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Dance Studio Life Magazine
Dedicated to quality dance education

When it comes to print advertising, you want your ad to be seen.
We take pride in the hundreds of letters, emails, and calls from our readers who consistently tell us, “I read your
magazine from cover to cover!”

We live the life.
Dance Studio Life magazine is published by Rhee Gold, a man who is on top of the dance education field. He grew
up as the child of a dance teacher, owned his own schools, and wrote The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance (now
in its second printing). Through his Project Motivate seminars, special appearances, and the DanceLife Teacher
Conference, Gold interacts with thousands of dance educators, school owners, dancers, and students every year. In
planning the relevant and meaningful content in Dance Studio Life, he knows what readers need and want.

Always on the cutting edge
Only a few months ago, Rhee Gold launched as a high-tech companion to Dance Studio Life
magazine. With hundreds of thousands of viewers from 52 countries viewing original content created by dance
people, for dance people, this new online network has taken the dance field by storm. New channels, special
features, and uploads are constantly adding to the opportunities available to its advertisers.

When you speak to our ad reps, you won’t get a strong-arm sales pitch. You will receive immediate attention by
representatives who focus on great customer service. They are ready to assist you and advise you on the most
productive advertising strategy for your particular company, and nothing more. We want what’s best for you—that’s
how we’ve built such a loyal band of advertisers.

Dance Studio Life Specs and Deadlines

Preferred file format: TIFF.
Also acceptable: EPS, JPEG, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign.
Files must be created for CMYK color.
All fonts & linked graphics must be included for formats not in final form.
Resolution of all graphics is 300 PPI (DPI).
Keep all type and important elements within a ½” margin of trim size of your bleed ad.

2-page spread: 16” x 10-7/8”, add ¼” bleed all around if desired
Full page: 8” x 10-7/8”, add ¼” bleed all around if desired
2/3 page, vertical: 4-5/8” x 10-3/16” , add ¼” bleed all around if desired
1/2 page, vertical: 3-1/2” x 10-3/16” (no bleed)
1/2 page, horizontal: 7” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/3 page, vertical: 2-1/4” x 10-3/16” (no bleed)
1/3 page, horizontal: 4-5/8” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/4 page, vertical: 3-1/2” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/4 page, horizontal: 4-5/8” x 3-3/4” (no bleed)
1/6 page, vertical: 2-1/4” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/6 page, horizontal: 4-5/8” x 2-1/2” (no bleed)
Inch ads: 2-1/4” x number of inches

Trim size: 8” x 10-7/8”

Issue Reservations 1st of the mo., Artwork 15th of the mo.
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2010 Issue Themes:

All issues will contain general-interest dance stories in addition to the themed content and the following

     Readers’ Guide to Advertisers
     On My Mind: Editorial by Rhee Gold
     Ask Rhee Gold: Advice for dance teachers
     FYI: What’s up in the dance community
     A Better You: Wellness for dance teachers
     2 Tips for Teachers: Ballet pointers from respected teacher Mignon Furman
     Teacher in the Spotlight: Reader-nominated teachers of distinction
     Thinking Out Loud: A personal experience/opinion column
     1,000 Words: Fabulous dance photos
     Choreography Connection: What professional choreographers have to say about inspiration and their creative
      processes (occasional)
     Page Turners: Notable books (occasional)
     Students Speak Out: Student-written essays about dance (occasional)
     Humor & Heartstrings: True stories about teaching children (occasional)

January: Global Dance
We’ve gotten great feedback from readers about our global dance content. Dance is the universal language, common
to all cultures yet incredibly diverse. That’s why this issue explores dance that’s outside the American/European
norm of tap, jazz, and ballet. Our stories on dances from around the world offer teachers curriculum options, new
ideas that boost creativity, and ways to stretch their students artistically. Plus: New world music, plus backdrops
suitable for global dances

February: Summer Options
Summer is a uniquely challenging time for school owners. It’s tempting to take time off to recharge, but starting the
fall season with an empty cash box is no picnic. We’ll explore options for survival, both emotional and economic,
and explore summer-related content like dance camps, travel with students, training options for students, and
auditioning. Plus: Our annual roundup of summertime teacher-training programs

March/April: Modern Dance & the Male Dancer
Modern dance—a genre that knows no limits—is everywhere, at colleges and universities, in theaters, and on TV.
We’ll cover influential teachers, explore what’s being offered where, and look at what’s happening in contemporary
dance. We’re pairing this special focus with another one, on men in dance—always a reader favorite! Plus: Modern-
dance technique and performance DVDs

