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					s t o c k                                 c e r t i f i c a t e s
Throughout its history, American Bank Note Company           The use of intaglio printing and our own special inks

has been an industry leader in the printing of stock         and papers protect against the threat of counterfeiters.

certificates. Because the requirements for designing         In addition, the finished documents are subject to

and printing stock certificates are so stringent, very few   strict quality control, serial numbering, and secure

companies in the world meet the standard. American           storage and distribution.

Bank Note Company is proud to be one of the few. We

have earned the confidence and trust of thousands of         At American Bank Note Company, we recognize that

companies, producing a majority of the corporate             a stock certificate is more than just a financial

securities issued on the New York Stock Exchange,            document. Whenever a stock certificate is issued, a

NASDAQ, and the American Stock Exchange.                     relationship is established between the corporation

                                                             and its shareholders. The document should reflect

In addition to meeting the specifications for stock          the value of this relationship, as well as the integrity of

certificate documents, American Bank Note Company            the company. That’s why we refuse to compromise

offers unrivaled security and beauty in its finished         on any aspect of our production process. We are

product. The design of every stock certificate               committed to producing a stock certificate that is

contains hand-engraved vignettes by our master               unmatched in quality and security. Our company has

craftsmen. We also incorporate intricate and detailed        been printing stock certificates for more than 200

borders and backgrounds into every certificate.              years. We welcome the opportunity to print yours.

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