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       Re: Proposed Electronic Cigarettes Regulation

Dear Council Member:

I am submitting this letter in opposition to Int 1210-2013, a local law to amend the
administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to the regulation of electronic cigarettes.
This regulation would ban the use of electronic cigarettes in any location where the use of
tobacco cigarettes are banned. I believe that this ban is premature and unreasonable. Electronic
cigarettes are completely distinct from tobacco cigarettes; therefore, they should be regulated
differently. I urge you to get Speaker Quinn to remove it from this year’s agenda.

The long-term effects of electronic cigarettes are currently unknown, so any passage of this type
of regulation would be hasty in nature. At this time, all studies are simply postulations and there
are clearly arguments for either side of this issue. Therefore, it would be incredibly premature to
treat electronic cigarettes similarly to tobacco, until more substantial information is made
available. I urge you to wait until the federal government has finally issued their own studies
and to regulate this device commensurate with harm.

I hope you will consider the seriousness of this matter and the significant amount of New
Yorkers this ban will affect in the long-run. This piece of legislation should be put on hold for
the next administration to deal with – it has been too hurriedly set in motion with little time to
actually consider the best way to regulate this device for the public good. Again, I ask you, if
you must regulate this device, please regulate commensurate with the harm for the time being or
at least until the federal government has given us guidance on this issue.

Thank you.





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