May/June: Inspiration
Readers tell us they love our inspiration issue. We look for stories that rekindle the drive to teach and create and
remind us how dance transforms lives. We celebrate the gift of dance in all its forms and highlight teachers who
reach out to those in need. This issue always features stories on people who dance despite—or because of—
obstacles, whether physical, emotional, or economic. Plus: Readers’ choice—music that makes them want to get up
and dance

July: Business & Holiday Shows
Our readers are gearing up for the new season this month, and we always offer tons of practical ideas to boost their
businesses and get them off to a smooth start. And they’re thinking about their holiday shows, too—Christmas,
Hanukkah, New Year’s, and beyond—and they’ll be looking for ideas in our pages. Stories on show themes, music
ideas, and staging options keep our readers thumbing through this issue. Plus: Our annual “All Decked Out” feature
of new costumes for holidays year-round
August: Season Opener
One of our biggest issues, this one is packed with essentials that school owners and teachers can’t wait to read about
as they prepare for the new dance season. We cover issues and options regarding the classroom, curriculums,
communication, and business, with helpful ideas and inspiring stories that will keep them reading. Plus: A grab bag
of products our readers will love

September: Competitions & Conventions
The competition and convention industry is a huge part of our readers’ lives, and we cover the topic from a variety
of angles. Competition as education, how to get started in competing, true stories from competitions across North
America—our biggest issue offers more than readers can absorb in one sitting. They’ll pick it up again and again!
Plus: Competitions/conventions at a glance (a state-by-state listing of events)

October: Creativity & Tap Dance
Another big issue, one that appeals to our readers’ creative side. We’ll pair explorations of creativity—a broad topic
with something for everyone—with stories about tap dance, a genre that’s grown into one of the most creative forms
around. Plus: the latest in tap shoes

November: Recital Roundup
Readers rave about our recital content, and this year we’re taking a look at what will put kids, teachers, and school
owners in their best light. For tens of thousands of kids across North America, the recital is their chance to shine.
For teachers, it’s a time of unparalleled creativity. And for school owners, it can be an organizational nightmare. We
cover it all, with fresh ideas, practical survival tools, and creativity boosters. Plus: Our annual staff picks for holiday

December: Jazz & Hip-Hop
Hip-hop is hot, and like jazz, it’s constantly evolving. Our readers say they love our annual jazz focus, and this time
we’re pairing it with hip-hop for a can’t-miss combination. We’ll look at hip-hop’s presence in educational and
performance settings, look to its future, and touch base with some of its biggest advocates. Plus: Jazz and hip-hop
dancewear and costumes

Page 3
Dance Studio Life Reader Stats (September 2009)

Profile of DSL Readers                          Percent           Ballet                                            89.0%

548 Respondents (choose all that apply)                           Modern                                            35.0%

Private sector                                    80.6%           Jazz                                              87.7%

Higher education                                   3.2%           Tap                                               83.5%

High school                                        8.9%           Acrobatics/gymnastics                             28.8%

Professional school                               10.4%           Hip-hop                                           50.9%

Community or recreational center                  10.5%           Lyrical                                           69.5%

Master teacher                                    10.9%           Preschool/creative movement                       73.9%

Professional dancer/choreographer                 18.0%           Ethnic                                             7.2%

School office manager                              8.2%           Academic (pedagogy, history, etc.)                 4.3%

Dance vendor/merchant                              5.6%           Physical education                                 1.4%

Other                                             15.6%           Cheer/drill team                                  14.4%

Styles of Dance/Activities DSL Readers Teach    Percent           Zumba                                              9.8%

548 Respondents (choose all that apply)                           Pilates                                           11.4%
Ballroom/social dance                          14.0%    No                                             24.8%

Not applicable                                  1.4%    No responses                                    1.2%

Levels and/or Ages DSL Readers Teach          Percent   DSL Readers Who Make Decisions About          Percent
                                                        Competitions and/or Conventions to Attend
548 Respondents (choose all that apply)
                                                        Yes                                            68.9%
Beginner                                       95.6%
                                                        No                                             12.9%
Intermediate                                   95.9%
                                                        Not applicable                                 16.9%
Advanced                                       81.3%
                                                        No responses                                    1.0%
Preschool                                      83.3%
                                                        Number of Competition and/or Convention       Percent
Adult                                          73.1%    Events DSL Readers Attend Annually

Professional dancers                           13.5%    1                                              12.2%

Senior citizens                                14.9%    2                                              15.5%

Special-needs students                         20.9%    3                                              20.0%

Not applicable                                  1.8%    4                                              14.2%

Years DSL Readers Have Been Teaching          Percent   5                                               8.9%

5 years or fewer                                5.1%    6 or more                                       4.3%

6–10 years                                     11.1%    Not applicable                                 23.1%

