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         by Miquel Marrow
How did the invention of
  the cell phone begin?
    •The invention of the cell phone started with
            Samuel Morse. He invented the first
             electromagnetic telegraph in 1832.
 •In 1843, Michael Faraday began research into
        whether space could conduct electricity.
                           . . . continued
      •In 1864, James clerk Maxwell released his paper,
“Dynamical Theory of the electromagnetic field”, which
  concluded that light, electricity and magnetism, were
                                               all related.
•And in 1865, Dr. Manhlon Loomis of VA may have been
   the first person to communicate through wireless via
            the atmosphere. In the years of 1866-1873 he
   transmitted telegraphic messages at a distance of 18
  miles between the tops of Cohocton and Beorse Deer
                                         Moutains in VA.
    the FIRST

•Hired by Motorola
in 1954, Martin
Cooper worked on
portable products.
•He set up a base
station in NY with
the first working
prototype of a
cellular telephone,
the Motorola Dyna-
. . . Continued
 •On April 3, 1973
 Martin Cooper made
 the first phone call to
 his rival at AT&T Bell
 Labs from the streets
 of NY.
 •In 1983, Motorola
 introduced the 16-
 ounce DynaTAC phone,
 each costing the
 consumer $3,500.
 •It took an additional 7
 years before there
 were a million
    How has the cell phone
     improved over time?
The cell phone has changed completely over time. Now
            the cell phone has a display screen; you can
    communicate with people all over the world; PDA’s;
       internet, Wi-Fi; music players; 4G & 3G internet;
 planners; navigational systems and much much more. .
1983-1998             • Bell South/ IBM Simon Personal
                        Communicator: First PDA/ Phone
•Motorola DynaTAC
800X: Analog            Combo
Motorola DynaTAC      • Motorola StarTAC: First damshell
800X Advanced           cell phone; also first phone with a
Mobile Phone
Systems                 display screen
•Motorola MicroTAC    • Nokia 9000 communicator: first
9800X: First            smart phone series
portable phone
International 3200:
First digital hand-
size mobile phone
. . . Continued
1999-2001                         Nokia 3210: internal
                                   antenna and predictive t9
 Nokia 8210: loved for            text messaging
  customizable design
                                  Nokia 5510: phone featured
 Nokia 7110: first mobile         a full QWERTY keyboard,
  phone with a WAP browser         could also store up to 64mb
 Benefon ESC!: first instance     of music
  for GPS being integrated        Nokia 8310: premium
  into a mobile phone, mostly      features; infrared, a fully
  sold in Europe.                  functioned calendar and
 Samsung SPH-M100                 FM Radio
  Uproar: first cell phone to
  have MP3 capabilities
. . .and MANY more improvements
And the cell phone continued to improve. Now a
 days cell phones have GPS’s, PDA’s, custom
 designs, touch screens, 3G internet, a lot of
 premium features, MP3 capabilities, text
 messaging, games, cameras, and much much
 more! In my own opinion the cell phone is a
 computer packed into a small handheld device.
         How has the cell phone
     affected or improved daily
 Before the cell phone was invented things were
    much harder. People had to communicate by
  telegraph or by letters, that took along time to
       receive. The cell phone enables people to
communicate with each other all over the world,
  text each other, and use the internet and many
other features that enable them to communicate,
   chat, and get work done. The cell phone is an
                             essential part of life.
  That’s’ IT! =)
  thank YOU !

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