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Photo courtesy of George Mason University

      Long and Kimmy Nguyen Engineering Building, home of
  the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering,
     George Mason University, and Chi Epsilon’s 136th Chapter


The Civil Engineering Honor Society

Fall 2010 * Volume 82 * Number 2
                              NATIONAL COUNCIL

                                                  METROPOLITAN DISTRICT COUNCILLOR
        DR. DEE ANN SANDERS, P.E. (Mar. 2004)            Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engrg. Dept.
        School of Civil & Environmental Engrg            Stevens Institute of Technology
        Oklahoma State University                        Castle Point on the Hudson
        207 Engineering South                            Hoboken, NJ 07030-5991
        Stillwater, OK 74078-5033                        Phone                   (201) 216-5340
        Phone                (405) 744-9302              Fax                     (201) 216-5352
        Fax                  (405) 744-7554              E-MAIL: hdobbela@stevens.edu
        Email: deeann@okstate.edu
                                                  NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT COUNCILLOR
        PROF. RANDALL D. AKIONA (Mar. 2002)              Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
        School of Architecture                           Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
        University of Hawaii at Manoa                    110 Eighth St.
        2410 Campus Rd, Rm 301D                          Troy, NY 12180-3590
        Honolulu, HI 96822-2216                          Phone                 (518) 276-6938
        Phone                  (808) 956-6845            Fax                   (518) 276-4833
        Fax                    (808) 956-7778            E-MAIL: symans@rpi.edu
        E-MAIL: rakiona@hotmail.com
                                                  NORTH CENTRAL DISTRICT COUNCILLOR
COUNCILLOR                                                 DR. THOMAS B. NELSON, P.E. (Mar. 1998)
       DR. THOMAS F. WOLFF, P.E (Mar. 2010)                Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
       Michigan State University                           University of Wisconsin at Platteville
       Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies            1 University Plaza
       1415 Engineering Building                           Platteville, WI 53818-3099
       East Lansing, MI 48824-1226                         Phone                 (608) 342-1553
       Phone                (517) 355-5128                 Fax                   (608) 342-1566
       Fax                  (517) 432-1356                 E–MAIL: nelsont@uwplatt.edu
       E-Mail: wolff@egr.msu.edu
                                                  ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT COUNCILLOR
COUNCILLOR, and PAST PRESIDENT                           Civil Engineering Dept.
       DR. OLIN K. DART, Jr, P.E. (Mar. 1980)            University of Utah
       8775 Airline Highway                              122 S. Central Campus Dr., Ste 104
       Baton Rouge, LA 70815-4002                        Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0561
       Phone                (225) 924-6356               Phone                 (801) 581-3155
       Fax                  (225) 926-5711               Fax                   (801) 585-5477
       E-MAIL: okdjrpe@cox.net                           E-MAIL: jchambers@civil.utah.edu

  PAST PRESIDENT                                        DR. ROBERT L. HENRY, P.E. (Apr. 1988)
          DR. GREGORY D. REED, P.E. (Mar. 2000)         3510 Fox Glen Dr.
	         Office	of	Research                            Colleyville, TX 76034-5130
          University of Tennessee                       Phone                (817) 355-0313
          1534 White Ave                                Cell                 (817) 797-0899
          Knoxville, TN 37996-1529                      E-MAIL: henryrs@att.com
          Phone                 (865) 974-0437
          Fax                   (865) 974-7400    COUNCILLORS EMERITUS and
          E-MAIL: gdreed@utk.edu                  NATIONAL PAST SECRETARIES-TREASURERS
                                                         Prof. Dexter C. Jameson, Jr., P.E. (Sept. 1970)
                                                         Dr. Eugene A. Glysson, P.E. (Mar. 1982)
The Transit
of Chi Epsilon
The Civil Engineering Honor Society


136th Chapter at George Mason University.................................................................... 2
Reactivation of Two Chi Espilon Chapters...................................................................... 3
the Susan C. Brown Outstanding Performance Award winners.................................... 4
the 2010 Harold T. Larsen Award recipient..................................................................... 5
Recognizing the University of Texas at Arlington........................................................... 6
The 42nd Conclave in Pictures......................................................................................... 7
Chapter Honor Members.................................................................................................. 9
Recognition of Scholarship Contributions....................................................................... 15
Chi Epsilon Member Deaths 2010.................................................................................... 19
Mourning John A Focht Jr................................................................................................ 20
Chapter Reports Index...................................................................................................... 21
Chi Epsilon Chapter Directory......................................................................................... 22
National Honor Members List.......................................................................................... 25

University of Texas at Arlington
Box 19316
Arlington, TX 76019-0316
866-554-0553 toll-free
817-272-2752 local
817-272-3245 fax

Thomas M. Petry
Executive Secretary
           The 136th Chapter is Installed at George Mason University

          The 42nd Conclave at the
University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
approved the petition of the Civil En-
gineering Honor Society (CEHS) at
George Mason University (GMU) to
become Chi Epsilon’s 136th chapter.
The CEHS was founded in the fall of
2008, having been proposed by Dr.
Girum Urgessa, a faculty member of
the Civil, Environmental and Infra-
structure Engineering Department at
GMU. George Mason University is lo-
cated in Fairfax, Virginia. The Department is part of the Volgenau School of Information
Technology and Engineering.
          The Civil Engineering program at George Mason was founded in 1989 and is an in-
novative Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (CIE) program that resides at the crossroads
of civil engineering, information technology (IT), and urban planning. This extended scope
of this CIE degree program offers GMU graduates the opportunity to apply IT solutions in
an arena which will directly impact the public’s well being in the specialties of transporta-
tion, water resources, environment, telecommunications, and energy. The unique CIE pro-
gram focuses on how these interrelated systems are conceived, developed, designed, built,
maintained, and renewed in a complex urban environment, such as the Washington, D.C.
metropolitan area where GMU is located.
          CEIE graduates are expected to be competent in applying both the art and science
of engineering, adept at understanding and using the tools available, and capable of examin-
                                                    ing problems from a variety of perspec-
                                                    tives. He or she should also be able to
                                                    assess objectives and concerns, identify
                                                    potential solutions, analyze options,
                                                    and execute a solution. CIE graduates
                                                    work for organizations including: land
                                                    development	 and	 construction	 firms;	
                                                     departments	of	transportation;	consult-
                                                     ing	engineers;		water,	wastewater,	and	
                                                     power	utilities;	local	governments;	and	
                                                     information	technology	firms.	
                                                           On May 2, 2010, Chi Epsilon’s
                                                     President, Dr. Dee Ann Sanders, along
                                                     with Dr. Gregory Reed, Cumberland
                                                     District Councillor and Past President,
                                                     and Dr. Thomas Petry, Executive Sec-
                                                     retary, visited George Mason Univer-
sity to install the new Chi Epsilon chapter. The ceremony took place in the Long and
THE TRANSIT                                     2                                fall 2010
Kimmy Nguyen Engineering Building.
(see photos at top of previous page &
front cover) This building is the largest
academic building on the Fairfax cam-
pus and was inaugurated in October of
2009. Dr. Girum Urgessa assisted the
national	officers	of	Chi	Epsilon	in	ini-
tiating 26 new members of Chi Epsilon
and installing the GMU chapter and its
first	 officers.	 The	 ceremony	 was	 fol-
lowed by a catered dinner served in the
atrium of the new engineering building.
The new members received their cer-
tificates	and	keys	at	the	dinner,	where	Dr. Sanders welcomed them and their chapter as an
active part of Chi Epsilon. (see photo at bottom of previous page)
          The new Chi Epsilon members and charter members of the George Mason Uni-
versity chapter are: Jose Armando Alas Barrientos, Adam John Behrens, Travis Paul
Brown, Mariana Ximena Cruz, Meredith Ashleigh Cutchin, Vuong (Victor) Quoc
Dang, Soroush Fakhriyazdi, Ister Patricia Gonzalez-Tellez, John Norman Guenther,
Anthony Eugene Hambrick, Ryan Allen Hickox, Casey Ray Hudson, Trevor Knight
Hughes, Moustafa Hazem Ibrahim Awad, Mark Thomas Jacyna, Abhishek Kapoor,
James Andrew Milliken, Maurice Albert O’Connor, Michael Louis Ouellet, Jason
Scott Remer, Gail Eliana Rios Vidal, Megan Rafia Salame, Karim Sameh Shalaby,
Kristen Renee Stevens, Aaron David Tenney, and Alexandru Zaharia. (see photo
	         The	 officers	 installed	 are:	 	 Mariana X. Cruz,	 president;	 	 Kristen R. Stevens,
vice-president;	Travis P. Brown,	treasurer;	Trevor K. Hughes,	secretary/associate	editor;	
James A. Milliken,	marshal;	and	Dr. Girum S. Urgessa, Faculty Advisor.

              Chi Epsilon Celebrates Reactivation of Two Chapters

         During this calendar year, two Chi Epsilon chapters that had become inactive over
the	years	since	they	were	installed	have	become	reactivated.			The	first	was	the	chapter	at	
Illinois Institute of Technology. This chapter was the second formed in 1923 when the
Society was starting to grow. Unfortunately, it became inactive in 2002. The CE Depart-
ment Chairman, Dr. Jamshid Mohammadi was instrumental in the reactivation of chapter
number 2 in November of 2009, and this chapter was represented at the 42nd Conclave at
the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. They initiated 19 new student members and their
new Faculty Advisor, Dr. Mehdi Modares. We all are pleased to welcome the IIT chapter
number 2 into active status.
         The other chapter reactivated during 2010 was the one at New York University-
Poly. The chapter, number 31, was installed in 1949 as Polytechnic University of New
York, and had been inactive since 2001. Dr. Fletcher H. Griffis, Jr., who became the chap-
ter’s Faculty Advisor, was highly involved in making them active this year. The chapter

THE TRANSIT                                      3                                 fall 2010
initiated 21 new members into Chi Epsilon. We wish to welcome this chapter back to active
status and will look forward to learning about their endeavors. This brings the total number
of active chapters in Chi Epsilon to 129.

