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					Day Opportunities
    in Ealing
        Partnership Board
         February 2009
What is happening?

 Working with everyone to change
  day services and make them

 Supporting families and carers

 Finding out what works well in
  other places
Support people so that they can:

   Work
   Train
   Learn
   Enjoy themselves

in the same places and at the same times as
    everybody else.
What have people said?

People have said:

   We want jobs
   We want to be in our communities
   We want our own businesses
   We want accessible places
   No more big centres
 Ealing already has high numbers of people with learning
  disabilities in employment compared to other authorities –
  146 people in paid employment,
  125 people in unpaid employment or
  work experience.

 Good range of community           and   employment-related
  activities in voluntary sector.
Employment – what’s next?
Learning Curve have done great work
in getting people into jobs – can people
from centres make better use of this?

We are setting up a social firms
working group – this will look at good
ideas for new social firms and report
in four months time.
We are working with partners in education.
How many people with learning disabilities go to college?

   27     people from Stirling Road

    6     people from Carlton Road

   12     people from Cowgate

College sessions also take place in Carlton Road and Cowgate.
Learning – what’s next?

Education and social services are meeting on April 3rd and
we are discussing:

How to get more support for people into mainstream classes
What to do after college
What types of courses people want do
How people can progress
Making more links between employment and education
Accessing the Community
Stirling   Most people spend more
Road       than 50% of their time out
           of the centre.

Cowgate 43% of the sessions are in
        the community
Social and Leisure
The Resource Directory
It will include specialist services for people with
learning disabilities.

But also things like:

Places of worship
Community centres
Places to visit etc
Ealing Council is recruiting two quality
checkers to work in the day centres –
they are paid jobs for people with
learning disabilities.They will be in post
by the end of March and will report to
the day opportunities project manager.

There will be a user advisory group for
the project manager – by the end of

There will be a carer advisory group
for the project manager – by the end of
Good ideas outside Ealing
 People visited Thurrock and were excited by
  what they saw

 We will have an event on May 12th at the
  Dominion centre in Southall with people from
  Thurrock and the Valuing People Support Team
Recent News:
Two important pieces of urgent work:

 Saving Impact Theatre Group.

 Improving things at Carlton Road.
A New Home for
Impact Theatre
 Hanwell Community Centre is closing for at least a year for

 Working in partnership with Impact we have found a new
  home for the theatre group at Stirling Road.

 We are making changes to the building at Stirling Road so
  they can move in on March 20th.
Improvements at Carlton Road

 We built a new timetable to make sure everyone will
  have many more chances to get out and do their
  favourite things.

 1.   Gardening
 2.   Women’s beauty group
 3.   Travel group
 4.   Exercise and movement
 5.   Sports
 6.   Cook and eat
 7.   Computer and games
The Future of the Centres
We will discuss the future of the centres with service users
and carers before making changes. We will ask questions like:
Do we want small local bases or something like we have now?

Do we want to keep a special centre for people with
profound disabilities or for people to mix together?
Do people like travelling or do they want to stay local?
How can we spend less on buildings and transport and more
on support staff so that people can be in their communities?
 Good day opportunities are vital to enable whole families
  to live the lives they wish to lead.

 Day Opportunities should enable a person to do the things
  they want to do, but they should help the rest of their
  family to lead the lives they want to lead as well.

 This will always be in our thinking as we make changes to
  day services.

 We will make sure day services link with short breaks and
  other services to make sure we give full family support.

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