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Objective:    Seeking work in a fast growth and challenging environment where I may
              utilize my extensive experience in new media development and design.

Experience:   Contractor, New York                                          2006 to Present

               Engaged with prospective clients for potential business opportunities.
               Utilized my extensive computer graphic art experience on multiple projects
                across diverse industries including: illustration, animation, video/audio
                integration, online and interactive multi-media.
               Custom designed and developed client proprietary websites using diverse
                software applications for various businesses and industries.
               Custom work entailed graphic design, web page coding and complete
                corporate image development, site registration and associated web
                animation work when required using Adobe’s Creative Suite applications
                such as, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash.
               Corporate Image development included designing and developing all
                client’s company-wide logos, literature, business cards, mailers and many
                other print media advertisements utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator and
               Created static and interactive mock websites, applications (UI & functions)
                and planned ad campaign presentations for prospective clients over
                projection slides or video DVDs using Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver,
                PowerPoint, After Effects, Encore and Audition.
               Maintained constant client communication with all pertinent project details
                until completion.
               Designed and developed company wide database applications for clients
                in the medical and real-estate industry using Adobe Dreamweaver,
                Microsoft ASP 3.0 and Microsoft SQL database applications.

               Clients included:

                    Edge Display Group Enterprise                        May-Aug 2008
                     Client required a custom built online catalog system, replacing an
                     existing obsolete system, to service the client’s corporate customers
                     including Coca-Cola Enterprises & PepsiCo, all with an easy to use UI.
                     The backend required communication of data to Coca-Cola’s internal
                     corporate open catalog interface system. The system also allowed for
                     internal business operations such as sales leads and custom orders,
                     submitted by regional account managers located around the country.
                     A simple & clean user interface was required so that client's
                     employees may quickly become productive minimal introduction.
                     Photoshop & Fireworks designed mockups, flowcharts and wireframes
                     where presented and approved by client. Java Script, HTML, CSS,
                     ASP & MS SQL were used for Development.
      Profusion Management, Inc.                              April-May 2007
       A start-up of construction contractors providing home assurance,
       required a brand new corporate identity including web presence.
       Designed and developed full marketing and image brand awareness
       material for print and web including logos, business cards, brochures,
       flyers and website. Took advantage of most of the adobe creative suite
       applications required to develop a full corporate image including
       Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready, InDesign for print media designs.
       Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects were used for website work and
       associated motion graphic.

      Novelty Realty, Inc.                              January-February 2007
       Real Estate Broker required a website to advertise agent property
       listings. Client required easy access for individual agents to update
       their associated listings. Project emphasized ease of use for non-tech-
       savvy users. Web designs were developed around a preexisting
       corporate image including use of preexisting CSS style sheets. The
       Tools used includes Photoshop and Image Ready for interactive site
       mock-ups. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Dreamweaver used for
       online front-end development of website, landing page and over-all
       agent user experience. ASP and SQL used for backend.

       Affordable Fertility Care Clinic                January-March 2006
       Designed and develop web presence and an internal browser-based
       patient management system. The client required a website, including a
       custom designed professional identity, to advertise services. The client
       also required a custom built paperless-office system accessible from
       clinics in multiple locations. Photoshop was used to build static mock-
       ups of website and patient management system, based on needs
       specified by the clients, then presented for approval. Website and
       Patient management system were developed with Dreamweaver
       under an ASP/MSSQL framework.

       Independent Real-Estate Agents                              2005-2007
       Clients included numerous independent agents in the real-estate and
       mortgage industry working under large realty brands such as RE/MAX
       International, Inc., Century 21 Real Estate LLC, Countrywide Home
       Loans and Coldwell Banker LLC. Work entailed designing
       advertisements for print magazines, flyers, brochures, business cards
       on a regular/irregular biases, depending on client. Designs adhered to
       print specification and standards. Tools used included Photoshop,
       Illustrator, InDesign, Quark Express and Microsoft Office.

American Print Media / Latinopress, NY                            2004 to 2006

 Performed job duties as senior web and advertisement content director.
 Coordinated and developed all of client's online and print advertisements
  including all demos and proofs.
 Designed magazine layouts and corporate identities including logos,
  brochures, business cards, flyers, etc. using Adobe’s Creative Suite
                  applications and Quark Express.
                 Designed and developed company's and client's websites using
                  Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash.
                 Designed and developed internal company web-based listing database
                  systems using Microsoft ASP 3.0 and Microsoft SQL database.

                RE/MAX Today / Mortgage World Bankers, NY                           2003 to 2004

                      Job responsibilities entailed the custom design, testing, integration and
                      implementation of client’s office management application with online
                      access capabilities.
                     Project scope entailed coding frontend end-user interface design, backend
                      application coding, database development, testing and management.
                     Coordinated design and development of client’s web base applications,
                      database and agent websites using Dreamweaver, Microsft ASP 3.0 and
                      Microsoft SQL database applications.
                     Collaborated with client’s system administration team in integration of
                      application into existing server infrastructure.
                     Job duties also included website and networking maintenance and
                      technical troubleshooting, including end-user training of windows and
                      custom applications.
                     Created prototype website and application designs for demo and
                      presentation purposes utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and
                     Preformed presentations of prototype designs for approval and finalized
                      applications for training purposes.
                     Designs for advertisement layouts and promotions for client’s print media

Application Skills:

                     Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended            Luxology Modo
                     Adobe Illustrator CS3                   Newtek Lightwave
                     Adobe Dreamweaver CS3                   ToonBoom Studio
                     Adobe Flash CS3                         ToonBoom Solo/Digital Pro
                     Adobe Indesign CS3                      ToonBoom Storyboard
                     Adobe After Effects CS3                 Microsoft Office 2007
                     Adobe Audition CS3                      Microsoft SQL 2005
                     Adobe Encore CS3                        Microsoft ASP 3.0
                     Quark Express 6.5
                 Co-founded real estate magazine publisher and agent advertisement firm
                  Latinopres/American Print Media.
                 Lead Art Director of an independent computer game development team.
                 Received numerous artistic student awards of achievement in the field of
                  digital media.

                 Bayside High School, NY
 Harper College, IL

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