11–15 years                                    14.4%    No responses                                    1.4%

16–20 years                                    16.2%    DSL Readers Who Produce an Annual Recital     Percent

21–25 years                                    14.2%    Yes                                            95.2%

26–35 years                                    24.8%    No                                              2.0%

36–50 years                                     9.8%    Not applicable                                  1.4%

51+ years                                       1.2%    No responses                                    1.2%

DSL Readers Who Are School Owners             Percent   DSL Readers’ Average Annual Expenditures on   Percent
Yes                                            75.5%
                                                        $999 or less                                    3.2%
No                                             23.3%
                                                        $1,000–$4,999                                  11.4%
No responses                                    1.0%
                                                        $5,000–$9,999                                  15.6%
DSL Readers Who Make Purchasing Decisions     Percent
About Equipment, Software, Flooring, Ballet             $10,000–$14,999                                16.7%
Barres, Etc.
                                                        $15,000–$19,999                                12.5%
Yes                                            78.1%
                                                        $20,000–$24,999                                 8.9%
No                                             13.3%
                                                        $25,000 or more                                15.8%
Not applicable                                  7.4%
                                                        Not applicable                                 13.1%
No responses                                    1.0%
                                                        No responses                                    2.1%
DSL Readers Who Take Students to              Percent
Competitions and/or Conventions                         DSL Reader’s Who Make Decisions About         Percent
                                                        Costume Purchases
Yes                                            73.9%
                                                        Yes                                            78.6%
No                                              14.9%           No responses                                         1.2%

Not applicable                                   5.1%

Page 4
Dance Studio Life Testimonials

Your magazine is such a great contribution to the dance world. We are very fortunate to be able to read about
celebrations, challenges, humor, inspiration, and lives of other dance teachers and choreographers throughout the
~Sandi Duncan, Hudson, NH

I want to commend you on the success of your magazine. I’m sure you hear this quite a bit, but I’m totally hooked
on Dance Studio Life. I see no need to subscribe to any other dance magazine because I can get all I need and more
from yours. I go back to past issues for ideas and information all the time.
~Shelly Clark-Moore, Pink Slipper School of Dance, Leesburg, GA

I have told more dance teachers about your magazine because it is the very best one out there. I cannot tell you
enough what a great job you are doing. I am a mini advertising person for your magazine in Washington.
~Pennie Bleil, Just for Kicks School of Dance, Port Orchard, WA

[Roslyne, my wife, and I] agree that the magazine looks great and its success is very evident to the experienced eye.
In fact, I am glad not be competing against you. All good wishes for your continued success.
~Bob Stern, former publisher of Dance Magazine, Santa Fe, NM

Your articles are well researched and well written and deserve kudos. I save every issue in its entirety. They are
treasures of information.
~Morwenna Assaf, Art/Dance Academy, Oceanside, CA

Your magazine is so great because you root for all dance instructors from any background and encourage individual
growth. I have a college degree in dance and performed in dinner theaters, but I always felt insecure in comparison
to some acquaintances who performed in professional ballet companies. It took me 10 years to realize that my
capabilities in teaching ballet are vast and I have no reason to feel insecure. Your magazine played a role in my
growth and maturity as a teacher. Thank you.
~Shananne Lewis, Move and Groove Dance Academy, Akron, OH

My wife, Carol Harsell, and I started Kinderdance 29 years ago. We are always on the lookout for exceptional
reading material and your publication, in our opinion, is among the best in our business. Keep up the good work!
~Bernard Friedman, Executive Vice President, Kinderdance, Melbourne, FL
Page 5
Dance Studio Life Rate Card 09-10
Note: this document needs one more approval before it is final for print, but can be used for layout purposes

                             1x           3x           6x           10x

 2-page spread    color           6,890        6,275        5,850         5,360
 full page        color           3,620        3,290        3,075         2,770
 full page        B&W             3,050        2,775        2,595         2,375

 2/3 Page         color           3,150        2,875        2,675         2,460
 2/3 Page         B&W             2,675        2,440        2,280         2,080

 1/2 Page         color           2,680        2,440        2,280         2,080
 1/2 Page         B&W             2,280        2,070        1,930         1,780

 1/3 Page         color           2,230        2,025        1,890         1,730
 1/3 Page         B&W             1,895        1,715        1,600         1,465

 1/4 Page         color           1,990        1,800        1,685         1,545
 1/4 Page         B&W             1,695        1,530        1,420         1,315

 1/6 Page         color           1,640        1,500        1,400         1,290
 1/6 Page         B&W             1,410        1,280        1,190         1095