                    Thirteen Chi Epsilon Chapters Receive
               Susan C. Brown Outstanding Performance Awards

        The Susan C. Brown Award for Outstanding Performance was given to 13 chapters
during 42nd Conclave held at the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. The three chapters
denoted with the * were winners for the second Conclave in a row. This award is given to
chapters	that	have	conducted	their	chapter	business	in	a	flawless,	exemplary	way	during	the	
time between Conclaves. For the three chapters given this award for the second consecu-
tive time this means conducting chapter business perfectly for four straight years!
        The chapters receiving the Susan C. Brown Award for 2010 are:

                                  Iowa State University
                                   Marquette University
                                 Northeastern University
                               Oklahoma State University
                        Southern Illinois Universtiy-Edwardsville*
                             Southern Methodist University
                                   University of Dayton
                                  University of Florida*
                                University of Michigan*
                                University of Notre Dame
                                 University of Oklahoma
                               University of Rhode Island
                                   Villanova University

THE TRANSIT                                    4                                 fall 2010
                    Dr. Neilon J. Rowan is honored by receiving
                         the 2010 Harold T. Larsen Award

                                                  Chi Epsilon’s highest honor awarded for
                                            service to the Society was awarded this year to
                                            Dr. Neilon J. Rowan, the retiring Editor of the
                                            Transit. Neil is only the 18th member to be so
                                            honored	 since	 the	 first	 was	 awarded	 in	 1977.	
                                            The Larsen Award is named for Harold T. Lar-
                                            sen and was established at the 24th Conclave of
                                            Chi Epsilon. Harold T. Larsen was a founding
                                            member of Chi Epsilon and served the Society
                                            as Secretary/Treasurer during 1922 to 1924 and
                                            again	from	1926	to	1928.		He	was	the	first	Edi-
tor	of	the	Transit,	serving	from	1922	to	1924.		It	is	fitting	that	Dr.	Rowan,	Editor	of	the	
Transit	from	1988	to	2010,	receive	this	honor.		He	has	exemplified	the	outstanding	service	
and adherence to the four pillars of Chi Epsilon-Scholarship, Character, Practicality, and
         Dr. Rowan was initiated into Chi Epsilon as a faculty member in the spring of 1964
at Texas A&M University. He was elevated to Chapter Honor Member by the chapter in
1983. He served the Texas A&M University chapter as Faculty Advisor from 1987 to 1997.
He stepped in as interim Southwest District Councillor during 1987-1988 and became Edi-
tor of the Transit in 1988. His many years of
dedicated service to Chi Epsilon and its mem-
bers have been outstanding, and he is certainly
deserving of this high honor.
         Since Dr. Rowan was unable to at-
tend last spring’s Conclave at the University
of	Alabama-Tuscaloosa,	due	to	health	difficul-
ties, Dr. Robert L. Henry, Southwest District
Councillor, and Dr. Thomas M. Petry, Execu-
tive Secretary, traveled to see him in November,
representing the National Council. During the
short visit they presented Dr. Rowan with his
2010 Harold T. Larsen Award. Pictures show
Dr. Rowan with Dr. Henry and Dr. Petry, and a
closeup of Dr. Rowan with his award. It is easy
to see how surprised and pleased he is of this
highest honor. All of Chi Epsilon is thankful
for Dr. Rowan’s excellent service and we wish
him well, while we hope to see him soon at Chi
Epsilon meetings.

THE TRANSIT                                      5                                  fall 2010
                    Chi Epsilon Recognizes the Contributions of
                        the University of Texas at Arlington

                                                             The University of Texas at Ar-
                                                      lington has been the home of the Chi
                                                      Epsilon	 National	 Office	 since	 1993.	   	
                                                      Although	 the	 office	 has	 been	 located	
                                                      in differing spaces within the School of
                                                      Engineering buildings, UTA and, spe-
                                                      cifically,	 the	 Dean	 of	 Engineering	 and	
                                                      the Civil Engineering Department have
                                                      made sure there was adequate space for
                                                      Society operations to take place. Dur-
                                                      ing these seventeen plus years, the Na-
                                                      tional	Office	and	Chi	Epsilon	have	en-
                                                      joyed free space and utilities, as well as
                                                      being part of the College of Engineer-
ing. This year the Conclave voted to recognize UTA for its generous support over these
        It was originally hoped that Dr. Bill Carroll, the Dean of Engineering at UTA,
would attend the Conclave to receive his recognition. However, since he was unable to at-
tend, Dr. Robert L. Henry, Southwest District Councillor, and Dr. Thomas M. Petry, Ex-
ecutive Secretary, presented the award
to	Dr.	Carroll	at	his	office	as	shown	in	
the accompanying picture above.
        Since the Civil Engineering
Department has been a long-time sup-
porter of Chi Epsilon at UTA and has
been the “home” department of Chi
Epsilon’s	 National	 Office	 and	 staff,	 it	
was decided to further recognize the
years of continuous support by the De-
partment. Dr. Henry and Dr. Petry pre-
sented an award to Dr. Nur Yazdani,
the department chairman, for the De-
partment’s service to Chi Epsilon. The
accompanying picture, above right, is of this presentation at the CE Department.
	       It	is	essential	that	the	national	office	of	Chi	Epsilon	be	housed	in	a	university	set-
ting. We are sincerely grateful for all the years of support that UTA, the College of Engi-
neering, and the Civil Engineering Department have given to us.

THE TRANSIT                                       6                                  fall 2010
THE TRANSIT   7   fall 2010
THE TRANSIT   8   fall 2010
                           CHAPTER HONOR MEMBERS

                             S. KENDALL ANDERSON, PE
                              Virginia Polytechnic Institute

                                   Mr. Anderson is a licensed P.E. and surveyor with a B.S.
                            in Civil Engineering and a M.S. in Environmental Engineering
                            from Virginia Tech. He entered Tech in the fall of 1957 and
                            worked with Howard Lanier Construction Company and the
                            Virginia Department of Transportation as a co-op student during
                            his undergraduate years. After graduating, he entered the U.S.
                            Army Corps of Engineers and served two years as a Lieutenant
                            in Kitzengen, Germany. Discharged from active duty in 1964,
                            he worked as a design engineer with J.K. Timmons and Associ-
                            ates in Richmond before returning to Virginia Tech for graduate
                                   In 1968, Ken Anderson started a small engineering com-
                            pany while earning his master’s degree from Virginia Tech. To-
day, he is president and CEO of Anderson & Associates, Inc., an employee-owned profes-
sional	design	services	firm	with	six	offices	in	three	states.		In	1997,	the	firm	was	identified	
as	one	of	the	Fantastic	50	fastest	growing	firms	in	Virginia,	and	it	is	currently	listed	as	one	
of the nation’s Top 500 Design Firms by the trade journal, Engineering News Record.
         Anderson and Associates has become widely known as a leader in technological
innovations that improve engineering practice, and Ken holds several positions that focus
on using technology to improve the community as well. He currently is serving a four-
year gubernatorial appointment on the Virginia Geographic Information Network Division
         A long-time resident of Blacksburg, Mr. Anderson has been instrumental in bring-
ing economic development to the region. He recently served as Co-Vice Chair of the New
Century Council, an organization that mapped out a 20-year plan for the future of the Al-
leghany Highlands and the New River and Roanoke Valleys.
         Mr. Anderson has served as President of the Virginia Society of Professional En-
gineers (VSPE) and Vice-President of the Consulting Engineers Council of Virginia. The
VSPE has honored him with the Outstanding Service Award, the Distinguished Service
Award, and Engineer of the Year Award.

                                 WALTER G. HINES, PE
                                   New Mexico State

        Walter G. Hines received his B.S.C.E. in 1966 and his M.S.C.E. in 1967, both from
New Mexico State University. He is currently employed as a Senior Engineer with CH2M
HILL in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His responsibilities include managing and marketing
water resource engineering projects throughout New Mexico and the southwest. He cur-
rently heads up several portions of the city of Albuquerque’s long-range water supply

THE TRANSIT                                      9                                  fall 2010
project. Walter is a registered professional engineer in Arizona,
Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon.
         Mr. Hines has more than thirty years of experience in
water resources and environmental engineering with a strong
background in water supply planning, water quality and hydro-
logic investigations and water system design, including ground-
water and wells. He has conducted water quality investigations
on a number of streams and rivers, including the Colorado, Upper
Mississippi, Lower Columbia, Willamette, Illinois, Gila, Pecos,
and Rio Grande. Groundwater projects include investigations
in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Nevada, and
the design and drilling of high-capacity production/ recharge
wells for the Las Vegas Valley Water District. Mr. Hines has
served as an expert witness and mediated disputes in cases involving waste treatment, water
quality,	flooding,	and	water	rights	and	represented	private	clients	before	various	regulatory	

                                 DENNIS M. KAMBER
                              Virginia Polytechnic Institute

                                   Mr. Kamber earned his BS in civil engineering in 1964 at
                            Virginia Tech. He was a member of the Corps of Cadets and par-
                            ticipated	in	the	Freshman	Rifle	Team	and	Track	Team.		For	eight	
                            years, Mr. Kamber has served on the Virginia Tech CEE Depart-
                            ment’s Alumni Board, including two years as board chairman.
                            For four years, he has served as a member of the College of
                            Engineering’ s Advisory Board, serving as its chair for one year.
                            Mr. Kamber has been a member of the College’s Committee of
                            100 for many years. In addition, he and his wife are members
                            of the Ut Prosim Society, and they have endowed a scholarship
                            within the College of Engineering.
                                   Dennis Kamber was the founder and president of Kamber
                            Engineering, Inc., a multi-faceted civil and environmental engi-
                            neering	firm,	in	Maryland,	Northern	Virginia,	and	West	Virginia.	 	
                            After 19 years of successful project development, the company
was sold to Chester Engineers, a publicly-traded company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.
In the mid 1990s, he accepted a leadership position with Earth Tech, Inc., where he directed
the Water and Wastewater Engineering Practice in North America. Under his leadership,
the company achieved the No. 1 ranking in Engineering News Record as the Top Designer
in both wastewater treatment, and water supply and treatment. Mr. Kamber currently serves
as senior vice president and director of the Water Resources Practice for ARCADIC, a top
ten	global	engineering	firm	with	international	headquarters	in	the	Netherlands.
	        Throughout	his	professional	career,	Mr.	Kamber	has	exemplified	vision	and	leader-
ship in the engineering community. Peers assert that his creativity and essential grasp of
future trends, an effective strategy to project approach, and ability to position appropriate
THE TRANSIT                                    10                                  fall 2010
resources has been the key to his successful execution on complex projects. The Water
Environment Federation recognized Mr. Kamber with its George Schroepfer Medal for
excellence in wastewater facilities design, and the Chesapeake Water Environment Federa-
tion presented its Leonard Glass Award to him. He and his team received the Construction
Management Association’s Project of the Year Award for the work being done at Deer
Island. Additionally, he received the National Honor Award from the American Council of
Engineering Companies for his innovative design on sequenced batch treatment.

