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									                                                                Grantee Implementation Schedule
      Target: (Insert #) of home(buyers/owners) in (insert location), whose income is at or below (insert #)% AMI, will be assisted through the (insert program name/type) by (insert project
                                                                                         completion date).

                                                                                * All programs fill in SECTION 1.
                                                                         * For Owner-Occupied Rehab, fill in SECTION 2.
                                                                        * For Homebuyer Programs, fill in the SECTION 3 .
                                                                          * For New Construction, fill in the SECTION 4.

                       Quarters should equal 1/4 of the total contract time period of the grant (ex: 6 months for 24 month contracts; 9 months for 36 month contracts).

  Activity                                            Responsible Entitiy                  Due Date            Completed Date

  Invitation to Contract Negotiations                 NDED
  Submit Contract Negotiation Items                   Grantee/Administrator
  Notice of Award                                     NDED
  Receive and Execute Contract                        Grantee/Administrator
  Submit Special Conditions for ROF                   Grantee/Administrator
  Release of Funds (ROF) Issued                       NDED
  Program Marketing                                   Grantee/Administrator
  Applicants Submit Applications                      Applicants
  Applications Processed                              Grantee/Administrator
  Applications Notified of Eligibility                Grantee/Administrator
  Inspections Completed on Units                      Grantee/Administrator
  Applications Approved For Assistance                Board/Council

Revised 01/02/2013
  Please list start and end dates for each quarter above.                             Start:       End:    Start:       End:     Start:      End:    Start:      End:
                                                                                          Quarter 1:            Quarter 2            Quarter 3           Quarter 4

  SECTION 2                                                                         proposed # completed proposed # completed proposed # completed proposed # completed

  Bids Solicited for Rehab                                  Applicants/Grantee

  Bids Received & Approved                                  Applicants/Grantee

  Rehab Begins on Homes                                     Contractors

  Progress Inspection Completed                             Grantee/Administrator

  Rehab Completed on Homes                                  Contractors

  Final Inspections Completed                               Grantee/Administrator


  Applicants Receive 1st Mortgage                           Applicants/Lenders

  Applicants Attend Homebuyer Education                     Applicants

  Closing Documents Prepared                                Grantee/Administrator

  Applicants Purchase Homes                                 Applicants


  Plans and Specs Submitted                                 Grantee/Applicants

  Building Permits Issued                                   Local Government

  Construction Begins                                       Contractors

  Progress Inspection Completed                             Grantee/Administrator

  Construction Completed                                    Contractors

  Final Inspection Completed                                Grantee/Administrator

  Certificate of Occupancy Issued                           Local Government

Revised 01/02/2013

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