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									 On the Move
              Maria                          David Lowe,
              Aberin,                        Amarantus
              Union Bank                     BioScience
              The San                        Holdings
              Francisco                      The San
              financial                      Francisco
              institution                    biotechnolo-
              appointed                      gy company
Maria Aberin vice presi-       appointed David Lowe to
dent and business client       the board of directors. He
adviser in the business        has served in senior roles
banking group. Previ-          with major biopharmaceu-
ously, she held positions at   tical companies.
Heritage Bank of Com-
merce, Greater Bay Bank                      Carl Saba,
of Commerce and Wells                        Hemming
Fargo Bank.                                  Morse
                                              The ac-
              Rick                            counting
              Ainsworth,                      firm named
              AccelOps                        Carl Saba
               The Santa                      as a partner
               Clara analyt-   and he will work in San
               ics-driven IT   Francisco. He has nearly
               operations      20 years of experience ad-
               and cloud       vising companies across a
management provider            broad range of industries
named Rick Ainsworth           on complex valuation is-
president of worldwide         sues for litigation, mergers
sales. He is a former          and acquisitions, tax and
Oracle executive.              financial reporting mat-
              Dan Atler,
              MapR Tech-                     Steve
              nologies                       Smith,
               The San Jose                  EcoFactor
               provider of                    The Red-
               data protec-                   wood City
               tion ap-                       provider of
               pointed Dan                    cloud-based
Atler chief financial officer.                home energy
Recently, he served as         services appointed Steve
CFO at Meraki.                 Smith vice president of
                               sales. He is former sales
               Fernando        and marketing director at
               Giraldo,        Honeywell Utility Solu-
               Santa Cruz      tions.
              Probation                      S. Sundar-
              Department                     esh,
               The crime                     Xangati
prevention agency ap-                        The San Jose
pointed Fernando Giraldo                     provider of
chief probation officer.                     cloud and
Previously, he was a treat-                  VDI perfor-
ment coordinator and                         mance man-
substance abuse coun-          agement tools appointed
selor at Triad Community       S. Sundaresh president
Services.                      and chief executive officer.
                               Previously, he was presi-
              Carlos           dent and chief executive
              Granda,          officer at Adaptec.
              Meadow                         Ronald
              Software                       Wyatt,
              The San Jose
              developer of
              an auto-                       Costa Medi-
mated server migration                       cal Associa-
platform for carrier and                     tion
service provider clouds        The Oakland-based
named Carlos Granda            professional association
executive vice president       of approximately 3,500
of worldwide services.         medical doctors in the
Recently, he served as         East Bay named Ronald
vice president of global       Wyatt president. He is an
services at BMC Software.      orthopedic surgeon and
                               sports medicine specialist.
              Harms,                         Brian
              ArcSoft                        Zacharias,
               The Fremont                   Hemming
               provider                      Morse
               of image-                        The account-
               intelligent                      ing firm
               technologies,                    named Brian
software and mobile ap-                         Zacharias as
plications appointed Ralph     a principal to the financial
Harms chief financial          and forensic consulting
officer. Previously, he was    service group and will
an executive at VeriSilicon    work in San Francisco. He
Holdings.                      has served as an expert
                               on civil litigation issues
                               including economic dam-
                               ages, breach of contract,
                               fraud, and business and
                               intellectual property

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