Barcelona and Valencia, unavoidable cities of Spain

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					Barcelona and Valencia, unavoidable cities of Spain
By : Raphaël Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, the destination for summer holidays or to find the city of Gaudí. In any case, a unique city to visit. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourists. Ask them what Spain and most of them will tell you that Spain is Barcelona. If you choose this destination, the best way to learn about all aspects of the city is to be in an apartment downtown. For information on Barcelona, we must find those little places that make each different city and thus be able to capture all aspects of this city so impressive, finding a small apartment in Las Saddle "or" Paseo de Gracia is the solution. And now Friendly Rentals offers great apartments for you to keep a unique souvenir of your visit. Click on " Barcelona apartments and you will find hundreds of offers that fit probably your desires. This way you will discover a city of Barcelona different from what everyone knows. And what about Valencia. Not so far from Barcelona, some 400 kilometers south, you will find a beautiful city, which every March 19 is transformed to accommodate the Falls, a spectacular show in Spain. With 800,000 inhabitants, this city is not well known among tourists, who often prefer to spend their vacation in nearby villages: Cullera, Gandía? However, you can enjoy that aspect of "unknown" of the city to walk the streets of this city that probably will surprise you. So why not rent an apartment in the center and go and the subway? In the section Valencia rental you will have many offers that interest you. A perfect plan for your vacation might include a few days in Barcelona, the city of art and Dalí, to descend thereafter to Valencia, "the great unknown", a city of modern architecture. In Valencia you can visit the City of Arts and Sciences, and enjoy a delicious paella, Spanish dish, originally from Valencia. And if you have time, why not relax on the beach Malvarrosa?