                               THOMAS J. KIMES, PE
                          University of Missouri - Kansas City

        Thomas J. Kimes, P.E. is an alumnus of the University
of Missouri-Kansas City and adjunct professor for the capstone
design class, which recently received one of the 2009 NCEES
Engineering Awards. He received his Bachelor of Science de-
gree in civil engineering and is in progress on his Ph.D. degree
from the University of Missouri–Kansas City. Tom has been a
professional engineer since 1997 in the state of Missouri. He
is a member of the American Public Works Association, and
the University of Missouri–Kansas City’s Civil and Mechani-
cal Engineering Advisory Board. Tom has over twenty years
of experience as a civil engineer and project manager. He has
completed projects for federal, state and local agencies and private clients throughout the
United States. His work has ranged from site and transportation design for military bases,
structural	and	foundations	design	for	utility	and	industrial	clients,	to	management	of	flood	
control projects. Mr. Kimes is a project manager at HDR Engineering.

                            A. J. P. “SONNY” LAUNEY, PE
                           University of Louisiana - Lafayette

                                  Sonny Launey graduated from UL with a BS in 1968 and
                           a MS in 1969 in Civil Engineering. He was commissioned a 2nd
                           Lt. in the USAF working in engineering and research. He joined
                           Freeport-McMoRan in 1974, working in Engineering, Mainte-
                           nance, Construction and Marine Operations. He joined Denson
                           Engineers in 1996. His activities have involved both Civil and
                           Structural projects, and Forensic Engineering.
                                  Sonny is a licensed Engineer in Louisiana and Texas and
                           is an emeritus member of Louisiana’s Engineering and Survey-
                           ing Licensing Board. Sonny is also a member of the Louisiana
                           Engineering Society as well as a Life Member of the American
Society of Civil Engineers and is on the UL Alumni Association Council. He is a member
of the Civil Engineering advisory board and is also an adjunct professor in Civil Engineer-

THE TRANSIT                                    11                                fall 2010
                                 HENRY D. PERAHIA, PE
                                 City College of New York

         Mr. Perahia is the Department of Transportation’s Chief
Engineer	 as	 well	 as	 its	 Chief	 Bridge	 Officer.	 Mr.	 Perahia	 is	 a	
lifelong New Yorker, with both Bachelors and Masters degrees
in Engineering from the City College of New York. He is also
a Professional Engineer, licensed in the states of New York and
New Jersey.
	        For	the	first	11	years	of	his	career,	he	worked	for	pri-
vate consultants in the planning, licensing, designing, construct-
ing and operating of large industrial facilities. In 1983, he left
the private sector to work for the New York City Department of
Sanitation, and was the Director of Engineering for the Bureau of Waste Disposal. In that
capacity, he was responsible for all the engineering and planning activities of the Bureau.
         In 1989, Mr. Perahia joined the Department of Transportation as the Director of
Engineering Management for the Bureau of Transit Operations. In that capacity, he was
responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of all the bureau’s capital and
expense projects.
         In 1994, Mr. Perahia was appointed Assistant Commissioner for Bridge Mainte-
nance, Inspections and Operations. In that capacity, he was responsible for the maintenance
and inspection of all of the City-owned bridges. He directed a staff of approximately 650
engineers, trades people, analysts, and clerical personnel. Major accomplishments included
instituting a preventive maintenance program for East River Bridges, initiatives for the use
of salt substitutes, and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for lead paint
         In 1998, Mr. Perahia was promoted to Chief Engineer of the Department. In 1999,
he	 was	 given	 the	 added	 responsibilities	 of	 Chief	 Bridge	 Officer.	As	 Chief	 Engineer,	 he	
serves as the Department’s representative on all engineering issues, including review of all
major Department projects, response to engineering emergencies, and advising the Com-
missioner	on	all	engineering	issues.	As	Chief	Bridge	Officer,	he	is	responsible	for	the	plan-
ning and administration of all aspects of design, construction and maintenance of approxi-
mately 750 city-owned bridges, tunnels, and culverts.

                           ELIZABETH (LISA) WEBSTER, PE
                              New Mexico State University

         Lisa Webster holds a BS degree in civil engineering from New Mexico State Uni-
versity (NMSU), Las Cruces (1989). She has been with Chavez-Grieves Consulting Engi-
neers, Inc. since 1992. Her experience includes facilities for both the private and public sec-
tors. She leads a team of architects, engineers, and technicians in solving complex solutions
and performing detailed designs for various project types. Ms. Webster has been involved
with the National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCEES) since 1997.
She is Vice Chair of the Civil Engineering Committee. She also served on the Construc-

THE TRANSIT                                      12                                   fall 2010
                         tion Industries Commission from 2001 to 2003. She served as
                         Chavez-Grieves’ multi-discipline Program Manager at Los Ala-
                         mos National Laboratory, and is currently the Program Manager
                         for Chavez-Grieves for a “Partnering” contract at Sandia Na-
                         tional Laboratories.
                         	      Ms.	 Webster	 served	 as	 the	 first	 woman	 President	 of	 the	
                         American Society of Civil Engineers, New Mexico Section and
                         has held many leadership positions with that organization. She
                         also served as the Structural Team Lead for the Architectural
                         Surety	 Code	 Team	 with	 Lynne	 Behnfield-Thomas	 of	 Rebuild	
                         New Mexico. She has been named Centennial Distinguished
                         Alumnus of the College of Engineering (1996), Member and
Secretary of the CAGE Academy of the NMSU Civil Engineering Department, Outstand-
ing Alumni (1995). She has also headed the Rotary Club of Albuquerque’s Annual Family
FUN Fiesta Charitable Event. She currently serves as a member of the Department Head
Sear Committee of the Civil Engineering Department and a member of the Engineering
Dean’s Advisory Council of NMSU.

                        DR. RICHARD E. WOODRING, PE
                               Drexel University

         Dr. Richard E. Woodring, P.E., has devoted his entire
career to enhancing the education of engineers of tomorrow as
Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of the College of En-
gineering of Drexel University
         A registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania,
Dr. Woodring holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
from Drexel Institute of Technology and Master of Science and
Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Illinois.
He joined Drexel’s faculty in 1956, as an Instructor and was
promoted to professor in 1968. During his academic career he
has conducted fundamental research studies on the behavior of
structural members and the design of reinforced concrete struc-
         In 1974, he was appointed Dean of Engineering. As Dean, Dr. Woodring guided
Drexel’s College of Engineering through a period of unprecedented growth and develop-
ment. Dr. Woodring was also instrumental in developing interdisciplinary programs to
prepare	students	for	the	emerging	challenges	in	the	environmental	and	biomedical	fields.	 	
Dr. Woodring initiated the creation of a new approach to Engineering Education called En-
hanced Engineering Education Experience. This program has received wide acclimation
from both industry and academia.
         Dr. Woodring has been an important force in encouraging African Americans,
Hispanic Americans and other minorities to pursue engineering studies. He is one of the
founders of PRIME, (Philadelphia Regional Introduction for Minorities to Engineering--

THE TRANSIT                                     13                                  fall 2010
a Delaware Valley consortium dedicated to preparing minorities for careers in science and
         Dr. Woodring has received two awards. In 1987, he was named “Delaware Valley
Engineer of the Year” by the Delaware Valley chapter of the Engineering and Technical So-
cieties Council, and in 1982, received the Reginald H. Jones Distinguished Service Award
of the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.
         In 1989, he was appointed Vice-President for Student Life at Drexel. In this posi-
tion he was responsible for the quality of students’ lives outside of the classroom.
         In 1992, Professor Woodring returned to the Engineering faculty in the Civil and
Architectural Engineering Department. Dr. Woodring retired in June 1995, as Dean of
Engineering Emeritus and continues to work in K-12 science, mathematics and technology
educational activities.
	        	In	recognition	of	his	contributions	to	the	field,	Dr.	Woodring	has	had	many	hon-
ors bestowed upon him, including the Civil and Architectural Engineering Laboratories at
Drexel University being named “The Richard E. Woodring Laboratories” in 2000.


To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engi-
neer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

Q:	What	is	the	definition	of	an	engineer?	
A: Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had, in a way you don’t under-

Q:	How	do	you	drive	an	engineer	completely	insane?	
A: Tie him to a chair, stand in front of him, and fold up a road map the wrong way.

Three engineers were huddled together discussing the nature of God.

The mechanical engineer said he was sure that God had to be a mechanical engineer. Why,
just study the perfect harmony of the human body’s movement and the way that the bones
fit	together;	and	how	the	muscles	and	ligatures	formed	the	perfect	pulley	system.	

The electrical engineer said no way was God a mechanical engineer. God must be an elec-
trical engineer. Just look at the way the central nervous system worked together with im-
pulses passing along and crossing synapses and besides without this marvelous electrical
feat the bones and muscles would not work.

Well, the civil engineer said that the one thing he did know was that God was NOT a civil
engineer, because no self-respecting civil engineer would have located the waste disposal
facilities next to the recreational facilities.
THE TRANSIT                                     14                                  fall 2010
The following Chi Epsilon members made a contribution to the Scholarship Fund for years
2011-2012. These contributions and earnings on contributions from many years are used
to fund ten (10) National Undergraduate Scholarships of $3000 each and as many as ten
(10) District Scholarships of $1,500 each. As of the 42nd Conclave, Chi Epsilon has added
two (2) graduate student fellowships of $3000 each. Your continuing contributions to the
Scholarship Fund since 1992 have allowed deserving recipients to receive these awards.


