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									Offer to Mediate
Court proceedings can be timely, costly and tedious. Mediation is a cost effective
alternative to the court system that efficiently and expeditiously resolved disputes. This
Offer to Mediate is a template that can be used to send to an opposing party of a
dispute to offer to mediate the parties’ differences rather than resorting to a typical
lawsuit. Customize the information of the parties, what the dispute is about, the number
of days the other party has to respond, and more. This template can be used by
individuals or small businesses that rather mediate a dispute than submit it to the
traditional court system.
                 ___________ [Instructions: Insert the name of the offering party]
                          ___________ [Instructions: Insert Address 1]
                          ___________ [Instructions: Insert Address 2]

                                                         ________________ [Instructions: Insert the date]

________________ [Instructions: Insert the name of other party]
________________ [Instructions: Insert Address 1]
________________ [Instructions: Insert Address 2]

         RE:      Offer to Mediate

Dear ___________________: [Instructions: Insert the other party’s name]

        As you know, we are in a dispute involving _________________________.
[Instructions: Insert what dispute is about] If we cannot resolve our dispute, one of us will
likely be forced to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits are expensive and give the decision making power to a
judge or jury. Proceeding with a lawsuit would likely lead to each of us to paying large sums of
money for an uncertain result. Before we go down that path, I propose that we mediate our

        In case you are unfamiliar with mediation, it is a confidential way that parties can resolve
their disputes without giving the decision making power to a judge or jury. Mediation involves a
neutral third-party mediator who helps the parties communicate and works with the parties with
the end-goal of reaching mutually agreeable terms that resolve the dispute. While mediation is
voluntary, and does not always result in the resolution of a dispute, it often produces outcomes
that are unavailable through litigation and might allow us to avoid litigation altogether.

        At your earliest possible convenience, please respond, in writing, indicating whether you
are interested in mediating our dispute. Please be advised that in the event that, within
___________ (____) days [Instructions: Insert the number of days] from the date of this letter,
I have not received confirmation of your interest in mediating this dispute, I may immediately,
and without further notice, pursue all of my legal and equitable rights and remedies with respect
to the contents hereof.

        Please note that the foregoing is not intended to be a full and complete statement of the
facts and circumstances attendant to this matter. Nothing contained herein or omitted herefrom
shall be deemed to be an admission of any fact or a waiver or relinquishment of any of my rights
and remedies, in equity or at law, all of which are expressly reserved.

                                                        Very truly yours,

                                                        ___________ [Instructions: Insert Name]

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