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January - Red River Basin Commission



                                       Red River Basin Commission
RRBC US Office:                                20 January 2011                                            RRBC Canada Office:
119 5th St, PO Box 66              Ramada Plaza—Annual Summit Conference                                    206-309 Hargrave St
Moorhead, MN 56561-0066                           Fargo, ND                                               Winnipeg MB R3B 2J8
T. 218-291-0422/ F. 218-291-0438                                                               T. 204-982-7250/ F. 204-982-7255

                                              BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Board Members: Herm Martens, Jon Evert, Joe Belford, Kurtiss Krasnesky, Jeff Browaty, Derek Crompton, Muriel
Smith, Ron Olsowski, Lee Klapprodt, Jim Lyons, Shane Walock, Henry VanOffelen, Bud Oliver, Hank Enns, Art
Petkau, Hank Ludtke, Ben Varnson, Tim Meehl, John Jaschke, Colleen Sklar, Curt Johnassen, Jake Gust, and
Stephanie Miranowski. At IRRB meeting: Dan Wilkens, Dwight Williamson, Dennis Fewless, and Steve Topping.
Others: Robin Gislason, Jacque Radke, and Lance Yohe.
Meeting Goals:
    1.         RRBC: Introduce New Board Delegates and Alternates
    2.         RRBC: Quick update on key activities: Trans-Boundary & LTFS Project.
    3.         Announce New AWEP funds of $1,907,086
    4.         Administrative: Board Officers and New Signatories for 2011.
Call to Order: RRBC Chair Martens called the meeting to order.
1) Welcome & Introductions
      a) New Board Members: Martens had everyone introduce themselves.
2) Approval of Agenda: M/S/C Evert/Smith to approve the agenda with one addition (Executive Committee
      members under new business).
3) Citizens Comments: There were no citizens requesting time for comments at the meeting.
4) Approval of Minutes: M/S/C Oliver/Ludtke to approve the 4 November 2010 Board minutes.
5) Executive Director Report: Yohe gave his report and answered questions. M/S/C Walock/Olsowski to accept and
      file the Executive Directors report.
6) Reports
      a) Executive/LTFS Oversight Committee Minutes: Chair Martens reported on the 18 November 2010 and 16
            December 2010 Executive and LTFS Oversight Committee minutes. Yohe highlighted a couple of items. M/S/C
            Browaty/Varnson to accept and file the 18 November 2010 and the 16 December 2010 Executive and
            LTFS Oversight Committee minutes.
      b) Finances: December 2010 Year End Financials: Belford reviewed the December 2010 financials. The December
            bills were not attached for approval (as the Executive Committee usually approves them) but have been
            reviewed by Belford. M/S/C Belford/Olsowski to approve the December financials and since the Executive
            Committee is not meeting this month to have the bills sent to the Executive Committee via e-mail for
            review to stand approved on Friday 4 February 2011 if there are no questions.
7) Consent Report: There was no consent report this month.
8) NRFP Activities:
      a) Goal # 1: Watershed Approach
            i)    Reports: North Chapter: Krasnesky and Gislason reported on the North Chapter activities and the
                  upcoming fish fry. South Chapter: Martens and Gislason reported on the upcoming meeting and the Lake
                  Friendly presentation for that meeting. RRIW: Yohe reported on the RRIW recent meeting and tour. He will
                  also report on RRIW activities at the upcoming IRRB meeting. PRBAB: Walker reported that a meeting was
                  held to review the latest Telmac 2-D modeling and provide input for future modeling. Public meetings will
                  be held regarding the modeling once it is complete. The MN JPB was reported on by Evert and at their last
                  meeting they had a presentation on the RRWMB Finance/Policy Consultant (Ron Harnack) on funding
                  needs and project for the near future.
      b) Goal # 4: Education and Information
            i)    27 Annual Summit Conference Debrief - January 18-20, 2011: Gust and Evert reviewed the conference
                  and the Board provided comments. There was a lot of positive feedback on another successful
      c) Goal # 6: Flood Mitigation: LTFS Project:
            i)    LTFS Project Reports: Lyons and Yohe referred to the conference packet materials for the latest LTFS
                  Project update. They indicated that another round of public meetings in February and March is being
                  planned to get public feedback on LTFS recommendations.
9)     Old Business
       a) Board Retreat Follow Up: Yohe indicated that the Board retreat outcomes are on the attached handout that the
           PIC committee is planning to meet and review these and report on recommendations at the March Board
       b) RRRA: Lyons and Olsowski reported on the RRRA. RRBC now has Sam Schellenberg as its appointed Ex-