NAME                     YR     CHAPTER      NAME                     YR     CHAPTER

$500 or More                                 $100 to $499
Fred S. Kummer           ‘88    MS&T         Gerald L. Kohlenberger   ‘74    SCA
Jay A. Rushing           ‘75    TXAM         Glen M. Ross             ‘79    Purdue
Stephen D. Bechtel Jr    ‘45    Purdue       Gus M. Vratsinas         ‘64    Arkansas
                                             Irwin L. Rosenstein      ‘57    CCNY
$100 to $499                                 Jaewan Yoon              ‘97    OD
Albert Hoe               ‘91    California   James C. Porter          ‘83    LSU
 Frederick G. Moore      ‘62    Iowa         James E. Heimann         ‘86    NBL
 Jeff A. Sowers          ‘86    MI State     James E. Moore           ‘72    OKS
 Robert W. Giess         ‘60    Lehigh       James L. Tadtman         ‘66    KSS
William L. Coulbourne Jr ‘66    VPI          Jason C. Faulkner        ‘01    SFL
Albert K. Yu             ‘80    CSULA        Jay R. Becker            ‘68    Wisconsin
Amy T. Noji              ‘77    Virginia     Jeffery B. Young         ‘71    S.Dakota State
Arnold S. Nelson         ‘48    Cornell      Jerrold P. Lea           ‘75    TX-Austin
Benjamin Henry           ‘87    OH State     Jessie E. Adams          ‘04    Vermont
Bijoy K. Bhattacharya    ‘68    CT           Joan A. Giltner          ‘80    TN
Bradley M. Smith         ‘67    Purdue       John B. Carter           ‘70    MS&T
Carl L. Woodruff         ‘64    WAYS         John B. Christopher      ‘73    SMU
Carmen B. Fitts          ‘78    TX-Austin    John F. Wick             ‘47    Wisconsin
Carroll A. Pedigo        ‘62    COS          John G. Gehbauer         ‘84    TX-Austin
Catherine S. Ma          ‘77    California   John J. Plaisance II     ‘81    LSU
Charles F. Svoboda       ‘81    IL           John J. Tolmasov         ‘73    CSULA
Chris A. Marcon          ‘81    LA Tech      John Minor               ‘62    TXAM
Christopher P. Alley      ‘84   WPI          John T. DeWolf           ‘65    Hawaii
Connie F. Gipson         ‘86    LSU          Jon A. Peterka           ‘62    COS
Dale E. Moore            ‘67    TXAM         Joseph Covello           ‘62    RPI
Dan E. Antenen           ‘50    CIN          Jun W. Lee               ‘66    Wisconsin
David E. Hill            ‘78    VPI          Kenneth S. Moore         ‘67    OKS
David M. Yamamoto       ‘58     Hawaii       Kenneth S. Price         ‘63    Purdue
Dennis L. Stuart         ‘75    MS&T         Kin-Fung Ng              ‘74    IL
Denton Crotchett         ‘71    SJS          Kuo-Chiang Lin           ‘80    UTA
Dionel E. Aviles         ‘64    TXAM         Louis F. Vosteen         ‘51    Purdue
Donald C. Kim            ‘93    Hawaii       Mamon M. Powers Jr       ‘98    Purdue
Earl H. Reichel          ‘51    Wisconsin    Martha L. Rees           ‘72    Purdue
Edmund M. Urabe          ‘76    Hawaii       Mary C. Frederick        ‘82    Vermont
Eugene A. Glysson        ‘51    MI           Masashi Tsujii           ‘02    UCLA
Francis B. Gularte       ‘70    SCA          Michael Arotis           ‘86    CCNY
Frank E. Reynolds Sr      ‘52   MI State     Michael D. Crawford      ‘86    Washington
Frank S. Calfa Jr        ‘80    NYU-Poly     Michael J. Posillico      ‘83   Clemson
Garry N. Drummond        ‘60    Alabama      Naftalia F. Tucker        ‘88   CPSLO
THE TRANSIT                                  15                                fall 2010

NAME                      YR        CHAPTER        NAME                     YR     CHAPTER

$100 to $499                                       $50 to $99
Nelson F. Gibbs Jr        ‘58       Clarkson       Barry E. Damschen         ‘71    MTS
Norman E. Wright Jr       ‘73       TX-Austin      Barry K. Muranaka         ‘89    Hawaii
Olin K. Dart Jr           ‘53       Cornell        Barry T. Schaub           ‘69    MN
Pat H. Moore              ‘95       Rice           Benedict D. Wong          ‘77    Hawaii
Patricia S. Thayer        ‘75       TN             Benjamin J. Wallace      ‘87     Oklahoma
Paul A. Ruchlewicz        ‘72    San Diego State   Bernhard Stahl            ‘61    WI
Paul J. McKee III         ‘88       VAN            Bijaya K. Panigrahi      ‘80     OKS
Paul R. Aikins            ‘01       Purdue         Bob F. Jesse              ‘48    Purdue
Pete Ferrier              ‘95       TXAM           Brent Konstanzer          ‘92    LSU
Philip A. Habib           ‘69       CCNY           Brian C. Kramer           ‘91   San Diego State
Raymond J. Lawing          ‘69      Bradley        Bryan J. Gottron          ‘94    OH State
Richard A. Chudd          ‘64       WAYS           Byron E. Ruth             ‘67    WVU
Richard J. Sieracki       ‘73       IL             Carl B. Baughman          ‘71    Purdue
Robert A. Bryer           ‘63       WAYS           Carl B. Rogers            ‘84    New Mexico
Robert D. Bay             ‘68       MS&T           Carl L. McIntosh          ‘71    MI State
Robert F. Figgers         ‘73       VPI            Charles E. Hook           ‘50    MI
Robert J. Stracke         ‘75       IAS            Charles G. Davis          ‘86    MSS
Rodney T. Yamamoto        ‘64       Hawaii         Charles N. Hurl           ‘48    Penn State
Roger G. Cronshey         ‘67       Maryland       Christine E. Johnson      ‘81    Maine
Roger L. Ball             ‘74    San Diego State   Christopher B. Burke      ‘78    Purdue
Roland R. Trailor Jr      ‘87       Penn State     Christopher J. Melluck   ‘86     Purdue
Ronald D. Krolick         ‘82       Penn State     Christos A. Dovas         ‘64    NYU-Poly
Rudolph P. Frizzi         ‘85       OH State       Clayton S. Mimura         ‘69    Hawaii
Samuel D. Updike          ‘69       Notre Dame     Cynthia Stranis           ‘88    CCNY
Thomas A. Grace           ‘96    San Diego State   Dan D. Muhleisen P.E.    ‘85     NBL
Thomas H. Chapman         ‘77    San Diego State   Daniel A. Preslar         ‘89    SFL
Thomas H. Ross            ‘72       NJIT           Daniel E. Hogan           ‘87    CO-Bolder
Thomas N. Hunnicutt III   ‘58       VPI            Daniel S. Turner P.E.    ‘67     AL
Thomas W. Deiters         ‘77       CIN            Daryl R. Armentrout       ‘63    TN
Travis H. Tomlinson Jr    ‘67       NCS            David A. Gray             ‘78    AL
Wayne S. Nakamoto         ‘71       Hawaii         David A. Moles            ‘70    NBL
William H. Hansmire        ‘66      NBL            David C. Thulin           ‘74    WPI
William H. Highter        ‘67       Notre Dame     David E. Deans            ‘74    NE
William O. Pridgen         ‘77      NCS            David E. Wagner           ‘86    TXAM
William R. Burkett        ‘81       Lamar          David H. Shannon          ‘58    MI State
Wilton W. Burnett Jr      ‘67       VAN            David J. Lieberman       ‘97     MI State
Wright B. Aldridge Jr     ‘65       RPI            David J. Samuel           ‘74    NJIT
                                                   David P. Middendorf      ‘69     Purdue
$50 to $99                                         David R. Killingbeck     ‘75     CT
Alan C. Ingwersen         ‘95       KSS            Dean M. Jameson           ‘69    Bradley
Andrea M. Duff Hinkle     ‘93       WAYS           Deborah E. Longinetti    ‘73     NJIT
Andrew Green              ‘03       Lamar          Denman K. McNear          ‘47    MIT
Andrew W. Bailey          ‘95       S. Carolina    Dennis J. Leary           ‘65    NE
Anthony J. Reitano Jr     ‘71       NJIT           Dennis J. Meyer           ‘72    Wisconsin
Anthony P. DeLost         ‘75       Pittsburgh     Denton Kort               ‘94    Hawaii
Arthur D. Haddad          ‘54       CIN            Donald E. Sterling        ‘64    NM
Arthur L. Storey Jr       ‘69       Lamar          Donald E. Strickland     ‘67     GAT
Ashley A. Hutcheson       ‘01       MO             Donald N. Kleyweg Jr     ‘95     IL
Barbara J. Stehno         ‘77       IL             Donald N. Weisstuch      ‘56     NYU-Poly

THE TRANSIT                                        16                                 fall 2010

