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									Mobile TV Breaks Free!


       Confidential and Proprietary
           Management Team
           Experienced Mobile TV Experts

Founder & CEO

• 12 year veteran of the mobile industry spanning carrier, infrastructure, and
mobile TV applications companies.
• Former Vice President of Sales-North America IKIVO (Mobile TV company)
• Sold and built first 2G GSM (T-Mobile), and first 3G UMTS/HSDPA (AT&T) wireless
network during tenure at Nortel and Nokia-Siemens Networks.
• Relationships with Handset OEM’s, Carriers, and Consumer Electronic Companies.

Founder, VP of Business Development

• Former VP of Sales at Bluestreak Technology (Mobile TV Provider)
• Former Executive at TVGuide Mobile TV Division
• 10 year veteran of wireless content and mobile TV technology
• Past entrepreneurial start-up experience

          AirCast Mobile, Inc.

Company Name: AirCast Mobile, Inc.

Offices: Chicago, IL & New York, NY    Founded: 2008

Market Opportunity: $9 Billion U.S. Wireless Smart Phone Market

Intellectual Property: Patent-Pending Device for Mobile
Phones to Receive Mobile TV signals.

   Problems with Current
   Mobile TV Model

  2 Years after launch the main mobile TV
companies have yet to be fully embraced by
             consumers. Why?
High Monthly Subscription Fees (For Acceptable ROI)
Limited Handset Choices (Due to Embedded Solutions)
Limited “Choice” in Content (TV only)
Service Quality (Current Wireless Networks Not Built to Sustain
   (Prolonged Video Streaming)

The Mobile DTV Market

        Traditional TV Broadcasting
         HD Digital Broadcasts

On July 12, 2009 the U.S. transitioned from Analog to HD Digital Television

                        High-Definition Digital Signal (720p)
      Utilizes existing TV towers and infrastructure for deployment
TV signals covers 99% of the U.S. geography (and part of Canada/Mexico)
         Broadcast TV has existing in the U.S. for the last 81 years
                             (July 2nd, 1928)

   By Law, TV Stations must deploy a free TV signal
        Digital TV Goes Mobile
        Mobile DTV (ATSC-MH)

                                    Realizing the Potential Advertising
                                      Revenue Safety Uses Overall

This New FREE Mobile TV             Regional and National TV Stations
                                     decided to allocate a portion of the
      Signal is called                existing HD broadcast spectrum
                                    to mobile devices, and create a new

   Mobile DTV                                Mobile TV market.

    H.264 Video & AAC HE V2 Audio
Television Station Groups
Who Owns the 880 Local Stations

Mobile DTV Footprint
Where the 880 Stations Located

   Where Mobile DTV is Today
   33% of U.S. Population Covered!

Currently, 65 station groups are deploying Mobile DTV covering
 approximately 33% of the U.S. population with more to come!

Interest In Mobile DTV
Magid Media Labs Survey Dec.2009

                              “Almost 90% of mobile
                         subscribers expressed interest in
                             viewing live, local news
                            programming on the go.”

                                88% Breaking News Coverage
                                76% Emergency Reports
                                75% Weather Information
                                65% Entertainment Content
                                44% Live Sporting Events



    Business Structure
    Two Groups with a Common Goal

Business to Business            Business to Consumer
  Handset OEM Focus                  Direct to Consumer Focus
 White Label Mobile TV              iPhone/iPod/iPad/Blackberry
 Applications for Android
                                     Mobile TV Application with
    Content Partners
                                    Integrated Content Partners
    EPG Patent Fees
                                    App Store, Retail and Online
  AirCast Patent Fees                  Distribution Channel
 “You Pay Us, We Pay                  Innovative Roadmap for
   Everyone Else”                          Applications

      AirCast Mobile
      Mission Statement

 “AirCast Mobile designs, develops and sells innovative hardware and
software solutions to enable wireless subscribers to receive and watch live,
local broadcast television on their mobile devices for FREE.”

   Blackberry      iPhone/iPod/iPad Windows Mobile               Android
      ‘AirCase” Hardware Solution
      A case & backup battery that provides content

                               “Patent-Pending” Hardware Receiver
                                 Supports ALL Smart Phone Connections
                                     Houses Battery, and Chipsets
                                    Receives the Over-the-Air Signal

                                 Innovative Software Application
                               Attractive, user-friendly mobile client used
                              to view TV broadcast & Program Guide Data
                                Decodes and Displays Mobile TV Stream
                                SVG-based (XML) Application Framework
                                  Supports H.264 video and AAC Audio

                                          Devices Targeted
                       iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile

(Actual Client)                                                               15
           Our Software Solutions

• Proprietary Applications Sold Direct to Consumer
    –   Apple (iPod, iPhone, iPad), Blackberry
    –   Sold via Application Stores
    –   Mobile TV-Only, Mobile TV+Sports, Mobile TV+DVR
    –   Integrated with Content Partners
• White-Label Applications Sold to OEM’s
    –   Android, Windows Mobile
    –   Licensed to major CE and Handset OEM’s
    –   Mobile TV-Only, Mobile TV+VOD, Mobile TV+DVR
    –   Bundled with Mobile DTV Accessory Patent (AirCast)
    –   Bundled with EPG Patent Fee
           Mobile Accessory Data
            From ABI Research Report