           Officio delegate (with Lance Yohe as Sam’s backup). The RRRA is working on retention strategies (linked to
           the RRBC flow reduction modeling and LTFS Report/Recommendations and to the NRCS retention work. The
           RRRA is also working on a drainage study.
      5.       NRCS Retention Committee: Yohe reported that the NRCS retention committee and its 5 sub-committees are
               actively working to have recommendations ready by May 2011. RRBC (Yohe/Goehring) is on 2 sub-
               committees (permitting and PL-566 retention sites) and the main committee. Yohe reported that new AWEP
               funds of $1,907,086 have been received for the Red River Basin.
10)    New Business
       a) Board Officer Elections: Martens reported that the Nominating Committee recommends the following officers:
           Chair: Jon Evert; V Chair: Joe Belford; Secretary/Treasurer Kurtiss Krasnesky; Past Chair: Herm Martens.
           M/S/C Oliver/ Petkau to accept the Nominating Committee recommendations for the 2011-2013 Board
           Officers. Executive Committee members: Martens reported that the Executive Committee remain the same
           with the following adjustments: remove Tom Fischer as past Chair and add Herm Martens in that role; add
           Kurtiss Krasnesky as the new Secretary/Treasurer; remove Hetty Walker as ND funder representative and add
           Tom Fischer in that role (Walker will back up Fischer and Belford when they are unavailable); and to add Sando
           for ND state (MN state may change once the new administration gets it RRBC Board appointees in place, for
           now Jaschke remains the MN state member). M/S/C Belford/Klapprodt to accept the Nominating
           Committee recommendations for the Executive Committee.
       b) Account Signatories: Account Signatories: Yohe reported on the signatories needed for 2011.
           i)    State Bank of Hawley: Yohe reported that 2 signatures needed and only one can be staff. M/S/C
                 Varnson/Olsowski that signatories for the State Bank of Hawley Checking and the Savings and
                 Investments Accounts be as follows: Jon Evert, Tom Fischer, Jake Gust, Kurtiss Krasnesky, Julie
                 Goehring, Robin Gislason & Lance Yohe.
           ii) Bremer Bank: Savings & Investments: Yohe reported that 2 signatures needed and only one can be staff.
                 M/S/C Smith/Ludtke that signatories for the Bremer Bank Saving and Investments (Transfers
                 to/from RRBC Accounts only) be as follows: Jon Evert, Tom Fischer, Jake Gust, Kurtiss
                 Krasnesky, Julie Goehring, Robin Gislason, and Lance Yohe.
           iii) Assiniboine Credit Union: Checking: Yohe reported that 2 signatures needed and only one can be staff.
                 M/S/C Oliver/Lyons that the signatories for the Assiniboine Credit Union Checking and the Savings
                 and Investment Accounts be as follows: Steve Topping, Kurtiss Krasnesky, Jeff Browaty, Herm
                 Martens, Robin Gislason, Julie Goehring, and Lance Yohe.
           iv) Ceridian: Call in Payroll: Yohe reported that his is the authorization to call in staff payroll numbers for each
                 pay period. M/S/C Oliver/Olsowski that the following be authorized to the Ceridian payroll services
                 account: Steve Topping, Robin Gislason, Julie Goehring & Lance Yohe.
           v) Ceridian: Staff Information: Yohe reported that this allows access to staff personal information. M/S/C
                 Smith/Varnson that the following be allowed access to this information regarding staff at Ceridian:
                 Board Officers: Chair Jon Evert; V Chair Joe Belford; Secretary/Treasurer Kurtiss Krasnesky; Past
                 Chair Herm Martens and the Executive Director Lance Yohe.
           vi) Canada & US Federal Incorporation & Questions: Yohe reported that these documents should be updated
                 regularly as data information can only be accessed by those listed on the documents. M/S/C Oliver/Evert
                 that the following be added to this list and older members on the list be removed: Board Officers: Chair
                 Jon Evert; V Chair Joe Belford; Secretary/Treasurer Kurtiss Krasnesky; Past Chair Herm Martens
                 and the Executive Director Lance Yohe.
           vii) Credit Cards: Winnipeg & Moorhead: Yohe reported that there are two components to the credit card
                 access issues. One is setting limits and the other is accessing information. M/S/C Belford/Browaty to
                 allow only the Executive Director, Lance Yohe to set limits and to allow the Management Team:
                 Lance Yohe, Robin Gislason and Julie Goehring to access information.
11)    Around the Basin Stakeholder Updates: There were no updates this meeting due to time constraints.
12)    Other: There was no other business.
13)    Adjourn: M/S/C Smith/Klapprodt to adjourn.

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