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art history_ graphic design_ studio art


									    What to do with a degree in

  Art: art history, graphic design, studio art
    Art Department website:

The Curriculum                                                      Job & Internship Web Sites
The OSU Art Department offers Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Art
                                                                    • Oklahoma Arts Council
History and Studio Art. They also offer Bachelors of Fine Arts
Degrees in Studio Art and Graphic Design. In addition, students       h p://
can choose to minor in Studio Art or Art History, or complete       • Art Jobs Online
a degree in Art Education (working jointly with the college of
Education). A Masters Degree in Art Management is available           h p://
at OSU-Tulsa; and a Masters Degree in Studio Art will soon be       • Global Art Jobs
available at OSU.                                                     h p://
                                                                    • American Associa on of Museums
      Art Majors develop the following skills:                        h p://
                                                                    • New York Founda on for the Arts
      When choosing to study art, three different op ons are
      available: studio art, graphic design and art history. Each     h p://
      of these three majors provides students with various,         • American Art Therapy Associa on
      marketable skills, including:
                                                                      h p://
           Crea vity: A degree in art is built on developing and    • Na onal Art Educa on Associa on
           expanding crea vity. Art majors are encouraged to
                                                                      h p://
           think non-tradi onally and find innova ve solu ons.
                                                                    • Na onal Press Photographer Associa on
           Working with Varied Mediums: Art majors also have          h p://
           the opportunity to work with different media, including
           electronic and digital media, sculpture, ceramics,       • Society of Illustrators
           jewelry and metals.                                        h p://

           Cultural Development: While studying American,           • The Art History Network
           European and Non-Western Art forms, Art Students           h p://
           gain a broad cultural perspec ve.
                                                                    • Crea ve Hotlist
                                                                      h p://www.crea
      Depending on your desired career path, addi onal skills may   • Society for New Design
      need to be developed to be compe ve in the marketplace
      upon gradua on. Make an appointment with a career               h p://
      consultant to design your individual career development       • The Fund for American Studies
                                                                      h p://
                                                                    • Na onal Cartoonist Society
Build Skills Beyond the Classroom                                     h p://
Join related clubs, professional associa ons, & organiza ons        • American Society of Ar sts
    Athle cs/Sports
    Military                                                          h p://www.americansocietyofar
    Part- me Employment (Summer/Work Study)                         • League of American Art and An que Dealers
    Internships/Job Shadowing
                                                                      h p://www.artan
    Travel/Work Abroad
    Volunteer/Community Service                                     • Public Rela ons Society of America
                                                                      h p://
College of Arts & Sciences Career Success Guide
Provided to all new, incoming students as an introduc on to the     • Society of American Archivist
career planning process If you don’t have a Guide…Get one!!!          h p://
Potential Career Paths Include                                    Types of Employers
Art Consultant                                                    Private/Non Profit
Art consultants are crea ve professionals that help               Adver sing Agencies                   Media Organiza ons
organiza ons and businesses decorate their offices and              An que Dealers                        Museums
facili es with artwork. Not only do art designers help pick out   Archives                              Performing Arts Centers
art work, but are responsible for crea ng the correct ambience    Art Management Firms                  Photographic Studios
and aesthe c for their clients. Art consultants can be employed   Fashion Design Companies              Produc on Companies
through consul ng firms, or independently, working from a          Galleries                             Public Rela ons Firms
home office.                                                        Historic Preserva on Firms            Publishing Firms
                                                                  Historical Socie es                   Non-Profit Organiza ons
                                                                  Interior Design Firms                 Restored Communi es
Illustrator or Animator                                           Libraries                             Theatre Companies
Illustrators and Animators are considered to be ar sts with       Magazines/Newspapers                  Universi es
reliable jobs in professional se ngs. Whether they designing
video games and cartoons, or cereal boxes and magazine            Government
adver sements, illustrators and animators find careers doing       Arthur M. Sackler Gallery             Cultural Affairs Agencies
what they love, drawing. Although much illustra on and            Dept. of Educa on                     Free Gallery of Art
anima on is s ll created by hand, knowledge of computer           Dept. of Veteran Affairs               Hirshhorn Museum
aided drawing and designing is also a valuable and important      Government Prin ng Office               Ins tute of Museum
tool.                                                             Nat’l Archives & Records              Nat’l Gallery of Art
                                                                  Nat’l Endowments for the Arts         Nat’l Museum of African Art
                                                                  Nat’l Endowment for the Humani        es
Graphic Ar st                                                     Nat’l Museum of American Art
As a graphic ar st you will use crea vity and cu ng edge
technology to design for a variety of purposes. Graphic
designers work in numerous fields, including film, marke ng,
adver sing and web design. Knowledge of studio art                  Sample Related Occupations
techniques and current design so ware are important tools for         Editor                     Adver sing/Sales
graphic designers.                                                    Marke ng                   Produc on Assistant
                                                                      Archivist                  Educator
                                                                      Designer                   Art Appraiser
Museum Director/Art Curators                                          Researcher                 Promo on Assistant
Art Curators have various different responsibili es, including         Art Administrator          Media Buyer Retail Buyer
selec ng artwork from an ar st’s studio, evalua ng art work           Art Therapist              Store Manager
that has been donated, and selec ng pieces for display.               Curator                    Photographer
In addi on, curators o en work with other museums to                  Tex le Designer            Public Rela ons Specialist
coordinate exhibi ons; design promo onal material and help            Historic Preserva on Specialist
businesses develop art collec ons.                                    Merchandise Display Coordinator

                                                                     Come See Us!
Interior Designer                                                    College of Arts & Sciences Career Services
Interior designers use their imagina on and knowledge of             Student Success Center, 213 LSE
color, lines and space rela onships to make living spaces,           phone: 405-744-5658
mee ng rooms and offices func onal and a rac ve. Interior    
                                                                     Appt calendar:
designers work with large corpora ons, restaurants and hotels,
as well as individuals and families. Crea vity and vision are
important quali es of an interior designer.

                                                         Need help with the job search?
                                                         College of Arts & Sciences Career Services offers:
                                                         Arts & Sciences 4111 Career Planning and Job Search

         Visit Arts & Sciences Career Services website: h p://, for the course descrip on.

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