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                Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championship Tournament


Please complete this bid form as an official application to host the NWAACC Men’s and
Women’s Tennis Championship Tournament. The completed bid form must be returned
to the NWAACC office by January 10, 2013 . The NWAACC office will entertain bid
offers from NWAACC member colleges as well as outside agencies such as sports
commissions, visitor and convention bureaus, and other non-educational organizations.
Bids can come in the form of one, two, or three year bids with special consideration
given to three year bids.

Please be advised that after appropriate review, possible site visits, and discussion with
the NWAACC Executive Board, a contract shall be offered to the selected host school
or other agency based upon the terms and conditions of this bid. If you have any
questions relative to the completion of this bid, please contact Marco Azurdia,
NWAACC Executive Director at:
                              C/O Clark College TBG 121
                               1933 Fort Vancouver Way,
                            Vancouver, Washington, 98663

Submitted by: ___________________________Date:_________________

Position: _______________________________


Phone Number:__________________________


Bid Years: ___2013         ___2014       ___2015       ___2016

Site selection, control, management and sponsorship of all NWAACC tournaments,
events and playoffs for entry into NWAACC tournaments shall be vested in the
Executive Board by the NWAACC. Site selection will be based upon the review of
submitted proposals from individual member colleges and recommendations from
various sports committees. The Executive Board shall have the authority to evaluate
tournament bids which extend multiple years and result in a selection which varies from

a specific sport rotation. This rule shall supersede any conflicting languages in the
Bylaws under specific sports.

The Men’s and Women’s NWAACC Tennis Championship Tournaments as mandated
by the NWAACC will typically be held the second weekend in May.

In submitting this bid, the prospective host site acknowledges the following NWAACC
policies by initialing the box in front of each section:

    NWAACC Obligations:
          A. NWAACC is responsible for approving a tournament director

              Director will interpret and enforce all aspects of the NWAACC Rules and
              Policies, which govern the tournament.

          B. NWAACC will provide $500-$750 to help advertise the tournament.

          C. NWAACC will provide all appropriate awards.

          D. NWAACC will assist the host to provide support staff for the event

          E. NWAACC will provide photographic, biographical and background
              information as available on competing participants.

          F. NWAACC will verify that all participants are eligible.

          G. NWAACC will work with the host to secure adequate lodging for
              participants and spectators.

          H. The host will be responsible for the printing and distribution of all
              tournament credentials with approval from NWAACC. The host
              acknowledges and agrees that NWAACC retains sole discretion over
              credentials issued for the field of play.

          I. Income from admission and program sales shall go to the NWAACC.

 Host Obligations:
      A. The host will ensure that the current USTA, NCAA, NWAACC rules are
          followed completely for the tournament, and any variance from these
          procedures must be approved by the NWAACC and the meet director.

      B. The host will nominate for NWAACC approval a qualified person to serve
          as tournament director.

      C. The host will provide NWAACC with an event budget which must be
          approved by the NWAACC. The host agrees not to make any changes to
          the approved event budget regarding both projected revenues as well as
          estimated expenses without the approval of NWAACC. NWAACC will
          not unreasonably withhold its approval and, in the event of disapproval,
          will provide the host with the reason for its disapproval. The host also
          recognizes NWAACC’s interest and right to have a working knowledge
          of the event budget.

      D. The host will provide a competition venue for two (2) days of

      E. The host will provide help to set up equipment, which will be supervised.

      G. The host will work with the NWAACC to provide adequate hotel space for
  competitors at a room rate approved by NWAACC. Red Lion is a major
  corporate sponsor of the NWAACC and if there is a Red Lion in the area they are
  the host hotel.

      H. The host will guarantee an amount of $________ to the NWAACC to
          host the event.

          I. The host will provide information on transportation arrangements,
              including maps, for all participants.

          J. The host will make available at least one athletic trainer, to be present
              for all competition for the duration of the event.

          K. The host will provide an emergency first aid facility and first aid supplies
              on site during all training and competition sessions.

