                                                                         8)   pacifist
 January 24-27

                                                                                           Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa),
                   Globalization is an                                                                                                                   9)   morality
                                                                                          War in the Philippines, Colonial
                    evolving force                       How did economics motivate
                                                                                            Possessions, Anti Imperialists
                    presenting new         Imperialism      American expansion
                                                                                          (debate), Roosevelt Corollary
                   challenges to the                              overseas?
                                                                                          (Panama Canal, Great White
                     United States.
                                                                                                Fleet), Taft’s “Dollar
                                                                                           Diplomacy”, Wilson & Moral
                 Expansion has played
                  a crucial role in the
                  development of the
                   American nation.

                 Economics motivates
                    foreign policy

                                            Unit Test

                                                                                            General Causes, Alliances,        1)    alliance                  1)   ideological
                                                                                             America’s involvement,           2)    mobilization              2)   curtailment
                                                                                          Neutrality, Submarine Warfare,      3)    militarism                3)   abridgement
                                                                                            Zimmerman Note, Russian           4)    autocracy                 4)   infringement
                                                                                              Revolution (ideological         5)    ration                    5)   unrestricted
                                                              How does American
                                                                                          connection), America’s role in      6)    propaganda                       bonds
                                                         involvement in wars affect the
                                                                                           helping Allies win, The War at     7)    self-determination
 February 1-6

                                                                 home front?
                 Economics motivates                                                       Home (War Industries Board,        8)    armistice
                    foreign policy                                                          Mobilization, Propaganda,         9)    convoy
                                           World War I    How does American foreign
                                                                                             Anti-German sentiment,           10)   nationalism
                                                           policy evolve over time?
                                                                                           curtailment of Civil Liberties –
                                                                                             Schenk v. U.S. , women),
                                                         To what extent did practical
                                                                                          Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Fourteen
                                                          politics clash with idealism?
                                                                                            Points, self determination,
                                                                                           League of Nations, Treaty of
                                                                                          Versailles, Senate’s rejection of
                                                                                          the Treaty of Versailles (checks
                                                                                                   and balances)
                   The issue of race has                                                                The Red Scare, A. Mitchell      1)   anarchist              1)   secular
                     led to problems in                                                                 Palmer, Sacco & Vanzetti,       2)   fundamentalist         2)   credit
                    reaching American                                                                 Scopes Trial, Fundamentalism,     3)   supremacist            3)   nostrum
                           ideals.                                                                     Rise of KKK, Foreign Policy of   4)   isolationism           4)   conformity
                                                                                                      Isolationism, Warren Harding’s    5)   consumerism            5)   renaissance
  February 7-10                                                       To what extent was the 1920s
                     The quest for racial                                                              “Return to Normalcy”, Rise of    6)   normalcy
                                                                      marked by isolationism and a
                    and gender equality                                                               consumerism, new inventions,      7)   flapper
                                                                         betrayal of progressive
                   has strengthened and     1920’s “The business of                                  flappers, 19th amendment, The      8)   bootlegger
                         challenged          America is business”                                        Great Migration, Harlem        9)   speak easy
                        democracy.                                                                     Renaissance, clash between
                                                                      How did WWI affect American
                                                                                                          modern and traditional
                                                                                                       values, 18th amendment and
                                                                                                          effects of prohibition on
                                                                                                       American society Coolidge –
                                                                                                       pro big business & anti labor

                                             UNIT TEST ON WW1 &

                    Economics affect                                                                    Causes: high tariff, Stock      1)   hooverville       1)   deregulation
                   domestic policy and                                                                  Market Crash (buying on         2)   trickle down      2)   individualism
                    political decisions.                                                                  margin, speculation,          3)   interdependence   3)   diversification
                                                                                                     deregulation of stock market),     4)   hobo              4)   deficit
  February 27-28

                                                                                                     inequality of wealth, excesses     5)   tramp             5)   inequity
                                                                        How do various factors        of consumer culture, buying                              6)   disparity
                                              Great Depression          contribute to economic         on credit, overproduction
                                                                                 crises?                 (including agricultural
                                                                                                      produce), Dust Bowl, lack of
                                                                                                     diversity in American business,
                                                                                                      world phenomenon, Herbert
                                                                                                         Hoover’s indirect relief,
                      Economics affect                                                                     Election of 1932, Franklin D.     1)   welfare               1)   liberal

