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NSN RnF comments A.S0024-A v1.1 femto

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NSN provides RnF comments on A.S0024-A v1.1 femto.

RECOMMENDATION: Remand to RnF Ad Hoc for comment resolution

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A.S0024-A v2.0 R&F Comments

1.    ##. DO NOT number your comments (leave column 1 blank).
2.    Page. Include a single number for the section, a dash and three digits for the page number (or complete Roman numeral for introduction). E.g., 0-iii, 2-001.
3.    Line. Include a two digit line number. E.g., 01, 19, 00 (if it pertains to the whole page). Do not use “*”, etc as they do not always sort well.
4.    Type. Use only T for Technical change (may require discussion), or E for Editorial change (e.g. grammar, spelling, format).
5.    Bug. Indicate if this is a bug fix to text that was included in a previous revision (V&V only).
6.    Result. Completed by the Editor in review.
8.    Basic comment guidelines:
      a. USE strikeout and underscore in the comment form for showing changes. DO NOT use change bars in the comment form: it is not possible to cut and
          paste them into the master. If you want to show changes to a section using change bars, submit a Supporting File.
      b. For extended comments, attach a file with comment. Use: SF-xxx-RnF-CO-name. Where CO = company & xxx = comment number (when available).
9.    For detailed guidelines on generation of comments and SFs, refer to accepted contribution A00-20071203-016r0.

###     Source           Page Line      Section        Type Bug        Results A.S0024-A v2.0 R&F Comments
        NSN              2-018 19       2.4.1           T                      A20-20111205-004r2 HW emergency support when ACL is on.zip

                                                                                 change to read, “...check procedure isshall not be performed ...”
        NSN              2-018 41          E                       A20-20111205-003r0-HW HRPD access control with AN-AAA.zip

                                                                                 To match contribution, change text to read, “When the MS attempts to
                                                                                 access the FAP (e.g., to register or, originate a call, or handoff)”
        NSN              3-008 04        E                       A20-20110926-004 HW SCTP port number for A25 interface.zip

                                                                                 To improve the sentence, change the text to read, “An SCTP port value
                                                                                 of xxxx is used for SUA on the A25 interface.
        NSN              5-018 08          T                       It seems that the inclusion of AT-ID and Mobile Identity IEs are conditional on
                                                                                 whether the system supports HRPD and 1x mobiles.

                                                                                 Change AT-ID from “O R” to “O C”.

                                                                                 Change note a, to read, “If the system supports HRPD ATs, this IE identifies ...”

                                                                                 change step d to read, “If the system supports 1x MSs, this IE is included ...”

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