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					                                     D.A. Taylor
                           P.O. Box 2445 - Lompoc, CA 93438
                                    (805) 735-8878

           Platforms    Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/XP/NT/2002, DOS, CP/M, MacOS, PalmOS

     Programming        Active Server Pages (ASP), Clipper, dBASE II, III, III+, IV,
        Languages       FoxBase, HTML, JavaScript, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic for
                        Applications (VBA), Visual Basic (VB), VB Script

           Databases    dBASE, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL

Development Tools       Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Microsoft
                        FrontPage, Microsoft Visual InterDev, Microsoft Visual Studio,
                        Microsoft Visual Basic, PowerBuilder

         Applications   Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft
                        Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint,
                        Word), Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Netscape Navigator,
                        QuickBooks Pro, Quicken, WinZip

            Business    Project management, project development life cycle, team
         Management     management, financial management and budgeting,
                        recruiting/interviewing, starting and running a business, taught
                        American Sign Language and computer education classes

 Web Development        ASP, VB Script, Visual Basic WebClasses, HTML, JavaScript

      Technologies      COM, COM Automation, multi-tier application design and
                        development, relational database design, MTS, event-driving
                        programming, IIS

     Miscellaneous      Career experience in the disability, educational, defense, health
                        care, private sector and non-profit fields

 Foreign Languages      Fluent in American Sign Language, high-school exposure to French

                        Jan 2001 – Present              Taylored Software, Lompoc CA
                        Senior Partner
                        Designed, implemented, and deployed custom software for e-
                        commerce and other software development projects using a
                        variety of programming tools and methods. Managed all aspects
                        of the day-to-day and strategic operations of the business.
                        Provided training and technical support to clients.

                        Sept 1999 – Jan 2001                 Push Inc., S. Barbara CA
                        Software Developer
                        Designed, implemented, deployed and maintained leading-edge
                        multi-tier ecommerce applications for sites using Visual Studio
6.0, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft Office, and Windows
2000/IIS/MTS. Developed a reporting application which used
Microsoft Excel COM automation to build reports from a SQL
Server database. Independently learned, WebClass programming,
Excel automation, SQL Server programming.

Oct 1995 – June 1999 Mercer Global Advisors, S. Barbara CA
Created database-aware web application for clients to access
account balances using MS Visual Interdev. Wrote and maintained
PowerBuilder 5.0 applications used to support Client Services,
Pension Services and Sales/Marketing. Saved the company
$300,000 in classroom fees and lost productivity by developing
and providing on-site Windows/Office 95 training classes to all
staff. Maintained legacy Clipper code used for client information

Jan 1990 – Aug 1997                 Self Employed, Lompoc CA
Systems and Software Consultant
Analyzed, specified, designed and selected computers and
software to meet client and in-house needs. Created custom
database and utility software for both client and in-house use in
various programming languages. Performed customer support
through telephone and hands-on instruction. Installed,
maintained and repaired IBM PC and compatible computers and
Novell network. Set up and maintained 36-line public access
computer bulletin board/Internet access service. Created online
communities and managed efforts of volunteer staff.

Oct 1991 – Nov 1994         Planned Parenthood, S. Barbara CA
Database Programmer (Part-Time)
Responsible for the maintenance, enhancement and
documentation of patient record keeping and Medi-Cal billing
software written in Clipper 5.0. Created special utility software to
meet changing statistical reporting needs. Instructed staff on
operation of computers. Troubleshot and repaired IBM PC and
compatible computers. Recommended and selected various
applications software for internal use.

Jan 1991 – June 1992       Alan Hancock College, S. Maria CA
Laboratory Instructor (Part-Time)
Assisted students in understanding and completing assignments in
the self-paced computer lab. Provided instruction on the basic
operation of equipment and applications software available.

Jan 1990 – May 1990                         Lockheed, VAFB CA
Data Processor
Designed, coded, documented and instructed end-users on
various software projects relating to the Titan IV launch effort.
Analyzed, modified and improved existing code related to Titan IV
support. Designed, documented and created custom software
used for the tracking the creation and disposal of hazardous waste
                2001 - Member, Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce
                2001 - Technical Reviewer, Harley Hahn’s Internet Security
                2001 - Published author, Silicon 2.0 Magazine
                1997 - Saved Mercer Global Advisors approximately $300,000 in
                training costs by developing an in-house training program
                1995 – Member, Association of On-Line Professionals
                1990 – Secret Security Clearance (Lockheed Missiles & Space
                1988 – Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honors and Upsilon Pi
                Epsilon Computer Sciences Honors Societies.
                1985 – Top Secret Security Clearance (Barquist Engineering
                Company, Inc.)

                Humboldt State University, Arcata CA
                Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems
                Minor in Business Administration, graduated with honors

                College of the Redwoods, Eureka CA
                Associate of Arts, Liberal Studies
                Graduated with highest honors

Web Portfolio
                Ebberts Heritage GMAC Real Estate
                Created database-aware real estate listings and staff biographies.
                Graphic design and ongoing site maintenance.

                Silicon 2.0 .NET Developer’s Portal
                Created database-driven content management and administration
                system. (Graphic design by Silicon 2.0)

                Slippery Business
                Created database-aware web catalog system and graphic design.

                Taylored Software
                Created database-driven client/portfolio list which displays clients,
                projects and technologies used for each project. Graphic design.

                The VON Coalition
                Created database aware website and administrative functionality
                for user management, dynamically displayed sponsors,
                downloadable file library and calendar of events. (Graphic design
                by Atrium Design)

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