NAME                      YR        CHAPTER        NAME                    YR     CHAPTER

$50 to $99                                         $50 to $99
Donald O. Dusenberry      ‘72       Corn           Joan S. Lastovica       ‘68    NJIT
Donald R. Erdley          ‘66       Penn State     Joe D. White Jr         ‘82    Arkansas
Ed Foreman                ‘72       NMS            John A. Bassett         ‘83    SJS
Edward H. Hahne           ‘48       Utah           John A. Mathes          ‘66    MS&T
Edward W. Sapp            ‘59       NJIT           John A. Mueller         ‘56    Manhattan
Edward Y. Hirata          ‘57       Hawaii         John C. Bernot          ‘79    MD
Elliott(Mike) Fenton Jr   ‘61       OKS            John C. Richards        ‘90    VPI
Eric C. Shen              ‘92       CA-Irvine      John E. Roller          ‘53    GAT
Ernest C. Pogge           ‘68       Kansas         John F. Kabler          ‘67    VPI
Ernest J. Peterson        ‘72       Wisconsin      John G. Harding         ‘86    NE
Ernest Scheyhing          ‘56       Yale           John J. Eschemuller     ‘68    CCNY
Ernest T. Mosley          ‘51       TX-Austin      John Leech              ‘75    GAT
Eugene A. Bartels         ‘50       MS&T           John M. Barkaus         ‘88    Cooper
Eugene A. Sullivan Jr     ‘83       Manhattan      John P. Caraway         ‘89    Auburn
Eugene E. Strohbeck       ‘52       MS&T           John P. McGiffert       ‘69    Kansas
Frank B. Mallette         ‘75       GAT            John P. McGinnis PE     ‘74    Bradley
Frank E. Reynolds Jr      ‘80       So Cal         John P. Wier            ‘72    UTA
Frank H. Eaton            ‘95       UTEP           John R. Hollenbeck      ‘83    KSS
Frank J. Castaldi PE      ‘69       NJIT           John S. Hillmer         ‘61    S.Dakota State
Fred D. MacMurdo          ‘67       IL             John S. Lehigh Jr       ‘68    NBL
George E. Grace           ‘81       Cooper         John T. Andrew          ‘86    CA-Berkeley
George M. Parrino         ‘98       Wisconsin      John W. Fisher          ‘75    Lehigh
George P. Johnson         ‘54       MS             Jonith L. Grundmann      ‘80   IAS
Gerald F. Lowe            ‘78       TX-Austin      Joseph D. Blaschke       ‘69   TXAM
Gerald F. Thompson        ‘49       CT             Joseph D. Dreyfuss II   ‘60    Cornell
Glenn R. Humphrey          ‘62      TN             Joseph M. Smierciak     ‘89    Pittsburgh
Gregg M. Schoppman         ‘94      Florida        Joseph P. Kolwe Jr      ‘02    LAL
Gregory D. Shipley         ‘87      Arkansas       Joseph W. Capra         ‘78    RPI
Gregory K. Arnett         ‘76       Bradley        Joseph W. Rovnan Jr      ‘75   Penn State
Herbert G. Koogle         ‘83       NMS            Julia A. Hunt           ‘82    TX A&M
Isaac A. Lewin            ‘73       SUNY           Justin G. Nielson       ‘93    KSS
Jack T. Wheatley          ‘89       MI State       Karl L. Rubenacker      ‘64    CCNY
James A. McShane          ‘66       Marquette      Kenneth A. Shackman     ‘67    CCNY
James C. Broten           ‘48       MN             Kenneth J. Anderson      ‘54   MN
James C. Scott            ‘49       TX-Austin      Kenneth O. Nilsen       ‘68    NE
James F. Anderson         ‘75       TXT            Kevin J. Miley          ‘76    Manhattan
James I. Clark            ‘67    San Diego State   Kevin M. Haney          ‘94    VIL
James K. Carta            ‘81       TX A&M         Leonard A. Lopez        ‘84    IL
James M. Arnold           ‘87       Auburn         Lester C. Snyder III    ‘78    Pittsburgh
James M. Becker           ‘63       Cornell        Louis R. Tyler          ‘45    Cornell
James M. Kaufman          ‘66       So Cal         Lowell L. Coon          ‘50    MO
James R. Weinel           ‘55       MN             Loys A. Gray III        ‘75    MSS
James W. Rooney           ‘62       WAYS           Marcus A. Rotundo       ‘77    Clarkson
Jay A. Waldschmidt        ‘88       WI-Platt       Marie Collins           ‘05    MS&T
Jeffrey I. Stone          ‘77       Auburn         Mark A. Baeder          ‘80    NBL
Jerome L. Mahloch         ‘65       NBL            Mark A. Monoscalco      ‘78    IIT
Jerry P. Oliver           ‘70       IAS            Mark A. Pickett         ‘70    Marquette
Jimmie D. Bales           ‘85       MS&T           Mark E. Nolet           ‘93    TX A&M
Jimmie Wing               ‘50       California     Mark E. Self            ‘77    TNT

THE TRANSIT                                        17                               fall 2010

NAME                           YR         CHAPTER       NAME                       YR      CHAPTER

$50 to $99                                              $50 to $99
Mark H. Ramsey                  ‘71        Lamar        Rodney E. Johnson          ‘49     Wisconsin
Mark J. Stern PE                ‘52        Purdue       Ronald B. Miller           ‘70     Lamar
Mark R. Oleson PE               ‘71        WPI          Ronald E. Knowles PE       ‘69     MD
Mark S. Bush                    ‘88        WAYS         Ronald T. Layman           ‘76     TN
Marshall R. Thompson Jr ‘58                IL           Roy A. Singleton           ‘63     NBL
Martin R. Kane                  ‘94    MI State & NCC   Roy K. Yamashiro           ‘67     Hawaii
Matthew P. VanLiew               ‘02       Stevens      Russell H. Takara          ‘74     Hawaii
Melissa A. Herberger            ‘95        MS&T         Russell M. Arakaki         ‘86     Hawaii
Michael G. Mahoney              ‘55        MS&T         Scott A. Kutz              ‘70     Penn State
Michael R. Cabak                ‘53        MN           Scott M. Clements          ‘85     MI Tech
Michael R. Huie                 ‘77        Clarkson     Solveig A. Christenson     ‘85     Wisconsin
Michael T. Fox                  ‘71        Michigan     Spencer D. Quesenberry     ‘71     VPI
Mitchell L. Cooper              ‘80        TXAM         Stamatios H. Orfanos        ‘67   San Diego State
Molly Y. Romano                 ‘90        VA           Stanley J. McLaughlin      ‘86     NBL
Nancy C. Blackwell               ‘96       TXAM         Stanley R. Tisdale         ‘77     MSS
Neil M. Hawkins                 ‘95        IL           Stephen C. Bucknam         ‘96     CA-Irvine
Newton C. Baker                 ‘67        OKS          Stephen E. Meyer           ‘75     MN
Norman A. Bishop Jr             ‘73        Vermont      Stephen L. Shaw            ‘68     Lamar
Oak S. Hom                      ‘53        California   Stephen S. Foose           ‘65     MS
Paul J. Elliott                 ‘71        RPI          Stephen W. Phillippi       ‘68     TX A&M
Perry N. Davis                  ‘70        Purdue       T S Frick                  ‘92     Penn State
Peter J. Stewart                ‘95        GAT          Tamara L. Haas             ‘81     OKS
Peter M. Smith                  ‘49        TN           Terrance C. Weber          ‘62     MO
Philip W. Nigus                 ‘84        KSS          Theodore A. Maffei         ‘65     CCNY
Rae-Ann Lehman                  ‘98        Penn State   Thomas Potopowitz          ‘75     CCNY
Randolph L. Romenesko ‘79                  Marquette    Thomas A. Caramanico       ‘96     VIL
Reyn Y. Shimokawa                ‘95       CPP          Thomas C. Wackenhut         ‘67    MI
Richard B. Kelsky               ‘76        NYU-Poly     Thomas D. Knox             ‘85     IL
Richard H. Brownley              ‘42       VPI          Thomas F. Bayone           ‘82     GAT
Richard L. Hagerman              ‘84       TXT          Thomas J. Westerman        ‘82     MS&T
Richard L. Masica               ‘57        MI Tech      Thomas M. Creamer          ‘71     Manhattan
Richard L. Vogel Jr             ‘70        MD           Thomas N. Iovino           ‘74     RPI
Richard P. Long                 ‘55        CIN          Thomas Wolff               ‘91     MS&T
Robert A. Deason                ‘70        LSU          Timothy A. Reed            ‘93     KSS
Robert A. Jenkins II            ‘85        MS           Timothy D. Willadsen        ‘99    Florida
Robert A. Rust                  ‘50        Purdue       Timothy N. Smith           ‘95     NCS
Robert C. McMahan               ‘60        OH State     Timothy R. Tate            ‘78     Lehigh
Robert E. Dick                  ‘89        VPI          Timothy V. Eisenmann       ‘66     MI State
Robert	F.	Effinger		 											‘86	       NM	          Tony K. Wong               ‘70     CSULA
Robert G. Hecht                 ‘47        GAT          Ulrike Krueger             ‘90     UTEP
Robert H. Dodds Jr              ‘87        Kansas       Vance M. Kolesar           ‘74     CO-Bolder
Robert L. Carstens              ‘75        IAS          Vernon L. Trimble          ‘61     S.Dakota State
Robert L. Klinger               ‘83        Marquette    Victor R. Defenderfer Jr   ‘63     TN
Robert L. Nichols               ‘66        TXAM         Vincent D. Lukas           ‘49     Manhattan
Robert N. Ward                  ‘87        Oklahoma     Walter E. Deuchler Jr       ‘51    IL
Robert S. Nichols               ‘87        MI           Wayne D. Burge             ‘80     NCS
Robert S. Rugeley               ‘49        TX-Austin    William D. O`Donnell       ‘53     NM
Robert T. Crowley Jr            ‘79        CT           William F. O`Donnell       ‘83     TNT
Roberta	G.	Scritchfield						‘72	          KSS          William H. Rigby           ‘70     MS

THE TRANSIT                                             18                                   fall 2010

NAME                     YR           CHAPTER        NAME                       YR               CHAPTER

$50 to $99                                           $50 to $99
William H. Sheley        ‘69         Auburn          William P. Lafayette       ‘55              Norwich
William H. Taylor        ‘73         NCS             William S. Wainscott       ‘47              Purdue
William J. Boettcher     ‘89         MI Tech         William Y. Ling            ‘48              Purdue
William J. Wilhelm       ‘65         NCS&WVU         Yukio Uyehara              ‘59              Hawaii
William L. Teng          ‘73         Cornell         Yvonne R. Roberts          ‘94              Auburn
                                              $49 or less
  Due to space limitations, we are unable to print the 859 names of members who contributed in this
  category. We are truly grateful for your generosity and hope all of you will continue to support Chi
                                    Epsilon scholarships each year.

                                CHI EPSILON MEMBER DEATHS

              Since the publication of the spring 2010 Transit, the following deaths have been
                                       reported	to	the	National	Office.

