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Minors Certificates Offered through CLAS by warwar123


									    CLAS Advising Center: Spring/Summer 2010                                                        Last update: 10/12/09

       Courses Fulfilling Campuswide General Education Requirements
                            (Beginning Fall 2005. Not all courses available in current semester.)

FUNDAMENTAL LITERACIES                                            COMMON CORE
WRITING                                                           ARTS, AESTHETICS, & CREATIVITY
ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition (grade of C or higher)             CMLT, ENG, FINA, MUS, THTR, etc.:
ENG-W140 Honors Elem Composition (gr. of C or higher)               A 190 OR A 399
                                                                  LITERARY AND INTELLECTUAL TRADITIONS
CRITICAL THINKING                                                   CMLT, ENG, FINA, HIST, MUS, PHIL, THTR, etc.:
ENG-W 270 Argumentative Writing (restricted: EDUC students)         T 190 OR T 390
HPSC-X 200 Scientific Reasoning                                     Non-standard designates: ENG-T 191/192
PHIL-P 105 Thinking and Reasoning                                 HUMAN BEHAVIOR & SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS
PHIL-P 110 Introduction to Philosophy                               ANTH, POLS, PSY, SOC, WOST, etc.:
PHIL-P 150 Elementary Logic                                         B 190 OR B 399
PHIL-P250 Introductory Symbolic Logic                             THE NATURAL WORLD
POLS-Y 201 Controversies in U.S. Politics (replaces Y 100)          ANTH, AST, BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS, etc.:
PSY-P 211 Methods of Experimental Psychology                        N 190 OR N 390
SPCH-S 228 Argumentation and Debate
                                                                  CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL VALUES
SPCH S-121 Public Speaking                                        NON-WESTERN CULTURES (Crosslisted Course)
                                                                  ANTH-A 250 Anthropology in the Modern World
VISUAL LITERACY                                                   ANTH-A 385 Topics in Anthropology
EDUC-W 200 Microcomputing for Education: An Introduction                  VT: Contemporary Chinese Society
       (approval pending)                                                 VT: Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations
ENG-W 315 Writing for the Web                                             VT: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America (NEW)
ENG-W369 Writing for Multiple Media                               ANTH-A 460 Topics in Anthropolgy (SOC-S 410, same VT)
FINA-A 109 Ways of Seeing (replaces FINA-A 100. NOTE: In                  VT: Deep Mexico: It’s Influence Past & Present
            spring 2006 only, course number was: FINA-A 190.)     ANTH-E 105 Culture and Society
INFO-I 310 Multimedia Arts and Technology                         ANTH-E 300 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
JOUR-J 210 Visual Communication                                   ANTH-E 310 Introduction to the Cultures of Africa
THTR-T 228 Design for the Theatre                                 ANTH-E 320 Indians of North America
                                                                  ANTH-E 321 Peoples of Mexico
QUANTITATIVE REASONING                                            ANTH-E 323 Indians of Indiana
Level 6 math placement, or:                                       ANTH-E 335 Ancient Civilization of Mesoamerica
MATH-K 300 Statistical Techniques for Health Professions          ANTH-E 365 Women and Power
MATH-K 310 Statistical Techniques                                 ANTH-E 391 Women in Developing Countries (WOST-E 391)
MATH-M 111 Mathematics in the World                               ANTH-E 397 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
MATH-M 115 Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry (5cr.)                   ANTH-E 402 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics                                     ANTH-P 398 The Rise of Civilization
MATH-M 119 Brief Survey of Calculus I                             EALC-E 271 20th Century Japanese Culture
MATH-M 125 Pre-Calculus Mathematics (3cr.)                        FINA-A 300 Topics in Art History
        and MATH-M 126 Trigonometric Functions (2cr.)                     VT: Intro to Non-Western Art
MATH-M 208 Technical Calculus I                                   HIST-C 391 History of Medieval Near East
MATH-M 209 Technical Calculus II                                  HIST-G 300 Issues in Asian History
MATH-M 215 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (5cr.)                HIST-G 369 Modern Japan
MATH-M 216 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (5cr.)               HIST-H 207 Modern East Asian Civilization
NURS-H 355 Data Analysis in Clinical Practice and Health          HIST-H 237 Traditional East Asian Civilization
        Care Research                                             HIST-W 300 Issues in World History
SOC-S 351 Social Statistics                                               VT: Intro to Islamic Civilization
                                                                  MUS-M 375 Survey of Ethnic and Pop Music of the World—
                                                                          (approval pending)
COAS-Q 110 Introduction to Information Literacy (1cr.)
                                                                  PHIL-P 283 Non Western Philosophy
COMPUTER LITERACY                                                 PHIL-P 374 Early Chinese Philosophy
BUS-K 201 The Computer in Business                                PHIL-P 383 Topics in Philosophy
CSCI-A 106 Introduction to Computing                                      VT: Non Western Philosophy
CSCI-A 107 Programming within Applications (4cr.)                 POLS-Y 107 Intro to Comparative Politics
CSCI-A 201 Introduction to Programming (4cr.)                     POLS-Y 109 Intro to International Relations
CSCI-C 101 Computer Programming I (4cr.)                          POLS-Y 324 Women and Politics (WOST-W 301)
CSCI-C 201 Computer Programming II (4cr.)                         POLS-Y 330 Central American Politics
FINA-P 273 Computer Art and Design 1                              POLS-Y 337 Latin American Politics
INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics (4cr.)                     POLS-Y 343 Developmental Problems in the Third World
INFO-I 210 Information Infrastructure I (4cr.)                    REL-R 153 Religions of the East
INFO-I 211 Information Infrastructure II (4cr.)                   SOC-S 362 World Societies and Cultures
CLAS Advising Center: Spring/Summer 2010                                                          Last update: 10/12/09

