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									Michael Beal Announces Partnership with Eric Caprarese, to launch Brain
Brain Abundance Global Expansion leader Michael Beal announces his partnership with Eric Caprarese
                          to launch Brain Abundance around the globe.

Sullivan, MO, Dec 10, 2013 - Brain Abundance is a cloud social networking company set to deliver a
one of kind product ,Brain Fuel plus, to a world wide market. Brain Abundance has strategic
global relationships that enables them to deliver Brain Fuel Plus from its five international
distribution centers.

Beal said,"When I saw what Brain Abundance put together, my experience enabled me to see a
giant in the making. Many factors have to be in place for something to grab hold of the
marketplace and have the infrastructure and leadership to maintain it. I love this business model.
The simplicity and power of a self duplicating business based on what everyone does everyday,
has held my attention all these years. Since then, I have built teams in the thousands, but I was
looking for a business that can truly deliver this dream again to millions around the world and we
have that with Brain Abundance."

Brain Abundance is in pre-launch and yet has all of it's infrastructure in place with its unique
cloud based communication systems, 5 international distribution centers, fully functional web
systems with ordering and tracking in place.

Caprarese has based his model on an already successful and proven business within the industry.
This strategic allience is what will enable BA to move extremely quickly to the market place.

The company has created a extremely unique "Accelerated Binary" plan that pays out faster,
bigger, and deeper that most can afford due to its debt free position and cloud social marketing
strategy. Caprarese said, "How can we afford to payout so much more to so many more people?
EASY! We are the first cloud social marketing company! No expensive office buildings with
expensive employees. We get the best of the best from around the world to support Brain
Abundance Corporate and our tremendous growth."

Brain Abundance will market Brain Fuel Plus, an stand alone product with 13 ingredients
addressing the brain and its ability to affect every part of the body.

The company says, " Brain Fuel Plus is Designed to help maintain healthy brain function, Brain
Fuel PLUS is the FIRST and ONLY product available ANYWHERE that combines THIRTEEN of most
powerful ingredients to help feed, support, and maximize healthy brain performance.

In fact, thanks to our Co-founder Dr. Pejman Behrouzi, along with our team of top experts in the
fields of neuroscience, nutrition, medical science, and product formulation Brain Fuel PLUS is the
most complete supplement for your brain ever created!"

Brain Abundance utilizes a marketing and team building system that complements its cloud social
marketing strategy.

Beal says, " The system is a marketers dream allowing them to do business at the speed of the
internet, but also empowering people who have real lives and don't have the time or resources to
build a business retailing product or doing in-home meetings several nights per week." The
system is fantastic, but we've all seen one system or another, but the infrastructure has to be
behind it to really make it work."

For more information : http://anthonytort.experienceba.com/

Michael Beal
Brain Abundance
Sullivan, MO 63080


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