MEMBER NAME              INIT      CHAPTER            MEMBER NAME              INIT           CHAPTER
Stephen Webb             1977      Kansas State       Mark Spiegel PE          1977           Michigan Tech
Irving Miller            1949      Mich Tech          Richard Cain             1977           Maryland
Alan Menhennett          1950      Colo State         Thomas McAteer           1977           Ohio State
Albert Toma              1951      Clarkson           David Crippen            1977           Michigan
Orville Heim             1952      Co-Boulder         Furman Barton            1980           Virginia
Martin Abegg          1969 (CHM)   Bradley            Ronald Spradling         1984           Colorado State
John Coldiron            1953      Ohio State         W H Gardner Jr.       1992 (CHM)        Duke
Charles Hair Jr       1981 (CHM) Louisiana State      James Eakes              1992           Old Dominion
Constantine Papadakis 1972         Michigan           Julia Tyson              1998           Florida
Vincent Larson           1948      Iowa               Laura Hivala             1999           Michigan Tech
Anthony Marceda          1955     Cooper Union        Robert Kany              1939           Purdue
Thomas Hushower          1955      So Cal             George Austin            1941           Auburn
Lawrence Santucci Jr.    1958      Cornell            William Trautman         1941          Oklahoma State
Robert Bryant            1958      Illinois           Jesse Saemann            1941           Wisconsin
Billie Jones             1958      Purdue             Frank Richardson         1942           Texas-Austin
Herbert Mayer            1958      NJIT               Claude Klemme Jr.        1942           Co-Boulder
Walter Seiler            1963      Illinois           Kelly Crawford           2003           Clemson
Greth Dunn               1964      Nebraska           Milton Hansen            1952           Clarkson
John Sur                 1966      Hawaii             James Mount              1964           Texas-Austin
Edward Lesesne           1967      Tennessee          Stephen Yagos            1968           Cooper Union
Edwin Best               1967      Mississippi        Neal Mooers              1974          Michigan State
L V Pratt                1968      NC State           David Novick          1975 (CHM)        Illinois
Stanford Rayne Jr.       1968    Louisiana State      Kenneth Etheridge        1946           Texas-Austin
Douglas Bynum Jr.        1969      Texas A&M          Glenn Gartelman          1948           Mississippi
Louis Abel               1971      NYU                Peter Hansen             1951           MS&T
Herbert Malcolm Jr.      1972      NC State           Robert Hitch             1952           Michigan Tech
William Kloos            1972     Montana State       Harry Pazucha            1950           Illinois Tech
Edwin Mello              1972     San Jose State      Harry Wenke              1949           Cooper Union
Michael Conner           1973     Virginia Tech       Donald Ross Jr.          1947          Rensselaer Poly
John Pedersen            1973     CSLB                Eugene Zwenig            1952           Auburn
Bruce Wittschiebe        1976     Georgia Tech        Carl Hobelman            1952           Cornell
Byron Borup              1944     Georgia Tech        John Stukenberg          1975           Kansas
Thaddeus Johnson         1946     Co-Boulder          David Rempe              1960           Cornell
THE TRANSIT                                           19                                          fall 2010
                         CHI EPSILON MEMBER DEATHS cont.
Robert Holle          1949   Iowa              James Libby       1976 (CHM) San Diego State
Richard Vaughan       1949   Georgia Tech      Roger Green           1980   Houston
Donald Starner        1949   MIT               Carl Falkenstrom      1950   Illinois
Rowland Murphy        1950   Mississippi       Lowell Walker         1957   Alabama
Charles Swensen       1950   Illinois          Caesar Tagliati       1975   Penn State
Ivan Lafave           1952   Cornell           Aubrey Dasantos       1949   NYU Poly
Malcolm Soderston     1952   Rensselaer Poly   Joe Ayres             1950   Texas-Austin
Hal Marron            1948   California        Robert Moen           1947   Southern California
Charlie Moore         1969   Texas-Arlington   Mahlon Plumb          1939   Wisconsin
Emmert Lowry Jr.      1948   MIT               Ronald Mauney         1965   NC State
Matthew Adson         1997   Arizona State     Kensal Chandler       1944   Wisconsin
Herbert Gaskin Jr.    1951   Texas-Austin      Stephen Leubecker     1968   Michigan
Loraine Benton Jr.    1954   NC State          Paul McKee            1962   MS&T
Bennet Timberg        1953   CCNY              Gerald Swihart    1963 (CHM) Nebraska
William Spillers PE   1954   California        Elmer Nies            1962   Purdue
Alton Merrit Jr.      1953   NC State          Elbert LeFevre        1964   Oklahoma State
Robert Henss          1951   Illinois          Hugh Williamson       1948   Alabama
Wayne Heiliger        1964   Oklahoma State    Arthur Haywood        1949   Georgia Tech
William Graff         1982   Houston           Anwar Wissa           1965   MIT
Edward Ebert          1937   Illinois          Leonard Waesche       1949   Auburn
John Youngstrom       1950   Minnesota         Edward Fowler         1950   Purdue
Edward Strougal       1958   Illinois          Donald Ferrell        1949   Wisconsin
Carroll Corbell       1962   Arkansas          Paul Kraemer          1958   Purdue

            Chi Epsilon Mourns the Loss of Dr. John A. Focht, Jr. P.E.,
                   the Society’s 55th National Honor Member

                                   John A. Focht, Jr., P.E., Hon.D.Ge, the 1990 president of
                            ASCE and 55th National Honor Member of Chi Epsilon, from
                            Houston, died at his home on October 22, 2010 at the age of
                            87. He was born in Rockwall, Texas, on August 31, 1923. Dr.
                            Focht received his bachelor of science in civil engineering in
                            1944 at the University of Texas at Austin, and served in the
                            U.S. Army during the occupation of Germany after WW II. He
                            earned a master’s degree in civil engineering in 1948 from Har-
                            vard University, studying under both Karl Terzaghi and Arthur
                            Casagrande. Subsequently, he served in Korea with the 434th
                            Engineering Battalion as a captain. When he left the U.S. Army
in 1953, he relocated to Houston and began working for the company that would become
McClelland Engineers. He was partly responsible for the company’s growth from a small
enterprise	to	a	multinational	firm	employing	more	than	800.		He	was	responsible	for	the	
design of major dams and the foundations of most of Houston’s tallest buildings. He also
participated	in	design	of	refineries,	port	facilities	and	NASA’s	Johnson	Space	Center.
         He received accolades for 5 of his more than 40 papers published and was chosen
to deliver the 1993 Karl Terzaghi Lecture. He was also honored with an award in recogni-
tion	of	his	service	as	founding	director	of	Civil	Engineering	Certificaton,	Inc.		The	profes-
sion and Chi Epsilon will miss his outstanding leadership and service.
THE TRANSIT                                    20                                  fall 2010
                       FALL 2010
        Chapter articles are published only on-line at this web site www.chi-epsilon.org .
Odd numbered chapters, 1,3,5, etc., provide their articles by December 15th of each year
to appear in the spring. Even numbered chapters, 2,4,6, etc., provide their articles by May
15th of each year, and they appear on-line in the fall. Please enjoy reading the articles from
your	chapter	and	others	to	find	out	what	is	happening	locally	in	Chi	Epsilon.

* Page numbers refer to Chi Epsilon Website

        CHAPTER                       PAGE               CHAPTER                       PAGE

University of Alabama                     2     Michigan State University                  17
Arizona State University                  2     University of Missouri-Columbia            18
Bucknell University                       3     University of Missouri-Kansas City         19
University of California-Davis            4     Montana State University                   19
University of California-Irvine           5     New Jersey Institute of Technology         20
University of California-Los Angeles      6     Northeastern University                    20
Carnegie Mellon University                7     University of Notre Dame                   22
University of Cincinnati                  7     Pennsylvania State University              23
City College of New York                  7     San Diego State University                 24
Clarkson University                       8     University of Southern California          25
University of Colorado                    9     Southern Methodist University              26
The Cooper Union                          9     University of New York at Buffalo          26
University of Dayton                      9     Texas A&M University                       26
Drexel University                         10    University of Texas-El Paso                27
University of Evansville                  10    University of Toledo                       28
Florida Institute of Technology           11    Trine University                           29
University of Houston                     11    University of Utah                         29
Illinois Technological University         12    University of Vermont                      30
University of Iowa                        13    Villanova University                       30
University of Kentucky                    13    University of Virginia                     31
Lamar University                          14    Virginia Polytechnic University            31
University of Louisville                  14    University of Washington-St Louis          32
Marquette University                      15    Wayne State University                     32
University of Maryland                    15    University of Wisconsin                    33
University of Miami                       17    Worcester Polytechnic Institute            33

THE TRANSIT                                    21                                fall 2010
                                               Current Chi Epsilon Chapter Directory
              Chapter                                             Year
              Number             Institution                    Installed     Location            ZIP Code     Faculty Advisor           Telephone         District
               22       ALABAMA, UNIVERSITY OF                   1948       TUSCALOOSA, AL          35487     W. EDWARD BACK             (205) 348-8422       SO
              127       ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM, UNIVERSITY OF        2003       BIRMINGHAM, AL          35294     TALAT F SALAMA             (205) 934-8462       SO
              120       ALASKA FAIRBANKS, UNIVERSITY OF          1996       FAIRBANKS, AK           99775     YURI SHUR                  (907) 474-7067       RM
              106       ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY                 1985       TEMPE, AZ               85287     CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE       (480) 965-2893       RM

               57       ARKANSAS, UNIVERSITY OF                  1962       FAYETTEVILLE, AR        72701     NORMAN D. DENNIS, JR       (479) 575-2933       CE
               15       AUBURN UNIVERSITY                        1938       AUBURN, AL              36849     ROBERT W. BARNES           (334) 844-6281       SO
               69       BRADLEY UNIVERSITY                       1969       PEORIA, IL              61625     ROBERT W. FUESSLE          (309) 677-2778       CE
              122       BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY                      1997       LEWISBURG, PA           17837     MICHAEL A. MALUSIS         (570) 577-1683       ME
              107       CAL POLY-SAN LUIS OBISPO                 1986       SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA     93407     CHARLES CHADWELL           (805) 756-1317       PA
               95       CAL POLY-POMONA                          1982       POMONA, CA              92631    MAN-CHU RONALD YEUNG         (909) 869-2640      PA
                7       CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF-BERKELEY       1925       BERKELEY, CA            94720    MICHAEL F. RIEMER           (510) 642-7457       PA
              130       CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF-DAVIS          2007       DAVIS, CA               95616    SASHI KUNNATH               (530) 754-6428       PA
              116       CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF-LOS ANGELES    1994       LOS ANGELES, CA         90024    SCOTT J. BRANDEBERG         (310) 825-9819       PA
              108       CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF-IRVINE         1988       IRVINE, CA              92717    BRETT F. SANDERS            (949) 824-4327       PA
               98       CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY               1982       PITTSBURGH, PA          15213    LUCIO SOIBELMAN             (412) 268-2952       ME
              113       CENTRAL FLORIDA, UNIVERSITY OF           1991       ORLANDO, FL             32816    KEVIN R. MACKIE             (407) 832-2857       SO
               34       CINCINNATI, UNIVERSITY OF                1950       CINCINNATI, OH          45221    STEVEN BUCHBERGER           (513) 556-3681       GL
               30       CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                 1949       NEW YORK CITY, NY       10031     NEVILLE PARKER             (212) 650-8054       ME
               40       CLARKSON UNIVERSITY                      1951       POTSDAM, NY             13699    SHANE W. ROGERS             (315) 268-6501       NE
               83       CLEMSON UNIVERSITY                       1974       CLEMSON, SC             29632    BRADLEY J. PUTMAN           (864) 656-0374       SO
               37       COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY                1950       FORT COLLINS, CO        80521    TOM SANDERS                 (970) 491-5448       RM

