Importance of Communication Software Solutions

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					                              Importance of Communication Software Solutions

No one can deny the significance of efficient communication management in order to facilitate not only the
success of a certain project, but also catering to the various criteria’s with regards to deadlines, planning and cost.
The majority of project managers will accept to this that approximately eighty percent of the time gets spent on
communicating in one way or the other with multiple groups and members within the project team. Hence, today
most of the communications required happens through a wide selection of media than before.

This also entails that a project manager must effectively manage communications before being able to facilitate
the efficient and seamless progress of any project. With a huge number of enterprise’s moving towards huge scale
projects and a vast range of processes of communications, an effective and advanced communication software
solution is the need of the day. Today communications happens in the form of mails, electronic mediums and
many more. Each time an important data is being communicated. These solutions work effectively keeping in
mind the company needs and objectives and cooperate accordingly.

Today companies specializing in software development services have introduced advanced communication
software solutions. These service providers have had the experience of working with some of best communication
software vendors and also the Tier 1 and 2 mobile service providers, cable companies and wire line carriers. This
experience helps them to boost up their research and development practices and seamlessly incorporate third-
party solutions in to their own service systems and networks. They have the experience of developing several
flagship products that have now become industry standards in the SDP/VAS and OSS/BSS domains. They also have
experience in M2M and LBS platforms to business applications that can effectively manage the high levels of
workflow and data. Furthermore, from design to the development phase, from independent verification testing
and implementation, to incorporation and technical assistance, the service providers help to connect every phase
of the product development lifecycle. Other focus areas include the following:-

         Network/services inventory
         Service provisioning
         Service assurance

         Revenue assurance

       SMS/MMS, VM, LBS, PTT
       Sync, roaming, presence
       M2M enablement platforms
       Unified communications

The exponential expansion of the telecom industry has resulted in the growth and expansion of what today has
become a distinctly large market segment, i.e. the communications software market. With the requirement for
advanced service offerings generating the telecom industry, communications software vendors today have
become the accelerating force behind innovation.

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