          L. The host will work jointly with the NWAACC to produce an event

          M. The host will provide personnel to adequately staff this event. This
              includes, but not limited to, providing all auxiliary personnel, such as
              scorekeepers, timers, clerical support, runners, etc.

          N. The host will work jointly with NWAACC in the development of a
              comprehensive advertising campaign. This should include, but are not
              limited to, collateral materials, television, radio, print and outdoor

Event income shall be defined as all income derived by the host from program
advertising, program sales, concessions sales/commission, merchandise sales, and
approved local sponsorships / donations.


    Program Advertising                                                      ______

    Program Sales                                                            ______

    Concession Stand Sales/Commission                                        ______

    Merchandise Sales                                                        ______

    Local Sponsorships/Donations

   Hotel Rebate                                             ______

   Other                                                    ______

   Total Anticipated Income                                 ______

    Estimated Expenses as of: Date

      Administrative (software, supplies, phone, etc.)




      Equipment (Communications, Sound, etc.)

      Facilities Fees

      Additional facility – seating, electric hookups



      Marketing Expenses


      Staffing Costs (gate, field, etc.)

      T-shirts for Staff

      Video Personnel



                                           Total Expenses

    1. Local Organizing Committee Data

  A. Name of Organization: ______________________________________
  B. Athletic Director/ President / CEO:
  C. Meet Director for this Event:
  D. Address:
  E. Telephone: _______________ Fax: ____________ Cell:___________
  F. Staff size:
  G. Funding sources of organization:
  I. Convention & Visitor Bureau liaison:
  J. Track and Field Community liaison:
2. Community Data

  A. Name of city:
  B. Name of facility: ___________________________________________

  C. Address of facility:__________________________________________
  D. Primary industry / major corporations:
  E. Distance from hotels to arena: _________________________________

  F. Name of host Red Lion hotel:__________________________________

  G. Distance of hotel to venue:_________ #Rooms:________ Rates:______

  H. How many tennis organizations are there in the area from which to obtain
     volunteers and support? _________________

  I. Are there service organizations, other sport organizations or other civic
     groups, which would be willing to assist in the organization and promotion of
     this event?
             Yes                ___No
     If yes, please list below and their role:
     1. ______________________________________________________



     2. ______________________________________________________



       3.         __________________________________________________



  J. Explain support for the championship event from the following sources:

     Local Community College:_____________________________________

     NWAACC Regions:__________________________________________

     Local CC Booster Club:_______________________________________

  K. Are activities going on in your community that would interfere with a

     successful championship event?________________________________

  L. Is there adequate and nearby parking?___________________________

  M. Please explain estimated local sponsorship/advertising that will enable you to
     fulfill your guarantee commitment.



  N. How do you plan on promoting the NWAACC Men’s and Women’s Tennis
     Championship Tournament?______________________________________


        A. Name of Facility:___________________________________

        B. Ownership of Facility:_______________________________

        C. Please Check Items You Are Able to Provide:

            1.    ___   Registration Area
            2.    ___   Hospitality Area
            3.    ___   Restrooms
            4.    ___   Concessions
            5.    ___   Adequate Scoring System
            6.    ___   Public Address System
            7.    ___   Technology for Multiple Media Outlets
            8.    ___   Scoring Area
            9.    ___   Adequate Parking
            10.   ___
            11.   ___
            12.   ___
            13.   ___

I understand that this bid material for the NWAACC Men’s and Women’s Tennis
Tournament contains current information concerning the competition format and all
agreements. This information is subject to change and could affect the terms in a final
contract. All changes are subject to review by both parties.
Submitted by:


Printed Name                                    Date



Title                                           Telephone


Organization                                    Telephone - Evening


Fax Number                                     Cellular Phone or Pager Number

E-mail address

Please provide the following items with your bid packet:

   1.     Pictures of the courts
   2.     Pictures of parking area.
   3.     Pictures of seating area.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of this packet, please contact Marco
Azurdia at 360-992-2510 or via email at


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