 Per inch         color            345          320          300           270

 Bind-in card     color           1,530

  Dance Bag       color            150
                  B&W             120

Ask us about . . .
4-page gatefold ads
Poly bag opportunities

Contact: Rob Adams, National Advertising Manager

How To Reach Us
Insert DSL Logo

P.O. Box 2150, Norton, MA 02766
508.285.6650 or
Fax 508.285.3179
Rhee Gold
Cheryl Ossola
Mim Adkins
Scott A. Oxhorn
David Favrot
Arisa White
Rob Adams
National Advertising Manager
508.285.6650 • fax 508.285.3179
Paul Lally
508.285.6650 • fax 508.285.3179
10 South Washington St.
Norton, MA 02766
Diane Despopoulos
Jackie Kitsis
Julia Rossi
Sheila Rossi
Kathryn Boland
Maureen Keleher
Page 6
A cool, new way to reach your market and to be part of a groundbreaking resource for dance people worldwide!

For more than a decade, the Rhee Gold Company has been at the forefront of the dance education field. Innovative
articles in Dance Studio Life magazine, groundbreaking seminars designed to inspire teachers and school owners
and improve their business skills—these are just a few examples of what makes our mission unique in the dance

And now, continuing on our pioneering path, we have created a brand-new online resource for dance people
everywhere. With more than 100,000 monthly viewers from more than 50 countries, has taken
the worldwide dance community by storm. is about the heart and soul of dance. It features all-original programming created with two goals
in mind: to inspire viewers to be the best that they can be, and to foster appreciation for the gifts of dance. And
based on the feedback we’re getting from students, dancers, teachers, school owners, and dance enthusiasts around
the world, we’re doing just that.

Vital stats:

         All commercials run on a rotation on ALL channels for a period of one month. (At press time, there are
          eight channels, and more are on the way!)

         Commercials are added to the rotation on the 1st or 15th of the month.

         New! viewers can click on your commercial and link directly to your website.

         When you contract a commercial on, you are considered a sponsor. All sponsors receive
          a complimentary link (your logo) on the home page. Sponsors are listed in both print
          and online marketing for

         At press time, has more than 100,000 individual viewers each month.

         At press time, viewers represent more than 50 countries.

To reserve your commercial or for more information, please contact:
National Advertising Manager Rob Adams at or (508.285.6650).

DLTV Rate Card 2009-2010

                                1x           3x           6x

 30 sec. commercial                  1,700        1,600        1,500

 15 sec. commercial                  1000          900          800

 10 sec. commercial                   700          600          500

 Double your commercial views by taking two 15 sec. for the
 same rate as a 30 sec. commercials.
Page 7
DanceLifeTV Testimonials

Only you could pull off something so cool, so ahead of its time. I have bought two commercials and will be in for
more. You are so vital to our industry and so much bigger than life. All I can say is “Wow!”
~Cathy Roe, Cathy Roe Productions, Santa Fe, NM

DanceLife TV proves that you can’t teach dance without compassion and a sense of humor!
~Nela Niemann, The Blue Ridge Studio for the Performing Arts, Berryville, VA

I just got a link to your new webcast, DanceLife TV . . . what an amazing idea to bring the dance industry and
studios together to gain knowledge and insight! Kudos! I have been reading Dance Studio Life for years now and
can’t wait to see the webcasts.
~Karen Daggett Austin, All That Jazz Dance Studio, Grants Pass, OR

Thank you for your DanceLifeTV! I was truly inspired by your programming and your topics. Thank you for your
vision and insight to share with teachers and dance educators. Your information keeps me going when I do not have
time for myself. You continue to innovate the vision of dance education! Congratulations!
~Mitsie Kraack, Theatre Arts & Dance Alliance, Lithia, FL

Your first DanceLifeTV [show] is great. What a wonderful inspiration for all teachers. I love your positive attitude
in everything you produce. Keep up the inspiration!
~Cassandra Lacey, Swift Creek Academy of the Performing Arts, Midlothian, VA

I just finished watching DanceLifeTV and I absolutely loved it! Thank you for continuing to inspire, educate, and
inform dance teachers.
~ Tammy Bolduc, North Shore Dance Academy, Peabody, MA

In a word, fantastic! Love your magazine, love your new website.
~ Kimberly Gavin Anderson, Ballet Arts Center, Farmington, MO

This is great! I love your new DanceLifeTV!
~Dianne C. Koulouvaris, Capezio/Ballet Makers Inc., Totowa, NJ

Wow! DanceLifeTV is extraordinary. You never cease to amaze me with how you come up with your concepts.
They are inventive and very progressive. I felt healed and empowered. Thank you for what you bring to the dance
community and to our lives!
 ~Jacqueline Crenshaw Lockhart, Lockhart Performing Arts Institute, Homewood, AL

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