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2010_11_Mobile App Programming Seminar.pptx - University of St


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									University of St. Francis
Department of Computer Science
November 18, 2010

•The State of Mobile Phones
•Capabilities of modern smart phones
•What is Android?
•Google’s Android App Inventor
•Let’s build an app

                                       TONIGHT’S AGEND
         “The Smart Phone”
    Network                     I/O             Storage

GPS      Blue Tooth   Camera          Display
                                                 CPU      Battery

“Cell”     WiFi       Speaker          USB



 Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating
 system, middleware and key applications.

 The software stack looks like…

                                                             WHAT IS ANDROID
Source: http://developer.android.com/guide/basics/what-is-android.html
                                                             WHAT IS ANDROID
Source: http://developer.android.com/guide/basics/what-is-android.html
 Linux 2.6 Kernel
 Security, memory and process management, network stack, drivers.
 Essentially, the abstraction layer between the hardware and software stack.

 Android Runtime
 Core libraries and the Dalvik VM. Dalvik VM is optimized for multiple VM’s to
 run efficiently.

 C/C++ libraries implementing functionality exposed through the Android App

 Application Framework
 The API to the phone.

                                                             WHAT IS ANDROID
Source: http://developer.android.com/guide/basics/what-is-android.html
Some notes on the the Dalvik VM…

•Dalvik is a town in Iceland. Originally written by Dan Bornstein, now maintained by the
Open Handset Alliance.

•The VM Runs .dex files, optimized for a small memory footprint. .class to .dex through
dx command.

•Uses a dx tool to convert .class to .dex files.

•Does not use Java SE or Java ME class profiles. It uses its own library built on the
Apache Harmony Java implementation project.

•Since it is not built on the standard Java runtime, it doesn’t have the same licensing
restrictions. Dalvik uses the Apache 2 License.

•Developers get the comforts of Java, without Google calling it a java platform.

•Now Oracle (who now owns Sun) is not happy.

                                                       WHAT IS ANDROID
  Date                 Milestone
  July, 2005           Google Acquires Android Inc.

  November, 2007       Open Handset Alliance formed.

  October, 2008        Android source published by Google.

  February, 2009       1.1 released.

  April, 2009          1.5 (Cupcake) released.

  September, 2009      1.6 (Donut) released.

  October, 2009        2.0 (Éclair) released.

  May, 2010            2.2 (Frozen Yogurt/Froyo) released.

  Q1, 2011             3.0 (Honeycomb) planned release.

                                               ANDROID HISTORY/TIMEL
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system)
A Web-based visual development environment for novice programmers, based
on MIT's Open Blocks Java library.

Released for beta use in July, 2010.


Request your free account at the above URL. Takes about a week for approval.

                                        GOOGLE APP INVENTO
•We’ll now build an app using Google App Inventor.

•The machines in this lab are already configured so you can build an app.

•The next few slides are for reference, showing what was involved in the setup.

                                              LET’S BUILD AN APP
Download the App Inventor Extras Software

Run the install software AppInventor_Setup_Installer_v_1_1.exe

Software installed in:
       C:\Program Files (x86)\AppInventor\commands-for-Appinventor

                                   SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Install the drivers for your phone

Motorola i1:
   Download the appropriate driver and install.
   For 64 bit, the file name is Handset_USB_Driver_x64_v4.2.4

   Download the HTC sync software to get the proper drivers installed.

Samsung Epic:

                                     SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Configure the Phone

Settings -> Applications
        Check Unknown Sources

Settings -> Applications -> Development
        Check Stay Awake
        Check USB Debugging

On Android 1.5, USB Debugging is in a different spot:
Settings -> USB
        Check USB Debugging

                                    SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Attach the Phone and Verify Connectivity

Connect the phone via USB to your computer.
Start a DOS command prompt.
Start->type “cmd”
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\AppInventor\commands-for-Appinventor
adb devices
Ensure a device is listed under the “list of devices attached”.

                                   SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Verify Phone Status

On your phone you should see two new notifications appear on the phone,
with icons in the status bar:

   A "USB connected" notification that the phone is connected to the
   computer via USB

   A "USB debugging connected" notification that the phone has USB
   debugging turned on

                                   SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Connecting App Inventor To Your Phone

Full setup docs available at:

In your web browser, go to:

You will need a google account to sign in with, as well as be approved to
use the google app inventor program. Go ahead and sign up, it may take
up to 2 weeks to be approved.

                                     SETTING UP APP INVENTO
App Inventor Opening Screen

                              SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Create a Project

Press the New button near the top left of the page.
Enter a project name in the dialog box that appears and press OK.

                                    SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Open the Blocks Editor

Click the button to open the blocks editor. It will be a java webstart app
that may take up to 30 seconds to launch. Allow it to run if prompted

                                      SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Connect the Blocks Editor to the Phone

Press the Connect to Phone button in the Blocks Editor.

If it is disabled, your system is not setup properly. Phone is not connected,
or a driver is missing. Go back to getting adb devices to work.

While you're working, you can use the Restart Phone App button to
restart the phone if things get hung up.

If the phone becomes disconnected, the button will change back to
Connect to Phone as a signal that the connection has broken. You can
press the button to reconnect.

                                      SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Let’s now build the pet Bernie app…

                                      SETTING UP APP INVENTO
1. Click on new project. Name it USF to start with.
2. Set the title to “Go Fighting Saints”
3. Drag a button onto the canvas.
4. Click on the button.
5. In right hand properties, click on the image box. Add image by
   browsing your computer for saints.png
6. Set the width to “Fill Parent”
7. In the text property type “Pet Me”

                                    SETTING UP APP INVENTO
8. On the left hand side, under Media, drag a Sound object to your
9. In the properties on the right, click the source option, and then press
    the add button.
10. Browse for the dog_bark.mp3 file and select it.
11. Open the “Blocks Editor”. Allow java web start to run, and trust it if
12. Click on “My Blocks”
13. Click on Button1. This will open a new pane with several options.
    Drag the “Button1.Click” to the empty canvas on the right.
14. Now click on Sound1. In the pane of options, drag the Sound1.Play
    into the Button1.Click object in the right.
15. Try your App. Touch the dog and it should bark.

                                     SETTING UP APP INVENTO
16. Now go back to the component palette and under sensors drag an
    AccelerometerSensor onto the palette.
17. In the Blocks Editor, click on AccelerometerSensor1 and drag an
    AccelerometerSensor1.shaking into the work area.
18. Then drag a Sound1.play into the AccelerometerSensor1.shaking
19. Shake the phone and it should bark.

                                   SETTING UP APP INVENTO
20. Add another button. Set the width to Fill Parent. Rename the button
    the btnOpenUrl.
21. In Other Stuff, drag an ActivityStarter object to your palette.
22. In the blocks editor, drag a btnOpenUrl to your workspace.
23. Drag a set ActivityStarter1.action into the btnOpenUrl block.
24. Left click on the palette and select the orangish colored “text” option.
    This will add a new block to your work space. Click in it and set the
    text to android.intent.action.VIEW

                                      SETTING UP APP INVENTO
25. Drag a set ActivityStarter1.DataUri into the btnOpenUrl block.
26. Left click on the palette and select the orangish colored “text” option.
    This will add a new block to your work space. Click in it and set the
    text to http://gofighting saints.com
27. Drag an ActivityStarter1.StartActivity under the set
    ActivityStarter1.DataUri block.
28. Test your app. Click the button and an intent should have started to
    open the URL on your phone.

                                      SETTING UP APP INVENTO
Play around some more. Try some other widgets and have some fun.

Thanks for attending!

                                  SETTING UP APP INVENTO

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