   In 2009 Consumers spent $55
   Billion on Mobile Accessories

     $40 billion (73%) was spent on
       after-market accessories

35% ($26.6B) is sold via Carriers Stores
33% ($26.6B) is sold via Big Box Store
30% $26.6B) is sold via 3rd Online Resellers

                       Top 3 Accessories Purchased
                           Case, Battery, Charger    17
                Addressable Market
                90 Million Existing Smart Phone Users

        Windows Mobile

  Smartphone Sales Grew by
  50% from Feb to Oct 2009*
iPhone & Blackberry leading
        the market

*According to ComScore December 2009 Report             18
 Product Roadmap

More Than Just Free TV
       More Content = More Value

        TV-Only Product (Version 1.0)
        Mobile DTV-Only Product ($99 MSRP)

TV-Only Receiver “Dongles” and “Cases” for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad,
           Windows Mobile, RIM, and Android Devices.

                                           Actual iPhone Application

           Interactive Product (Version 1.5)
           Mobile DTV + Services ($99 MSRP)

Free TV + Premium Content
  Streamed Over 3G/wifi
Video-on-Demand integration
    with Content Partners

                              Real Time Voting (Non-SMS for American Idol)
                              Breaking News, Weather, Stock Tickers
                              Data Collection Advertising Revenue

    Interactive Sports Example
    Live Sports with value-added stats

Watch your Favorite Teams Live with additional info
             streamed to your phone
                                        Sports related information can be
                                    displayed and streamed via 3G while the
                                     user watches the live sporting event in
                                            real-time via Mobile DTV.

                                        Get player stats, team standings,
                                     breaking news, or follow another game
                                      play by play all while watching a live

DVR Product (Version 2.0)
Industry’s First for Smart Phones! ($99 MSRP)

                 New Hardware: Innovative hardware configuration
                 that utilizes a memory card to directly record your
                 favorite programs to the accessory.
                 New Software: Simple user interface to designate
                 shows as “Favorites”, and to set up view future

                      1 GB card = 2 hours of Recordings

            Future Markets
            New Products / New Markets

     Global Markets                        New Features & Products
            T-DMB (Korea)                      SD Card Movie Capability
          1-Seg (Japan, Brazil)
                                                  Wimax Capability
DVB-H (Ireland, Austria, Spain, Germany)
                                                 Projector Capability
            CMMB (China)
                                                  Touchscreen TV’s

Pico Projector Product
Business Users ($299 MSRP)

                             Pico Projector Integrated

                              Can be used with
                              Mobile TV, VOD,
                              SD Card Movies,
                               iPhone Video

         Distribution Channels

   Direct to     Handset OEM           Big Box        Application
Consumer (B2C)      (B2B)           Retailer (B2C)    Stores (B2C)
                  “Entertainment”     Best Buy
   AirCast       Packaged Bundles                        iTunes
                     for OEM’s         CostCo
  Amazon                                               Windows
                                      Walmart         Marketplace
   Others                                            Android Market

Financial Projections
Pro-Forma (B2B + B2C)

          3% Smart Phone Market
           Penetration by Year 6

       Our Current Partners

AirCast Mobile enjoys the support of industry leading companies
who share our commitment to the Mobile DTV market.

         Milestone Achievements

2009 – Fundraising/Prototype Creation

2010 – “TV-Only” iPhone Product Launch, Online Sales, $99 MSRP

2011 – “Interactive” Product, OEM/Carrier Agreement, $45 Wholesale

2012 – “DVR” Product, Big Box Retailer Launch $60 Wholesale

2012 – “Projector” Product, Direct to Consumer $299 MRSP

2013 – Achieve 1 Million Devices Shipped (In Aggregate)

2014 – Achieve 2 Million Devices Shipped (In Aggregate)
          Early Interest In AirCast
          On-Going Customer Discussions

T-Mobile has expressed interest in our Solution
• Ability to offer Mobile TV without ANY network infrastructure investment
• Mobile TV is of “high” interest amongst younger demographics.
• Can utilize newly launched 3G network to increase 3G ARPU
Sprint has expressed interest in our Solution
• Sees benefit from a non-embedded solutions (ie accessories)
• Can utilize 3G/4G network for interactivity features
• Increased Retail ARPU (average revenue per user)
LG has expressed interest in our Solution
• Committed to showcase our products in national TV commercials
Samsung is interest in partnering with AirCast
• Interested in licensing our software for Accessories
Motorola has expressed interest in our Solution
• Entertainment “bundles” to launch new Android Handsets (Cliq, etc)
Early Consumer Demand 1500 Pre-Orders taken without knowing price or availability for
iPhone product via YouTube.
        Industry Recognition

AirCast Mobile is a finalist for the “Most Innovative and Upcoming
Mobile Startup in 2009” Award by the CTIA & MobiTechFest

       Investment Request

  In order to lead the marketplace by offering the first
       mobile accessory that provides TV content;

  AirCast Mobile is seeking $2 million in startup
  These funds will use to launch our products, secure an
 exclusive distribution deal with a major handset OEM or
Carrier, and provide the financial backing to be successful
                 in the mobile marketplace.
   Mobile TV Breaks FREE!

 To view a demo of our applications please visit:

               7308 Circle Ave
             Forest Park, IL 60130

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