Harlem PAL, Emblem Health, Entertainment & Fashion Industry Gives Back to the Community

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					Harlem PAL, Emblem Health, Entertainment & Fashion Industry Gives Back to the

Winter Wonderland 2013 Charity Holiday Party December 20.

New York, NY, December 11, 2013 -- Emblem Health, The POP Foundation, The
Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Kimistry Entertainment collaborate to sponsor
the “Winter Wonderland” 2013 Charity Holiday Party hosted at the Harlem PAL
on December 20. The Winter Wonderland Charity Holiday Private Party will take place
Friday, December 20 at 3p.m. until 5:30p.m. (EST).

There will be 300 youth in attendance from The Harlem PAL Center, Convent Family
Living Center and West Harlem Residence Shelters to receive the proceeds. Special
Invited guests include Dutchess Lattimore of VH1 Black Ink Crew, Grammy Award
Winning Producer Rocwilder, John Blassingame, his daughter Joi Blassingame, Rapper
Lil Ceas, Melissa B., French Montana, Chinx, Je T’aime Business Owner Jiton
Green, Def Jam Recording Artist & Producer Mikey Jay, Producer/Actor Johanna
Talentino and Phil John, Clifford the Red Dog, Santa, Mrs. Claus and more. Our special
guests will participate in the activities with the kids or contact them via internet during
the event. Activities of the event will be filled with music, gift giving, food, face painting,
balloon sculpting, dancing, and words of inspiration. Performances from The Stop
Bullying Campaign Lil Man, Nike model kid prodigy “Amyrh Young Heru Harris”
and the leader of the new hip-hop generation “I am Trigg”.

For the past twenty years, event producers “The Ladies In Charge Team, Inc.” has
been an active participant holiday and other themed events focusing on the happiness of
foster care and sheltered. They created “The POP Foundation”; (People Of Power
giving back) to inspire generations to achieve a better way of life through spectrums of
education, arts, entertainment, fashion, sports, media, technology, social and economic
empowerment that produces self-worth, motivates their highest potential to achieve a
promising future. We believe there is a need to help the lives of families during the
holiday season. For many youth in New York the holiday season is not a joyous time.
Instead it becomes one in a life of reminders of the unfortunate circumstances they
encounter. Due to this fact that the foster or shelter care for the individual youth is
normally due to traumatic series of events in their lives that could have included; death,
incarceration, addiction or dereliction of their birth parents. You can see the need for your
help in the lives of these kids showing them someone cares.

Many of us make a living by appealing to the dreams of today’s youth. They buy the
fashions we design, the records we produce; magazines we edit, and support the sports
we play. The key to our success in these arenas is directly related to being perceived as
cool by youth. There can be no greater measure of our support and appreciation of the
ones that hold our individual and collective success than by giving back to those who will
highly appreciate kindness.
The entertainment and fashion industry from all facets has joined to make this year’s
party a success. The event participants and donators include Harlem Bar-B-Q, Fashion
Executive Jay Alexander, Care For Me Foundation, Monster Products, The New York
Youth Chamber of Commerce, Vibe Magazine, New Day Associates, Music Speaks
Power, Nuveau Day Associates, Je T’aime Shoes, Better Baller Foundation, Uncutt
Ink, Doug E. Fresh, Awesome Entertainment, G-Unit, and more.

All aspects of this event are facilitated through the charity of individual and corporations
like you and yours.

For further information regarding Harlem PAL, contact: Kobla Moats, Harlem PAL,
(212) 665-8699,

Contact: Kendria Norman The Ladies In Charge Team, Inc. New York, NY Landline:
516-922-3456 Mobile: 201-966-6213

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