               10       COLORADO-BOULDER, UNIVERSITY OF          1929       BOULDER, CO             80309    RICHARD A. REGUEIRO         (303) 798-8026       RM
               96       COLORADO-DENVER, UNIVERSITY OF           1982       DENVER, CO              80204    INACTIVE SINCE APRIL 2007
               97       COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                      1982       NEW YORK CITY, NY       10027    INACTIVE SINCE 1993
               27       CONNECTICUT, UNIVERSITY OF               1949       STORRS, CT              06269    NICHOLAS E. LOWNES          (860) 486-2717      NE
               28       COOPER UNION                             1949       NEW YORK CITY, NY       10003    VITO A. GUIDO               (212) 353-4304      ME
                5       CORNELL UNIVERSITY                       1925       ITHACA, NY              14853    JAMES J. BISOGNI JR         (607) 255-7147      NE
              133       CSU-FRESNO                               2008       FRESNO, CA              93740    MING XIAO                   (559) 278-7588      PA
               81       CSU-LONG BEACH                           1973       LONG BEACH, CA          90804    ANTONELLA SCIORTINO         (562) 985-5119      PA
               75       CSU-LOS ANGELES                          1970       LOS ANGELES, CA         90032    RUPA PURASINGHE             (323) 343-4459      PA
              124       DAYTON, UNIVERSITY OF                    2000       DAYTON, OH              45469    DONALD CHASE                (937) 229-2980      CU
              105       DELAWARE, UNIVERSITY OF                  1985       NEWARK, DE              19716    JACK PULEO                  (302) 831-2440      GL
               38       DETROIT, UNIVERSITY OF                   1950       DETROIT, MI             48221    INACTIVE SINCE 2000
               44       DREXEL UNIVERSITY                        1953       PHILADELPHIA, PA        19104    JOHN WEGGEL                 (215) 895-2355      ME
               59       DUKE UNIVERSITY                          1964       DURHAM, NC              27705    JOSEPH C. NADEAU            (919) 660-5479      CU
              128       EVANSVILLE, UNIVERSITY OF                2004       EVANSVILLE, IN          47722    MARK VALENZUELA             (812) 488-2590      GL
              115       FLORIDA, UNIVERSITY OF                   1994       GAINESVILLE, FL         32611    DAVE BLOOMQUIST             (352) 392-0914      SO
              112       FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY          1991       MELBOURNE, FL           32901    ASHOK PANDIT                (321) 674-7151      SO
              123       FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY         1998       MIAMI, FL               33174    GIRMA T. BITSUAMLAK         (305) 348-6755      SO
              136       GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                  2010       FAIRFAX, VA             22030    GIRUM URGESSA               (703) 993-1658      CU
               20       GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY          1943       ATLANTA, GA             30332    YANG WANG                   (404) 894-1851      SO
               49       HAWAII, UNIVERSITY OF                    1957       HONOLULU, HI            96822    PHILLIP S. K. OOI           (808) 956-8512      PA

fall 2010
               80       HOUSTON, UNIVERSITY OF                   1972       HOUSTON, TX             77004    SHANKAR CHELLAM             (713) 743-4265      SW
                2       ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY         1923       CHICAGO, IL             60616    MEHDI MODARES               (312) 567-3540      CE
              Chapter                                             Year
              Number             Institution                    Installed     Location          ZIP Code      Faculty Advisor          Telephone         District
                1       ILLINOIS, UNIVERSITY OF                  1922       URBANA, IL              61801   JEFFREY R. ROESLER         (217) 265-0218      CE
               61       IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY                    1965       AMES, IA                50011   CHRIS R. REHMANN           (515) 394-1203      NC
               16       IOWA, UNIVERSITY OF                      1940       IOWA CITY, IA           52242   RICHARD VALENTINE          (319) 335-5653      NC
               51       KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY                  1960       MANHATTAN, KS           66617   SUNANDA DISSANAYAKE        (785) 532-1540       CE
               65       KANSAS, UNIVERSITY OF                    1967       LAWRENCE, KS            66045   DAVID DARWIN               (785) 864-3827      CE
               58       KENTUCKY, UNIVERSITY OF                  1962       LEXINGTON, KY           40506   JAMES F. FOX               (859) 257-8668      CU
               68       LAMAR UNIVERSITY                         1968       BEAUMONT, TX            77710   MIEN JAO                   (409) 880-2356      SW

              117       LAWRENCE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY        1994       SOUTHFIELD, MI          48075   EDMUND YUEN                (248) 204-2523      GL
               43       LEHIGH UNIVERSITY                        1952       BETHLEHEM, PA           18015   SHAMIM N. PAKZAD           (610) 758-6978      ME
              104       LOUISIANA, LAFAYETTE, UNIVERSITY OF      1985       LAFAYETTE, LA           70504   EHAB A. MESELHE            (337) 482-5802      SO
               67       LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY               1968       BATON ROUGE, LA         70803   FRANK TSAI                 (225) 578-4246      SO
               87       LOUISIANA TECH UNIVERSITY                1976       RUSTON, LA              71272   AZIZ V. SABER              (318) 257-4410      SW
               90       LOUISVILLE, UNIVERSITY OF                1978       LOUISVILLE, KY          40292   NAGESHWAR BHASKAR          (502) 852-4547      CU
               93       MAINE, UNIVERSITY OF                     1980       ORONO, ME               04469   THOMAS SANFORD             (207) 581-2183      NE
               32       MANHATTAN COLLEGE                        1949       BRONX, NY               10471   MOUJALLI HOURANI           (718) 862-7171      ME
               36       MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY                     1950       MILWAUKEE, WI           53233   BAOLIN WAN                 (414) 288-6684      NC
               52       MARYLAND, UNIVERSITY OF                  1961       COLLEGE PARK, MD        20742   KAYE L. BRUBAKER           (301) 405-1965      CU
                9       MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECH          1928       CAMBRIDGE, MA           02139   JOHN T. GERMAINE           (617) 253-7113       NE
              100       MASSACHUSETTS-LOWELL, UNIVERSITY OF      1983       LOWELL, MA              01854   CHRONIS STAMATIADIS         (978) 934-2283      NE
              110       MASSACHUSETTS, UNIVERSITY OF             1988       AMHERST, MA             01003   SONG GAO                   (413) 545-2688      NE
              102       MIAMI, UNIVERSITY OF                     1984       CORAL GABLES, FL        33124    DAVID CHIN                (305) 284-3391      SO
               42       MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                1951       EAST LANSING, MI        48824   GILBERT BALADI             (517) 355-5147      GL
               21       MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY        1948       HOUGHTON, MI            49931   JACOB E. HILLER            (906) 487-3053      NC

               25       MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF                  1949       ANN ARBOR, MI           48109   STEVEN WRIGHT              (734) 764-7148      GL
                3       MINNESOTY, UNIVERSITY OF                 1923       MINNEAPOLIS, MN         55455   TIM LAPARA                 (612) 624-6028      NC
               78       MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY             1971       MISSISSIPPI STATE, MS   39762   HARRY COLE                 (662) 325-7196      SW
               14       MISSISSIPPI, UNIVERSITY OF               1937       UNIVERSITY, MS          38677   CHRISTIANE J. Q. SURBECK   (662) 915-5473      SW
               12       MISSOURI, UNIVERSITY OF                  1934       COLUMBIA, MO            65211   CARLOS I. SUN              (573) 882-5843      CE
               35       MISSOURI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECH    1950       ROLLA, MO               65401   JERRY BAYLESS              (573) 341-4151      CE
              134       MISSOURI, UNIVERSITY OF-KANSAS CITY      2009       KANSAS CITY, MO         64110   DEBORAH J. O’BANNON        (816) 235-1287      CE
               76       MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY                 1971       BOZEMAN, MT             59717   WARREN JONES               (406) 994-6129      RM
               53       NEBRASKA, UNIVERSITY OF                  1961       LINCLOLN, NE            68588   ANUJ SHARMA                (402) 472-6391      CE
              109       NEBRASKA-OMAHA, UNIVERSITY OF            1988       OMAHA, NE               68182   SHANNON L. BARTELT-HUNT     (402) 554-3868     CE
               50       NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY       1958       NEWARK, NJ              07102   JANICE DANIEL              (973) 642-4794      ME
               66       NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY              1968       LAS CRUCES, NM          88003   PAOLA BANDINI              (575) 646-2471      SW
               39       NEW MEXICO, UNIVERSITY OF                1951       ALBUQUERQUE, NM         87106   WALTER H. GERSTLE          (505) 277-3458      RM
               45       NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                      1953       NEW YORK, NY                    INACTIVE SINCE 1973
               31       NEW YORK UNIVERSITY-POLYTECHNIC          1949       BROOKLYN, NY            11201   FLETCHER H. GRIFFIS, JR.   (718) 260-3713      ME
               23       NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY          1948       RALEIGH, NC             27695   JOHN W. BAUGH, JR.         (919) 515-7697      CU
              119       NORTH CAROLINA-CHARLOTTE                 1996       CHARLOTTE, NC           28223   JAMES D. BOWEN             (704) 687-3130      CU
               60       NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY                  1965       BOSTON, MA              02115   MEHRDAD SASANI             (617) 373-5222      NE
               41       NORWICH UNIVERSITY                       1951       NORTHFIELD, VT          05663   EUGENE A. SEVI             (802) 485-2275      NE
               62       NOTRE DAME, UNIVERSITY OF                1966       NOTRE DAME, IN          46556   TRACY L. KIJEWSKI-CORREA   (574) 631-2980      GL
               29       OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                    1949       COLUMBUS, OH            43210   MARK R. MCCORD             (614) 292-2388      GL
              129       OHIO UNIVERSITY                          2005       ATHENS, OH              45701   DEBORAH MCAVOY             (740) 593-1468      GL

fall 2010
               19       OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY                1941       STILLWATER, OK          74074   DEE ANN SANDERS            (405) 744-9302      CE
              Chapter                                            Year
              Number            Institution                    Installed     Location        ZIP Code     Faculty Advisor            Telephone        District
                99      OKLAHOMA, UNIVERSITY OF                  1983      NORMAN, OK             73019   KEITH STREVETT             (405) 325-4237         CE
                91      OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                  1979      NORFOLK, VA            23508   JAEWAN YOON                (757) 683-4724         CU
               132      OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                  2008      CORVALLIS, OR          97331   MICHAEL H. SCOTT           (541) 737-6996         RM
                 8      PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY            1927      UNIVERSITY PARK, PA   16802    PATRICK REED               (814) 863-2940         ME
                73      PITTSBURGH, UNIVERSITY OF                1970      PITTSBURGH, PA         15261   LEONARD CASSON             (412) 624-9868         ME
               131      PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                2008      PORTLAND, OR           97201   CHRISTOPHER MONSERE        (503) 725-9746         RM
                11      PURDUE UNIVERSITY                        1929      WEST LAFAYETTE, IN    47907    RAO S. GOVINDARAJU         (765) 494-3402         GL