February 29 -March
                     domestic policy and                                                                    Roosevelt, The New Deal,         2)   Keynesian             2)   conservative
                      political decisions.                                                                 Relief, Recovery & Reform,        3)   National debt         3)   coalition
                                                                                                           AAA, NIRA, FDIC, SEC, Bank        4)   GDP                   4)   demagogue
                                             The New Deal/ thematic      How did the role of the
                                                                                                           Holiday, Fireside Chats, The                                 5)   revenue
         2                                     or DBQ essay on the    federal government change
                                                                                                            Second New Deal, Social
                                                    New Deal          as a result of national crises?
                                                                                                             Security, Supreme Court
                                                                                                          Packing of 1937, Criticisms of
                                                                                                             the New Deal (liberal &
                      Globalization is an                                                                 Causes, Neutrality Acts, Cash      1)   fascism               1)   refugee
                       evolving force                                                                     & Carry Act, Lend-Lease Act,       2)   totalitarianism       2)   genocide
                       presenting new                                                                           Destroyers for Bases,        3)   appeasement           3)   internment
                      challenges to the                                                                   Appeasement, Pearl Harbor,         4)   blitzkrieg            4)   civil liberties
    March 5-9

                        United States.                                   How does United States             Allies, Axis, Two Front War      5)   carpet bombing
                                                  World War II        foreign policy shift as a result         (European & Pacific),         6)   island hopping
                     Economics motivates                                of international conflict?            Homefront – rationing,         7)   war crime
                        foreign policy                                                                   internment camps, Korematsu
                                                                                                            v. U.S., women and labor,
                                                                                                         African Americans – Double V
                                                                                                            Campaign, Zoot Suit Riots

                                              1920s-WWII Midterm

                      Globalization is an                                                                Cold War – Yalta Conference,        1)   containment           1)   conformity
                       evolving force                                                                       United Nations, Potsdam          2)   collective security   2)   consensus
    March 14-16

                       presenting new                                      How do ideological               Conference, Manhattan            3)   McCarthyism           3)   partition
                      challenges to the                                    differences lead to           Project + dropping of atomic        4)   Blacklist             4)   pact
                                             The Cold War & Truman
                        United States.                                   international tensions?          bomb, Iron Curtain, Marshall                                  5)   deterrence
                                                                                                         Plan, George Kennan, Truman
                                                                                                           Doctrine, NATO v. Warsaw
                                                                                                         Pact, Berlin Airlift, Korean War,
                                                                                                               General MacArthur

                                                                           How do ideological            Brinkmanship, Vietnam, John
    March 19

                                                 The Cold War &            differences lead to               Foster Dulles, Massive
                                                   Eisenhower            international tensions?         Retaliation, Suez Canal Crises,
                                                                                                            Domino Theory, Military
                                                                                                               Industrial Complex
              The issue of race has                                                                                                   1)   baby boom        1)   counterculture
                led to problems in                                                                                                    2)   counterculture   2)   integration
               reaching American                                                                                                      3)   desegregation    3)   per capita
                                                                                                     1954 NAACP + Brown, Rosa
                      ideals.                                    How did African Americans in                                         4)   youth culture    4)   boycott
                                                                                                       Parks + Montgomery Bus
                                                                  the United States challenge                                         5)   sit-in
                                                                                                   Boycott, Emmet Till, Little Rock
              “We the People” is an                                 discriminatory laws and                                           6)   rally
March 20-23
                                                                                                    9, MLK Jr, SLCC, SNCC, sit-ins
              emerging concept in        1950’s Civil Rights                policies?
               the United States of          Movement,
                                                                                                   1950’s culture of conformity,
                    America.           Culture/Counterculture    To what extent did a culture
                                                                                                    suburbanization, the man in
                                                                 of consensus and conformity
                                                                                                   the grey flannel suit, keeping
                The quest for racial                                 emerge after WWII?
                                                                                                         up with the Jones,
               and gender equality
                                                                                                      counterculture and Beat
              has strengthened and
                                                                                                        Generation, women

              Electoral politics are                                                                                                  1) brinkmanship       1) telegenic
              driven by the contest                                                                 1960 Election, first televised    2) domino theory      2) mandate
March 26-27

                  for the center.                                 What role does media play in      debate, mandate, Richard          3) arms race
                                       1960’s JFK – Foreign &
                                                                 the national election process?     Nixon, NASA, Peace Corps,
              Expansion has played                                                                  New Frontier, Space Race,
               a crucial role in the                                                                 Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile
               development of the                                                                         Crisis, Vietnam
                American nation.
              “We the People” is an                                                                Great Society, War on Poverty,     1) health care        1) escalation
              emerging concept in                                                                   Civil Rights Act 1964, Voting     2) conscientious      2) resolution
               the United States of                                                                 Rights Act 1965, Civil Rights     objector
                    America.                                                                          Act 1968, Gulf of Tonkin        3) environmentalism
                                                                  What are the challenges of          Resolution, Escalation of       4) feminism
              The issue of race has                                 attempting to reform            Vietnam War, Tet Offensive,
March 28-30

