Demand for Payment of Attorneys' Fees


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									Demand for Payment of
Attorneys’ Fees
Collecting attorneys’ fees from a losing party in a case can be a tedious and lengthy
process. This template courteously and professionally demands payment from a losing
party to a case that was ordered to pay the attorneys’ fees of the victor. Customize the
information of the parties, the case information, the fee amount, and more. This
template is ideal for individuals or small businesses that want to demand prompt
payment of attorneys’ fees from a defeated party.
                      ___________________ [Instructions: Insert the firm name]
                       ___________________ [Instructions: Insert the attorney’s name]
                        ___________________ [Instructions: Insert address 1]
                        ___________________ [Instructions: Insert address 2]

                                                          _______________ [Instructions: Insert the date]

_____________________ [Instructions: Insert the Debtor’s name]
_____________________ [Instructions: Insert address 1]
_____________________ [Instructions: Insert address 2]

         RE:      Demand for Payment of Attorneys’ Fees

Dear _______________________: [Instructions: Insert the Debtor’s name]

        As you know, on ___________________, [Instructions: Insert the judgment date]
judgment was entered against you in the case ___________ v. ___________, et al. [Instructions:
Insert the case name] Case No. ___________ [Instructions: Insert the case number] in my
client’s favor (the “Judgment”). The Judgment included an award of attorneys’ fees and costs in
the amount of ___________ Dollars ($____) [Instructions: Insert the amount] (the “Attorneys’
Fee Award”) payable to ___________________ [Instructions: Insert the firm name] (the
“Firm”). A copy of the Judgment is enclosed for your reference.

       The purpose of this letter is to demand the prompt and full payment of the Attorneys’ Fee
Award. In the event you fail to pay the entire Attorneys’ Fee Award within ___________ (____)
days [Instructions: Insert the number of days] from the date of this letter (the “Payment
Deadline Date”), the Firm will immediately, and without further notice to you, pursue all of the
Firm’s available legal and equitable rights and remedies to collect the entire Attorneys’ Fee
Award, including, but not limited to, recording a lien on your real property, garnishing your
wages, levying your bank accounts, and repossessing your personal property. Should the Firm
be forced to resort to such formal collection procedures, you will be liable for all collection costs

       It is in your best interest to pay the Attorneys’ Fee Award as quickly as possible to avoid
such costs and interest. The Firm will refrain from initializing formal collection procedures until
the Payment Deadline Date to allow you time to make sufficient payment arrangements.

                                                        Very truly yours,

                                                        ___________ [Instructions: Insert Judgment
                                                        Creditor’s Attorney’s Name],
                                                        ___________ [Instructions: Insert Judgment
                                                        Creditor’s Attorney’s Firm Name]

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