                17      RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE         1940      TROY, NY              12180    GIANLUCA CUSATIS           (518) 608-5883         NE
               111      RHODE ISLAND, UNIVERSITY OF              1988      KINGSTON, RI           02881   GEORGE E. TSIATAS          (401) 874-5117         NE
               118      RICE UNIVERSITY                          1995      HOUSTON, TX            77005   SATISH NAGARAJAIAH         (713) 348-6207         SW
                74      RUTGERS UNIVERSITY                       1970      PISCATAWAY, NJ         08855   NENAD GUCUNSKI             (732) 445-4413         ME
                64      SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY               1967      SAN DIEGO, CA          92182   BRUCE WESTERMO             (619) 594-7007         PA
                79      SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY                1971      SAN JOSE, CA           95192   STEVE VUKAZICH             (408) 924-3858         PA
                92      SOUTH CAROLINA, UNIVERSITY OF            1980      COLUMBIA, SC           29208   JUAN M. CAICEDO            (803) 777-1925         SO
                55      SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY            1961      BROOKINGS, SD          56007   CHRIS SCHMIDT              (605) 688-5726         NC
               103      SOUTH FLORIDA, UNIVERSITY OF             1984      TAMPA, FL             33620    RAM M. PENDYALA            (813) 974-1084         SO
                 4      SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF       1924      LOS ANGELES, CA        90089   HENRY M. KOFFMAN           (213) 740-0556         PA
               121      SOUTHERN ILLINOIS-EDWARDSVILLE           1997      EDWARDSVILLE, IL       62026   NADER PANAHSHASHI          (618) 650-2819         CE
                46      SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY            1955      DALLAS, TX             75275   BIJAN MOHRAZ               (214) 768-3894         SW
               125      STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY          2000      HOBOKEN, NJ            07030   HENRY P. DOBBELAAR         (201) 216-5340         ME
                70      STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK-BUFFALO     1969      BUFFALO, NY            14260   SATISH MOHAN               (716) 645-4357         NE
                89      SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                      1978      SYRACUSE, NY           13244   DAWIT NEGUSSEY             (315) 443-3304         NE
                84      TENNESSEE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY       1975      COOKEVILLE, TN        38505    CRAIG HENDERSON            (931) 372-3062         CU

                33      TENNESSEE, UNIVERSITY OF                 1949      KNOXVILLE, TN          37996   CHRIS D. COX               (865) 974-7729         CU
                56      TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                     1962      COLLEGE STATION, TX   77843    J. KELLY BRUMBELOW         (979) 458-2678         SW
               135      TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-KINGSVILLE          2010      KINGSVILLE, TX         78363   BREANNA M.W. BAILEY        (361) 593-2369         SW
                85      TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                    1975      LUBBOCK, TX            79409   THEODORE CLEVELAND         (806) 742-2801 x249    SW
                71      TEXAS-ARLINGTON, UNIVERSITY OF           1969      ARLINGTON, TX          76019   ANDREW P. KRUZIC           (817) 272-3822         SW
                13      TEXAS-AUSTIN, UNIVERSITY OF              1934      AUSTIN, TX             78712   LYNN E. KATZ               (512) 471-4244         SW
                86      TEXAS-EL PASO, UNIVERSITY OF             1976      EL PASO, TX            79968   CARLOS M. CHANG-ALBITRES   (915) 747-8361         SW
               114      TOLEDO, UNIVERSITY OF                    1992      TOLEDO, OH             43606   BRIAN RANDOLPH             (419) 530-8047         GL
                82      TRINE UNIVERSITY                         1973      ANGOLA, IN             46703   TIMOTHY N. TYLER           (260) 665-4821         GL
                24      UTAH, UNIVERSITY OF                      1948      SALT LAKE CITY, UT     84112   JANICE CHAMBERS            (801) 581-3155         RM
                63      VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY                    1967      NASHVILLE, TN          37235   EUGENE LEBEOUF             (615) 343-7070         CU
                72      VERMONT, UNIVERSITY OF                   1970      BURLINGTON, VT        05405    LISA M. AULTMAN-HALL       (802) 656-1312         NE
                94      VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY                     1982      VILLANOVA, PA          19085   EDWARD GLYNN               (610) 519-7398         ME
                18      VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE           1941      BLACKBURG, VA          24061   WILLIAM R. KNOCKE          (540) 231-6635         CU
                88      VIRGINIA, UNIVERSITY OF                  1977      CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA    22901   TERESA CULVER              (434) 924-6375         CU
               101      WASHINGTON-SEATTLE, UNIVERSITY OF        1983      SEATTLE, WA            98195   ALEX R. HORNER-DEVINE      (206) 685-3032         RM
               126      WASHINGTON-ST. LOUIS                     2001      ST. LOUIS, MO          63130   THOMAS G. HARMON           (314) 935-4536         CE
                48      WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                   1957      DETROIT, MI            48202   TIMOTHY J. GATES           (313) 577-2086         GL
                26      WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                 1949      MORGANTOWN, WV         26506   ROGER CHEN                 (304) 293-3031 x2631   CU
                 6      WISCONSIN, UNIVERSITY OF                 1925      MADISON, WI            53706   JEFF RUSSELL               (608) 262-7244         NC
                77      WISCONSIN-PLATTEVILLE, UNIVERSITY OF     1971      PLATTEVILLE, WI        53818   MICHAEL K. THOMPSON        (608) 342-1535         NC
                54      WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE          1961      WORCESTER, MA          01609   PAUL MATHISEN              (508) 831-5343         NC

fall 2010
                47      YALE UNIVERSITY                          1956      NEW HAVEN, CT                  INACTIVE SINCE 1964

Number   Name                      Date of Elevation    Chapter
  1      Milo S. Ketchum*          November 22, 1931    Illinois
  2      Charles D. Breed*         January, 1932        M.I.T.
  3      Ora M. Leland*            February 16, 1932    Minnesota
  4      Arthur N. Talbot*         April 10, 1932       Illinois
  5      Daniel W. Mead*           April 14, 1932       Cornell
  6      John B. Babcock, III*     May 31, 1932         M.I.T.
  7      Herbert S. Crocker*       May 18, 1934         Colorado
  8      Frederick E. Turneaure*   December 18, 1936    Wisconsin
  9      Charles Derleth, Jr.*     December 18, 1936    California
  10     George T. Seabury*        May 18, 1939         M.I.T.
  11     Hardy Cross*              December 18, 1936    M.I.T.
  12     John L. Savage*           January 25, 1946     Wisconsin
  13     Julian Hinds*             February 21, 1948    Texas
  14     Lewis A. Pick*            February 21, 1948    V.P.I.
  15     Charles G. Hyde*          March 31, 1950       M.I.T.
  16     David B. Steinman*        May 20, 1950         CCNY
  17     Tom A. Blair*             September 12, 1952   Colorado
  18     Sinclair O. Harper*       September 12, 1952   California
  19     Henry T. Heald*           October 23, 1953     IIT
  20     Morton O. Withey*         April 9, 1954        Wisconsin
  21     Bernard A. Etcheverry*    April 16, 1954       California
  22     Bertram D. Tallamy*       May 11, 1958         Renssalaer
  23     George D. Clyde*          May 6, 1961          Utah
  24     Samuel B. Morris*         February 23, 1962    USC
  25     Nathan W. Dougherty*      May 1, 1965          Tennessee
  26     Enoch R. Needles*         May 6, 1965          MO-Rolla
  27     Clarence L. Eckel*        December 12, 1966    Colorado
  28     A. M. Rawn*               April 12, 1968       USC
  29     Ellis L. Armstrong*       May 3, 1968          NCE
  30     Mason G. Lockwood*        December 9, 1968     Texas
  31     Solomon Cady Hollister*   June 25, 1969        Purdue
  32     William H. Wisely*        October 16, 1969     Illinois
  33     George R. Rich*           March 13, 1970       WPI
  34     Abel Wolman*              May 5, 1971          Drexel
  35     Louis R. Howson*          April 6, 1972        Wisconsin
  36     John A. Focht*            April 22, 1972       Texas
  37     Roland P. Davis*          November 11, 1972    West Virginia
  38     Daniel V. Terrell*        March 25, 1972       Kentucky
  39     Leif J. Sverdrup*         April 4, 1976        MO-Rolla
  40     Ralph E. Fadum*           March 12, 1978       Purdue
  41     Phil M. Ferguson*         March 29, 1980       Texas
  42     Oscar S. Bray*            April 3, 1982        Northeastern
  43     Ralph B. Peck*            March 31, 1984       Illinois
  44     Hunter Rouse*             November 9, 1985     Illinois
  45     Linton E. Grinter*        June 25, 1986        Hawaii
  46     Leland J. Walker          April 9, 1988        Montana State
  47     William McCoy Sangster*   April 21, 1990       Iowa
  48     Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.   April 30, 1990       Purdue
  49     Fred J. Benson*           March 14, 1992       Texas A&M
  50     Jack Cermak               March 5, 1994        Colorado State
  51     Chester P. Siess*         November 5, 1994     Illinois
  52     Mario Salvadori*          January 23, 1996     Cooper Union
  53     T.Y. Lin*                 March 9, 1996        California
  54     William J. Hall           March 1998           Illinois
  55     John A. Focht, Jr.*       March 2000           Wisconsin
  56     Luther Graef              March 2002           Maryland
  57     William J. LeMessurier*   June 4, 2004         MIT
  58     Robert D. Bay             March 11, 2006       MO-Rolla
  59     Charles J. Pankow, Jr.*   April 23, 2006       Purdue
  60     Leslie E. Robertson       March 15, 2008       California
  61     Daniel S. Turner          March 13, 2010       Alabama

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