                led to problems in     1960’s LBJ – Domestic &    domestic policy while also           My Lai Massacre, 1968
               reaching American         Foreign/1960’s Civil    engaging in foreign conflict?     Democratic Convention (LBJ’s
                      ideals.             Rights Movement                                          drops out of race, Humphrey)
                                                                  Why did the tenor of the Civil
                The quest for racial                                 Rights Movement grow           Civil Rights legislation (see
               and gender equality                               increasing vigilant throughout       above), MLK, March on
              has strengthened and                                          the 1960s?             Washington, Children’s March,
                    challenged                                                                       Birmingham, X, Nation of
                   democracy.                                                                        Islam, Black Power, Black
                                                                                                         Panthers, race riots,
                                                                                                    assassination of MLK and X
                                          Review and Test

                                                                                                  1968 Election, Vietnamization,       1) détente                1) pardon
                                                                                                            Kissinger and              2) stagflation            2) amnesty
               Electoral politics are                                                               Realpolitik/détente, SALT I,       3) Pentagon               3) proliferate
               driven by the contest                                                              Bombing of Cambodia (Kent                                      4) incumbent
                   for the center.                                                                State), War Powers Act 1973,                                   5) dissident
 April 16-20

                                                                                                    Pentagon Papers, US v. NY                                    6) resignation
                                        1970’s – Nixon, Ford,      How can we trace the
               Economics motivates                                                                Times, Watergate, US v Nixon,                                  7) injunction
                                               Carter           reasons behind foreign policy
                  foreign policy                                                                  Ford and pardoning of Nixon,
                                                                  shifts in American history?
                                                                                                     W.I.N., Carter and human
                                                                                                  rights, Camp David Accords,
                                                                                                      1979 Soviet invasion of
                                                                                                  Afghanistan (end of détente),
                                                                                                    failure to rescue American
                                                                                                          hostages in Iran
                                                                How does the mobilization of                                           1)   Reaganomics             1) sanctions
                 Shifts in national                             certain cultural attitudes lead                                        2)   Conservatism            2) terrorism
                                                                                                  Moral Majority, Conservatism,
                culture determine                                 to powerful voting blocs?                                            3)   Contra                  3) evangelical
 April 23-25

                                                                                                  Reaganomics, Iran Hostages
                election outcomes         1980’s – Reagan                                                                              4)   Sandinista
                                                                                                   released, Iran Contra Affair,
                                            Revolution            How does economic and                                                5)   anti-ballistic
                                                                                                  small government, increased
                                                                foreign policy ideology affect                                              missiles
                                                                                                    national debt, “star wars”,
               American economic                                    presidential decisions?
                                                                                                  Gorbachev, “the evil empire”
               policy changes over
               Economics motivates                                                                                                     1) NATO                      1)   disintegrate
                   foreign policy                                                                                                      2) New World Order           2)   recession
                                                                                                   1989 fall of Berlin Wall, 1991
 April 26-30

                                                                                                                                                                    3)   collapse
                                                                                                    Soviet Union disintegrates,
                                           1990’s – Bush        What role do economics play                                                                         4)   liberation
                                                                                                   Persian Gulf War, economic
                                                                 in presidential popularity?                                                                        5)   regime
                                                                                                  recession and the election of

                Globalization is an                                                                 Whitewater, Monicagate,            1)   ethnic cleansing        1) moderate
                 evolving force                                                                     Welfare Reform, Don’t Ask          2)   globalization           2) surplus
                 presenting new                                                                    Don’t Tell/ gays in military, tax   3)   hate crime              3) ostentation
 May 1-4

                                                                     How are checks and
                challenges to the         1990’s – Clinton                                        reform/budget surplus, NAFTA,        4)   The New Economy
                                                                  balances exercised in the
                  United States.                                                                  Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia/Black        5)   domestic terrorism
                                                                   impeachment process?
                                                                                                  Hawk Down, Palestinian/Israeli
               Economics motivates                                                                   peace talks, Good Friday
                  foreign policy                                                                   Agreement, Rise of Dot Coms
           Electoral politics are                 How does the government’s                                      1)insurgency         1) contested
                                                                                      Election of 2000 –
           driven by the contest                  role change during times of                                    2) enemy combatant   2) patriotic
                                                                                contested/settled in Supreme

May 7-11
               for the center.                          national crises?                                         3) Taliban           3) occupation
                                                                                Court, 9/11, War on Terrorism,
                                    2000 – Bush                                                                  4) Al Qaeda          4) relief
                                                                                     Patriot Act, War in
                                                      How does growth in
                                                                                  Afghanistan, War in Iraq,
                                                    technology change the
                                                                                  Hurricane Katrina, FEMA,
                                                      political, social, and
                                                                                         Internet Age
                                                  economic fabric of America?

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