        VT: Costa Rica (on-site)                                   HEALTH & WELLNESS (2 credit minimum required)
        VT: Mexico (on-site)                                       EDUC-M 359 Health and Wellness for Teachers (2cr.)
SOC-S 410 Topics in Social Organization                            HPER-E 190 Yoga 1 (1cr) (plus any 1cr HPER course)
        VT: Gender and Work in the Global Economy                  HPER-N 220 Nutrition for Health (3cr.)
        VT: Deep Mexico: Its Influence Past & Present              NURS-B 108 Personal Health and Wellness
           (ANTH-A 460, same VT)                                          (1cr) (plus any 1cr HPER course)
        VT: International Inequalities                             NURS-B 233 Health and Wellness (4cr.)
SPAN-S 275 Hispanic Culture and Conversation                       SPEA-H 120 Contemporary Health Issues
TEL-R 404 Topical Seminar in Telecommunication                     THTR-D 110 Social Dance (2cr.)
        VT: Japan, Asia, & the World in Media                      THTR-D 111 Intro to Latin Dance (2cr.) (NEW)
WOST-W 301 International Perspectives on Women (POLS-Y324)         THTR-D 115 Modern Dance I (2cr.)
WOST-E 391 Women in Developing Countries (ANTH-E 391)              THTR-D 120 Ballet I (2cr.)
WOST-W 400 Topics in Women's Studies                               THTR-D 130 Flamenco I (2cr.)
        VT: Gender and Work in Global Economy                      THTR-D 140 Jazz Dance I (2cr.)
                                                                   THTR-D 150 Middle Eastern Dance I (2cr.)
DIVERSITY IN U.S. SOCIETY                                          THTR-D 215 Modern Dance II (2cr.)
AFRO-A 150 Survey of the Culture of Black Americans                THTR-D 220 Ballet II (2cr.)
ANTH-A 385 Topics in Anthropology                                  THTR-D 230 Flamenco Dance II (2cr.)
        VT: Asian Immigrant Communities in the US                  THTR-D 240 Jazz Dance II (2cr.)
ANTH-A 460 Topics in Anthropology                                  THTR-D 250 Middle Eastern Dance II (2cr.)
        VT: Archaeology of Ethnicity in America
ANTH-E 380 Urban Anthropology
CMLT-C 253 Third World and Black American Films
EDUC-H 340 Education and U.S. Culture
ENG-L 370 Recent Black American Writing
ENG-L 379 American Ethnic and Minority Literature
HIST-H 105 American History I (or honors HIST-S 105)
HIST-H 106 American History II (or honors HIST-S 106)
HIST-A 352 History of Latinos in the U.S.
HIST-A 355 Afro-American History to the 1890s
HIST-A 356 Afro-American History, 1890s to the Present
HIST-H 260 The History of Women in the U.S. (WOST-H260)
LSTU-L 110 Labor and Society (NEW)
LSTU-L 390 Labor in U.S. History (NEW)
POLS-Y 329 Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States
PSY-P 391 Psychology of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
        (WOST-P 391)
REL-R 160 Religion and American Culture
SOC-S 161 Principles of Sociology (or honors SOC-S 160)
SOC-S 163 Social Problems
SOC-S 306 Urban Society
SOC-S 316 Sociology of the Family
SOC-S 317 Inequality
SOC-S 335 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC-S 338 Sociology of Gender Roles (WOST-S 338)
SOC-S 360 Topics in Social Policy VT: Law and Society
SOC-S 410 Topics in Social Organization VT: International
          Inequalities (taken prior to fall 2008 only)
WOST-W 100 Gender Studies
WOST-W 201 Women in Culture: Intro to Women’s Studies
        VT: Race, Class, Ethnicity: Confronting Biases
WOST-H 260 The History of Women in the U.S. (HIST-H260)
WOST-S 338 Sociology of Gender Roles (SOC-S 338)
WOST-P 391 Psychology of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity (PSY-P 391)

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